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Act I

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On February 15, the Feast of Lupercal, the people take a holiday to celebrate Caesar's victory over Pompey in a civil war.

Marullus and Flavius, two government officials who supported Pompey, attempt to discourage celebrating workers.

On the same day, Caesar attends the traditional race at the festival of Lupercal and receives a warning from a soothsay to beware the ides of March. (The middle day of each month was called the ides.)

After Caesar leaves, Cassius tries to persuade Brutus to turn against Caesar.

Caesar returns and mentions to Antony his distrust of Cassius.

Casca tells Brutus and Cassius the details of Caesar's rejection of a crown offered to him by the people of Rome.

Brutus and Cassius agree to meet again to discuss Caesar.

On the night of March 14, a terrible storm brings different reactions.
  • Casca believes that the storm and other omens mean that the future will bring evil.
  • Cassius believes that these same signs mean that Caesar must be stopped.

The two agree that Caesar must not be allowed to continue to rule, and when Cinna joins them, they plot to convince Brutus to join their conspiracy.