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Post-Resurrection Appearance Stories

Class Presentations:

  • Introduction to Topic (JEA)
  • Matthew 28 (Group A)
  • Luke 24 (Group B)
  • John 20 (Group C)
  • John 21 (Group D)
  • Summary Discussion of Gospel endings
  • Report from Group A on Wilkins, O'Collins, Carnley, Soskice, Newman, and Segal in: Resurrection, pp. 1-125
  • Report from Group B on Davis, Alston, Coakley, Swinburne, and Schuessler Fiorenza in: Resurrection, pp. 126-248
  • Report from Group C on Craig, Eddy, Padgett, Schuster, and Johnstone in: Resurrection, pp. 249-360
  • Report from Groups D & A on Gerd Luedemann, The Resurrection, History, Experience and Theology
  • Report from Groups B & C on Gerd Luedemann, What Really Happened to Jesus? A Historical Approach to the Resurrection
  • Special Report from JEA on Gerd Luedemann, Osterglaube ohne Auferstehung? Video; and Sloyan report
  • Report from Group A on 1 Corinthians 15
  • Report from Group B on 1 Peter
  • Report from Group C on Revelation, Chapters 1-3
  • Presentation from Group D - Synthesis of Course and Projects
  • Sermon from Chapel Worship Service, May 1, 2001, Dr. John Alsup, Preaching

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