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Shortly before dawn on March 15 (the ides of March), Brutus walks in his garden, unable to sleep, brooding over the decision he must make.

He receives an anonymous letter (from Cassius) urging him to act on Rome's behalf. Cassius and the conspirators visit Brutus and finalize their plans.

Brutus' wife, Portia, urges him to reveal his secret to her.

Shortly after dawn on March 15, Caesar and his wife Calpurnia are both awake because of the storm. Caesar intends to go to the Capitol, but Calpurnia urges him to stay home because of the many threatening omens.

Caesar agrees to stay home for her sake, until Decius, one of the conspirators, convinces him that he must not seem to be afraid of his wife's superstitions.

The other conspirators meet at Caesar's house to make sure he does not decide to stay at home.

Artemidorus, one of Caesar's supporters, has learned about the plot against Caesar.

He reads a letter of warning he has written, then waits in the street for Caesar to pass by.

Portia, uneasy about the plot, sends the servant Lucius to go and see what is happening at the Capitol.

She then meets the soothsayer, who increases her concern as he predicts danger for Caesar.