Special Topics
in New Testament Studies

      Here you will find a variety of articles, discussions or other treatments of New and Old Testament topics. Some stem from seminars or classwork at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Others are contributed from time to time from the work of pastors, educators and former students. Contributions will range from academic to homiletic, from casual thoughts to formal exposition, and can take the form of sermons, essays, poetry, informal notation and occasionally other forms as well.

      This page is intended as a forum for the presentation of original and creative encounter with biblical texts, to provoke insightful thought among pastors and educators and to evoke feedback and discussion in areas of productive interest for biblical study. The material found here is not available for reprint or incorporation into any other medium, and since these pages may change frequently, we discourage linking directly to them. (You may, of course bookmark this page, but we cannot guarantee it will remain indefinitely.) Where not otherwise noted within a document, all material is copyright © 2001 by Dr. John E. Alsup, all rights reserved.

      Submission of work for consideration, or responses to topics posted here, should be sent by email to Dr. John Alsup at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. If you are responding, please indicate specifically the topic you wish to address and the date on which you found the article posted here. If you are sending material that you wish to be considered for publication on this website, please include your mailing address and a phone number where you can be reached during the daytime. Anonymous contributions will not be considered.

Important: Sending a response to a topic found here constitutes your permission to forward that response to the author of the topic along with your email address, and/or to publish all or part of the response where it may be appropriate in connection with the original topic.

Available Topics:

1 Corinthians Seminar
(Seminar - Spring, 2002)