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The army of Antony and Octavius and the army of Brutus and Cassius arrive at the field of battle. The four generals meet and exchange insults.

After their meeting, Cassius reflects on the possible outcomes of this day, mentioning an omen that he interprets as predicting their loss. Brutus and Cassius discuss their plans if the battle is lost and make their final farewells to each other.

Brutus gives Messala instructions for the army to attack Octavius' forces, believing those forces are faltering and can be defeated with a sudden attack. Cassius' forces are losing their battle, and Antony's troops have set Cassius' tents on fire. Some troops are still among Cassius' tents, so Cassius sends Titinius to get a closer look and come back to report on whether they are friend or enemy.

Cassius believes that Titinius has been captured by the enemy, so he asks Pindarus to stab him. Cassius dies, and Pindarus runs away.

Titinius returns with Messala. He had actually met Brutus' men, not the enemy. They find Cassius' body, and while Messala goes to notify Brutus, Titinius stabs himself. Messala returns with Brutus and others to find Cassius dead. They mourn him briefly, then return to the battle.

Young Cato is killed in battle, and Lucilius, pretending to be Brutus, is captured. Antony meets Lucilius and instructs his men to treat him with respect as an honorable prisoner, even though he is not really Brutus. Brutus tries, one by one, to persuade his companions to help him end his life, but each refuses. The enemy's forces approach, so Brutus' friends must retreat. Brutus stays behind with Strato, who does help him to kill himself.

Antony, Octavius, and others find Strato with the body of Brutus. Octavius takes Strato into his service. Antony eulogizes Brutus as a noble Roman, and Octavius agrees to give him an honorable burial.