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Welcome to the Bi 216/Historical-Homiletical exegetical study of the Common Lectionary! APTS students and graduates of the last 12 years will recall, this is a six step methodology for increasing substantive engagement with biblical texts. You can click on the underlined link if you would like to glance at a quick summary of the methodological steps and their subparts.

This work method is designed to enhance listening, a worthy goal for theological education in general. As such it serves an interdepartmental cooperative learning venture within the academic and practical disciplines of Biblical Studies, Theology, Homiletics and Liturgics, Church History, Christian Education and the Church's Pastoral Ministry. In keeping with the Reformed theological understanding of the centrality of the biblical witness, this methodology is one piece of common ground from which a variety of theological journeys reach out in many directions.

From this page you can:

Read the Guidelines for Participation
Review the Historical-Homiletical Methodology
Bi216 Classwork Fall 2001Bi216 Classwork
D.Min Course January 2002D.Min January 2002
Join in the exegetical interpretation of current lectionary texts
Share your own thoughts, questions and discoveries with Bi 216 graduates and/or
      Seminary faculty members

Become a regular contributor to the ongoing Bi 216 Lectionary Pages
Find information concerning selected other non-lectionary New Testament exegetical topics
Refresh your New Testament Greek skills
Propose a new topic for exploration and discussion through this web-site
Open a dialogue with other users of the Bi216 website via the message board
Access the Web Site of Austin Seminary

Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Be sure to read the Guidelines for Participation Page. Questions, notes or other submissions that do not conform to the Guidelines may not be considered for review and will not in any case appear on updates of the studies.

Step 2 - Review the methodology. All of the work presented or accepted will conform to the disciplined first-hand engagement with the text as outlined in the review.

Step 3 - Go to the Lectionary Page and select the text with which you wish to work.
This means:
a) Select the Gospel, Epistle, Old Testament or Psalms page...
b) Select the date with which you're working...
c) Select the steps listed (where appropriate) to review material...
d) Offer feedback or questions if you like, being sure to identify the passage and methodological step you're discussing.
e) Open a dialogue with other users of the Bi216 website via the message board

Note: The greatest value of this page is in its exchange of ideas and information. Please do not just take from what you find here, but offer your own thoughts and insights for others. Use the response forms provided to pose your questions, or offer responses to the questions of others; then watch as these pages expand from the addition of your own contributions along with those of others.

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