Biblical Department - Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
An Exegetical Study
of the Common Lectionary
Lectionary Year B - All Quarters (2003)
(Note: Year B began with Advent 2002)

(New Material Added October 3, 2003)
The listings below include all quarters of the current Lectionary year. Active links with posted exegetical material will be underlined; other listings may not yet be active, or exegetical material may not have been received for posting. Clicking once on the category of readings for the quarter in which you are interested will take you to the exegesis page for that material. Please be sure to read the "Guidelines for Participation" and then take advantage of the response forms or the response page and join the ongoing exegetical dialogue.

First Quarter First Quarter
Gospel Old Testament
Epistle* Psalms

Second Quarter Second Quarter
Gospel Old Testament*
Epistle** Psalms
* includes listings for the book of Acts

** includes listings for the book of Revelation

Third Quarter Third Quarter
Gospel Old Testament
Epistle Psalms

Fourth Quarter Fourth Quarter
Gospel Old Testament
Epistle Psalms

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