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Creative PASSIONS Are Personal!

       ROOMS For....

Of Every Walk Of Life!
You don't have to wait for permission to do the right thing to advance your career.
Be decisive!
Take the initiative!
Get your facts!
Do it now!
If you don't have time to send a letter to a business friend you might exchange favors with,
send a short postcard, a fax or an e-mail.

If you can't visit in person with your professional friends, call them.
If you see an opportunity that an associate would love, send them the information.

       If you can't work on your Web Site or your Art for ninety minutes,
       then work for forty minutes.

       Avoid "not doing things"
because you can't get them done exactly
       as you'd like, or originally planned.
Be bold and get in the habit
of doing

Complete one project that's been waiting.
Consult with two clients who have questions.
Spend fifteen minutes working on your new resume.
Allow yourself five minutes for looking at a new opportunity.
Network with one new colleague.

Small efforts done continually can yield
       significant, positive results.
       So just do whatever you can now,
while it's on your mind.
       To be happy about your progress,
 you don't have to wait to finish school, find a
       better office space, start a new job, win an award, buy a new printer or finally retire.
The winding road to Happiness and Success
is a journey and not a destination!
       You don't have to be perfect to live these "Action Principles"!
Just be a person of action!
You must have more than good intentions
to stay on the road that IS your imminent success.

 You must ACT.
Get it done.

  Start it

The original "Action Principles" have been provided courtesy of SUCCESS.ORG.,
and have been edited to reflect our purposes here by "ReliableDoree"

THIS Creative Practice Lab delves into many of the widely-varied Career Fields through which a person can develop a career as an Independent Professional.

I won't EVEN suggest I believe this area will EVER become "All Things For All Entrepreuners"...  But what I have tried to do with this, firstly, is acknowledge that YOUR Creative and Business Interests are UNIQUE!  And with that in mind, I have endeavored to satisfy a few of your "quirks" and feed your need for specialized information...

But this little tool will HELP, I hope!
You can use it to find topics of interest to you
here at ReliableSOURCE!,
as well as to search the entire Web!

I do NOT consider myself a Professional in each (or perhaps any!) of these Fields.These are YOUR Fields Of Creative Enterprise, and I am happily here to serve as your "tour guide" for making contact with Companies, Resources and Services you may not otherwise be aware of. I'm busy concentrating on learning how to be a Pro at that!

I am also here to consult with you, and attempt to enhance both your personal and professional focus.So I HAVE gone searching the Web FOR you, the "Creatively Crazed of our World".  Where the work implied is more or less foreign to me, personally, I 've needed to count on my creative instinct when selecting information I hope will interest you... I've TRIED to be certain that everything in your room is directly related to, or, depending, at least easily associated, to the work you're passionate about.  If something ISN'T up to high-quality snuff in YOUR eyes--Well, you know your business--help me improve my instincts by letting me know, please!  I hope that,when you visit the Creative PASSIONS rooms, you WILL find something "new" and of genuine value to you -- and be glad that MY PASSION is helping you satisfy YOUR PASSION!!!

If you're persuing a Profession that isn't yet represented here, and can't find resources that specifically apply (or at least cross-over) to your area of PASSION, please let me know!  I'll gladly hunt around for information for you, at least, while I review whether or not another "room" might be added here.

My VISION for this very special "Focused Interest" section of "ReliableSOURCE!" extends to the eventual creation of chat rooms, bulletin boards, and perhaps even other interactive networking tools, and "tips" clubs, for each "room".  So do take a moment now, and also, please come back to see what continues to develop as the groundwork is being laid--and AFTER!

Is Under Construction!

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"Creative PASSIONS"  is My "PET"....  
The Work in Here has gone SLOW, But I Predict
It WILL One-Day Become
My Very Favorite "Show Piece"
 at ReliableSOURCE!

That's Happening, so far....

If You're Still WAITING for Your Room To Open, My Apologies!
Please Write Me About Your Search For Resources!


I'm busy making arrangements for some SUPER things to "show and share" for EVERYONE!  And plenty of (hopefully) helpful Web Hostess Content for these little favorites of mine is forthcoming,too!

isn't it just always?

Now, GO PLAY In Your Room!

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"rSOURCE! Network"
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This Networking Concept is DIFFERENT, And the Group is "Forming Now"...
The  "rSOURCE! Network" Open Forum Message Board provided below is also for YOU, and part of this Networking Group's "Creation Stage". Promote YOURSELF and YOUR ENTERPRISES HERE (nicely!), Network with others who share your interests, share your "tips", offer  advice or ask questions on NETWORKING, PROMOTION, MANAGEMENT, and Internet MONEY, just to get "warmed up"!  THEN get involved productively co-promoting with the friends you make here. It's FUN, and Good Things happen ...

 First, Register on the HomePage to Join "ReliableSOURCE!".

Next, "jump right on in" to the "rSOURCE! Network Forum", and help shape "rSOURCE! NETWORK"  and the "Promote ME-Promote YOU" Programs!

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NOT bad....  
 In Fact, This is Very Very GOOD!    
And EXACTLY what I'm Talking About...

"Passion and drive are not the same at all.  Passion pulls you toward something you can't resist. Drive pulls you toward something you feel compelled or obligated to do.

If you know nothing about yourself, you can't tell the difference. Once you gain a modicum of self-knowledge, you can express your passion. But it isn't just the desire to achieve some goal or payoff, and it's not about quotas or bonuses or cashing out. It's not about jumping through someone else's hoops. That's drive....  

It takes drive to hold on to a job you dislike, but being called back to "the work" again and again, is all about pursuing your passion.  And if you're reading this now, you probably know what I mean."

See's Interview with Randy Komisar, well-known Silicon Valley "virtual CEO" at:

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