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Get Paid To Read E-Mail!
This "Internet Earnings" Page has  MANY links for you....
Most of these programs are pretty similar, so I'll just LIST 'EM, and let you take it from there...  Reading E-Mail for $$ won't make you rich!  But it doesn't take much time, and the revenues DO accrue with just a little daily effort.  You can increase your earnings when you refer others who also parti-cipate.  Beside the earnings benefits, you'll find that visiting these Sites is fun, interesting, AND often introduces you to services that otherwise you wouldn't know about, unless you somehow "stumbled" across them--so it's a great way to stay abreast of "what's new" on the internet!  
NOTE:  I've worked and WORKED on getting these links "right"
They ALL "click through", so please forgive
that some of them don't LOOK "right"
I'll keep trying 'til I get 'em....

Dime Clicks and Mint Mail          -A 4-in-1 email containing: An INTERNET RESOURCE of the Day, A Quotation of the Day, A Trivia of the Day and A Joke of the Day!

The world's first FREE Internet Resource, 100% opt-in mailing site! Everybody all over the world may join.  Subscription is FREE!  You can use the resources you will be receiving  from us to gain more internet marketing knowledge and to help explode whatever business you do on the net!   I have consistently found that the Daily "Resource" and "Quote" are always really GOOD ones!
Don't let me forget to mention that these guys will PAY YOU $10 just for Sign-ing Up!  That's even BETTER than FREE...  You also get commissions on your referrals!  AND....

ONLY for "Resource-A-Day" Subscribers, you earn up to 30 Cents for every E-Mail you read /click-thru /answer an Advertiser-related quiz question Correctly for.  It goes very quickly, and it's FUN!  First, Subscribe to the very worthy "Resource-A-Day" NewsLetter.  Then get registered to participate in

Check It Out HERE:

Tips4Free          -This is one of the most WORTHWHILE "Get Paid To Read E-Mail" Programs for Entrepreneur Types!
Get the Home Entrepreneur Network's (HEN) Premier E-Zine, "Tips4Free", when you sign up at Pay4Mail. HEN teaches Corporations and individuals how to market on the Internet, for maximum profits and explosive growth. NOW, they will give YOU the same valuable tips for which others have PAID, absolutely FREE and delivered to your Inbox DAILY. And it gets even better: They will PAY YOU to Read those Tips!  

"Tips4Free" is an ezine designed to help you MAXIMIZE YOUR EARNING potential. What makes it different than all of the "others"? First, they give you information you can USE, and you'll Gain NEW Marketing Skills. Next, they actually pay you to learn to maximize your skills  -- and they also pay you when your friends and professional associates subscribe and read!  Then, they help you build up to seven referral levels  -- They GIVE you Referrals!  PLUS, there are Special Bonuses for referring more than 10 people on your own! HEN and Pay4Mail are opening a new Web Site and the "Tips4Free" E-Zine in phases. But things are moving fast, so sign up NOW and lock in your position!
Check It Out HERE:

Lunartic          -As far as Paid E-Mail Programs go, these guys honestly have a very unique concept all their own!
I've done a lot of snooping around Lunartic, and I like it a lot!  First of all, these Pay-To-Read E-Mails are actually short (only 250 words each) "newsletters".  Rather than merely selecting "interest categories", you sign up up for the specific newsletters you would like to see --and you'll know how often to expect them, too.  Some are daily, others are weekly, monthly, on so on. AND, the advertisers presented for your selection aren't only the "big money" Internet Businesses -- they're Entrepreneurs like us!
So now you've guessed the next part -- YOU can apply to sign on as an "author" at Lunartic, too, if you want to, which  increases both your income through the Program and your overall exposure on the Internet!  Neat, huh?!?
Take a look at MY own Lunartic Newsletter, while you're signing up for things there!  You'll find it under the Business, Finance and Economy Category --  and remember, while you're getting PAID to read it, you'll also be helping support my efforts, AND ReliableSOURCE!   My particular newsletter is for those interested in making money as a Mystery Shopper, and will also feature other Marketing Research opportunities as we go along.  The first edition will be published Monday, August 28, 2000, so sign up right away!  If you come along after that, and would like to see the past issues, just E-Mail me, and I'll let you know how to get them!  Here's a brief description:
Mystery Shopper's Handbook
Get tons of information on how to get started in Mystery Shopping for a supplimentary --
or even primary -- INCOME! Learn where to go for leads, how to apply to WHICH companies, On-Assignment "dos and don'ts", how to write an effective Service Evaluation, and MORE!

You can make good money as a Mystery Shopper -- and you should NEVER PAY to GET WORK (tho' you may spend a little Promoting yourself)!!! I'll help you get off to a GOOD START, in a self-structured job you can KEEP...  

Subscribe and GET PAID to read this weekly newsletter, especially for Mystery Shopping "newbies"! ... And some of you "old salts" might find you appreciate the information provided here, too!

Happy Shopping!
Whether or not you're interested in my newsletter, you'll find a marvelous selection of very interesting "LunarMail" -- it's "all quality" and it all pays, so.....
Check It Out HERE:

InBox Cash-          -A brand new "GPTREM" Program, with a twist on the pay plan....
If you enjoy the "Get Paid To Read E-Mail Programs" this is a good one, and at InBox Cash, you tell them how much you want to get paid per E-Mail, up to $10.00 each!  So, if you like being piad, but don't want a LOT of E-Mail, tell them your interests and set the price HIGH -- you'll ONLY be sent E-Mail from advertisers that match your indicated interests and are willing to pay your price.  But if your hungry for information, agree to see mail from adverstisers that are paying less, and you'll get MORE E-Mail and more information -- and, again, you'll be paid the price you've established as "agreeable" for you!
Check It Out HERE:

InBox Dollars     -One of the newest "standard" Paid Reading Programs to hit the 'net!
This Program is easy -- simply sign up and provide them with information about yourself and your interests. You will periodically receive E-Mail Advertise-ments, and they will pay you $0.05 for each E-Mail you read!
But your potential income doesn't stop there. They also pay you $0.02 for each E-Mail received by your Referrals! Although this may not seem like much, simply getting a few dozen referrals can turn into a large monthly salary!
Click On The
Dollar Bill
Check It Out HERE:

ReadClick          -Your time is very valuable, and so are your eyeballs.  You should be getting paid to exercise those eyeballs when your reading E-Mail. is a permission-based e-mail marketing system. They pay you for every e-mail message you read, for clicking on the link in the e-mail you receive, and they also pay you for introducing to your friends and associates. This is a quality Program, with some unique advertisers.
Click On The
Purple Eye
Check It Out HERE:

Dollars4Mail          -7 Fun and Easy On-Site Activities that Earn you CASH!
Join dollars4mail, and right off the bat, you GET PAID $10.00!   Plus you'll enjoy FREE Web-Based E-Mail, live chat, and 7 different ways to earn cash right on the Web Site!  You even get paid every day that you just log into you account!  Build a referral-base and it all just keeps getting better!  This is too EASY?  You're RIGHT!  ... and kind of fun, too!  
Check It Out HERE:

ZuperMail          -Making Zuper Points is "Zuper Easy"!
Earn Zuperpoints by agreeing to receive, read, and respond to E-Mails that you request about various topics that interest you. Then trade in your Zuperpointsâ for valuable free travel and vacation rewards, giant coupons, gift certificates and branded merchandise. It's so simple to start!  

Check It Out HERE:

Money4Mail          -This is actually a completely different program than the one above, and every bit as worthy of paying you money!
You get $.20 - $2.50 per email, PLUS 5% from direct income of members you refer, and BIG savings on deals that interest YOU! It's FREE to join, and your information is never revealed to anyone! Check It Out HERE:

Net/Biz Corporation     -These guys actually send me the most mail, and my first check is BUILDING!
This Company is involved with a whole lot more than just Paid E-Mail programs, to say the very least!  I highly recommend a look-see at their Web Site, if you are TRULY interested in e-commerce as a means to an end.
 Check It All Out HERE:

Yo-Yo Mail               -Here, you go visit the really fun Web Site to read your E-Mail, and if nothing else, it's more interesting than your regular Mail!
For this service you visit your personal mailbox on their site... The mail comes in full sound with "3-D" moving pictures if your computer is html mail-capable. it's really FUN--and yes, they PAY, too!  
Click On The
Check It Out HERE:

Totale-Mail               -E-Mail, sure, but this program, too, offers it's Members MUCH more, and the earnings potential is very real!

All you need to do is use your member page as you use any high quality Portal site, and for the best results, use your member page as your start page on your web browser. There are many great features built into your member page that we feel you will find helpful and make your travels on the Internet fast, efficient, enjoyable, and profitable. These features include a state of the art meta search engine that searches the top search engines then filters out junk results and repeat postings, Local Weather, News, and Plenty of Free offers from our advertisers. You are also able to come to your member page and participate in many other programs to earn cash and credits.

Check It Out HERE:

SendMoreInfo     -You pick the categories that interest you, and this Service handles everything else...
Advertisers pay the service to send email to you. They, in return, "funnel" revenues back to you... the consumer! The advertisers get a fresh audience for their product and you get paid for learning about their offer! Try getting that from cable TV...  First they pay you 5 cents for every email you receive from That means if you are receiving 20 emails a day, you will earn a $1.00 a day. But, that is not all!
As you tell others about they will also pay you 2 cents for each email they receive as well! This could really add up to some incredible extra income!
Check It Out HERE:

zWallet          -A New Era of E-Mail has Arrived!
Now you will be able to get paid for every email message that you send or read. will pay you to use their free full-featured web-based email service. It's FREE to join and to use (only you will get money from them!). Not enough?  Ok, there's more...  You also will get paid while your friends and their friends, and their friends use the Free email service. This referral program allows you to build your earnings while building a community. It's Free to Join, it's Free to use, and you will Get Paid for what you've already been doing -- emailing your friends, reading news by email, or whatever you use email for!  And will pay you, with their Email Rewards Program.  

Check It Out HERE:                    -It's a Partnership!  The kind that puts a buck or two in YOUR Pocket!
When you sign-up at you are not just another user! You quickly become a valuable partner with tremendous earning potential. is unique among its peers in that a portion of all revenue generated by the Site is returned to you (their partner) for your part in helping to make an exciting and highly valuable email service.

What is your part?  Your half of the partnership is easy!  You simply use to read, send and manage your email. When you send an email from they add a small line of text to the bottom of your message. This text contains a clickable link that is unique to your account. When a recipient clicks on this link and signs-up, TheMail's  software automatically assigns you credit for the new sign-up. That's the first and most important step in putting to work for you!  

The ADDITIONAL features?...  Just a FEW: Address Book , Email Filters, Email Groups , Auto-Responder, Vacation Message, Personal Calendar, Customize  Signature, "WebMail Checkit" - without being on-line!,  Mail Search, Import/Export Pop3 Accounts, AND "other ways" to earn a few more Bucks, right there on the Site!  

Check It Out HERE:

  Free E-Mail @

EMail Our Way     -"It PAYS To Do It Our Way!"

When you join this program, you will get paid to read E-Mail Advertisements, and also to send and receive E-Mail  right from the Program's Web Site!  PLUS you'll receive discount coupons from your favorite stores.  As with all of these, your earnings increase when you refer others who use the services. It's  FREE, and the sign-up is fast and easy!

Click On The
Check It Out HERE:

SendItOn          -SenditOn is based on a simple idea - the most powerful way to spread the word about great products and services is through "word of mouth" marketing.

SenditOn is one of first companies to take the idea of "word of mouth" and turn it into a business. Our business is enabling a direct connection between marketers looking to create "word of mouth" and consumers who can spread the word for them. For the first time, companies can contact and enlist individual consumers in their marketing efforts, and consumers can tell companies exactly what products and services they are interested in. The result is a benefit for everyone. Companies can more efficiently create good "word of mouth" about their company, and consumers get paid for what they already do - spreading the word about things they like.

Check It Out HERE:

Twisted Humor          -Get Paid for getting and giving the giggles!

That's all there is to it!  Let's face it: We ALL could use a few more laughs...  Why not laugh it up on your way to the bank, too?

Check It Out HERE: