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Earn Prizes and Spending Points!
I'm busy getting established with only the BEST programs I can find available, for this area of ReliableSOURCE!, and there are a LOT to investigate!  Much more information and links will be forthcoming... But what's in here, so far, comes highly recommended!

SilverClicks     -"1,669,219 sites - 23,639 editors - 249,573 categories!"

This is a "Points" Program--no cash, sorry!  But it's honestly one of the BEST out there, and the opportunites for earning points ABOUND!  You can shop, sure....  but you make points just for VISITING Sites, too. The Redemption Catalogue is fantastic, and you can also sign up as a Merchant or an Affiliate.  If you have a Web Site, be sure to investigate the "Hot Clicks" Program here as well.  Think of it like saving the old "green stamps"--but there's no licking!

 Get 3 FREE "Silver Clicks"
EVERY DAY that you Visit ReliableSOURCE!,
And check into your SliverClicks Account From Here!

Check It Out HERE:

Get Silverclicks!



To tell you the truth, these type of Programs are how I managed my Christmas Shopping last year!  I'm a Member of Many -- But NOW I need to get busy and become an Affiliate, too, so I can offer them to you!

You WILL get some of the BEST "deals" to be found, and these programs offer LOTS of ways to "earn" points, that are redeemable for almost anything "under the SUN".  It can take a while for points to accrue, if you're not a big Shopper, but they DO...  

And, REALLY... this IS how I get my gift shopping PAID FOR!  Give it a try... There's NOTHING to lose!  .... And Christmas is coming...

So I'll "hurry up", as best I can -- and PLEASE Check Back!