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Act IV

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Scene 3
Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus meet to discuss which people should be included on their list of condemned people who will be executed.

After Antony sends Lepidus on an errand to bring back Caesar's will, Antony explains that Lepidus is useful only as a tool, someone to be used.

Antony and Octavius decide to increase their preparation for battle with the armies of Brutus and Cassius. The men plan to discuss how to deal with the many enemies they have, both secret and open.

Brutus waits for Cassius to meet him at his military camp. Brutus expresses his belief that Cassius is not as friendly as he was before.

When Cassius arrives, he begins to confront Brutus about the way Brutus has treated him, but Brutus insists that they discuss this inside his tent where the soldiers will not hear their argument.

Inside Brutus' tent, Brutus and Cassius argue about the way each has treated the other. As their argument ends, a poet arrives to urge them to get along.

Brutus, Cassius, Titinius, and Marullus discuss the recent news of the enemy as well as the death of Portia. The men decide, at Brutus' urging, to meet the enemy army at Philippi.

After the others leave, Caesar's ghost appears to Brutus and promises to meet him at Philippi.