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52,525th Access!!!
2000/3/30 - Frank

「Memorial visitor 52525」

my name is Frank, I'm vice-president of the "Bernemer Squeezers" Square
Dance Club in Frankfurt/Germany. You can find our homepage at (by the way, the link to eaasdc in
your linklist is not correct any more).

I'm visiting your pages very often, especially since I'm trying to learn
plus. I find the animation very useful and want to thank you for the great
job you did.

I have a question regarding the "crossfire" definition. In the callerlab
definition I didn't find diamond as a starting formation. Is crossfire from
diamonds only relevant in higher dance levels?

I have been dancing in different parts of Europe and in the States (in
november I'll be in San Diego) but I haven't been to Japan yet. I hope, some
day I'll be there and will "Have fun square dancing"!!!!

Once more many thanks to you, I recommend your page to every person who is
learning to dance.

Bye and a big Squeeze from

52,000th Access!!!
2000/3/23 - Matthew

「Memorial Visitor」
「Dozo Noriko -

I guess visitor 52,000 would qualify for a memorial visitor.
My name is Matthew Lytthouse, I live in Long Beach, CA, USA and belong to
Shoreline Squares here in Long Beach.
I have been dancing for 3 years and am just now taking Advanced classes.
I have been to your site a few times, to brush up on my Plus calls and now
to study the A-1 calls we are learning.
I sure hope you add A-2 calls before we get to them in class.

Great Web site, I have referred some other square dancer friends to your site.
Domo arigato goziamas!

- Matthew」

Sorry to be late.

51,919th Access!!!
2000/3/23 - Dorothy

「Visitor : 51919」
「Hi again Norika,

I am Dorothy and the 51919th visitor. 23. 3. 2000
We live in Auckland New Zealand. Being a callers wife I dance
Monday to Thursday most nights up to A2.



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