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Two Years, and the Prodigal Webmistress returns. ! I'M BACK !!!!

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Secret of the Andes

A Mindforge Fact  The original Mindforge color theme was... believe it or not, dark blue all over. I wanted to emulate the profiles scene when Matt calls the agents. It didn't work out so I changed to the previous gold and black theme. Ironically, the blue has work its way back in the current revamp...


Sept 2005 - I guess I should clarify...

This site is no long being updated, and has not been for the past few years. It's pretty safe to say I outgrew this long ago. Not that my liking for it wasn't sincere, but you stay a fan of something only so long before you feel the need to do your own thing. I have no regrets however, and I learnt a lot with this website

For time being I will allow it to remain up, but for all you fanfiction needs, I'd recommend the MASK section on Fanfiction.net.

My new interests are currently linked through here.

24th May 2003 - Two Years Later...

No doubt you'll find this strange. I abandon this site for two years, and suddenly I come back. Why?

I don't know. I wish I knew myself. Maybe it came from a chance communication I had with Lisa L. Maybe my sense of responsibility couldn't bear to leave this site which I invested so much time and effort in hanging in the wind... Or maybe, on a whim, I found out that a lot of people still visit this site, even after I stopped updating it, and it felt like I let them down a little. Whatever. But that part of me that hates leaving something half-done is kicking in again. Damn it.

Whatever the reason, I'm back.

Now don't get your hopes up. I'm not the 14-year old with lots of time to devote to a fansite anymore. I'm 19 pushing 20 (ick), busy as hell, studying hard, generally trying to make sense of my life. I don't feel the same way I do about MASK anymore (that is, obsessed) but I do feel that twinge of nostalgia still there. Enough to make me pick up those strings of responsibilty and do something that's niggled me all this time. Please understand that I can't update this site as often as I did in my heyday, but I'll try to do what I can. I might get the website up and running again, or at least prepare it so it can run without me updating it at all (requires devious work on my part)

This email address is active again, and so is this one . You can try mailing me again, and I'll try and answer. To those who have mailed me anytime during the last two years, I haven't gotten your mails, and I apologise if anything has been lost.

Where have I been? I've been through a tough transition in life, for a time it was overwhelming. I'm now in uni, have other projects of my own... a life to straighten out. A life on the Net takes secondary precedent to that. I hope you understand.

It feels strange to be back, honestly. But it feels right too, not to totally abandon what I've done. -Ping (Formerly Hytac)

ps: For your fanfiction needs, try Fanfiction.net There's a MASK section there.

18th August 2001 - RPG is up again and Going back

I'll be heading back to school now. I have added a few things as listed:

1. Fanfics!!!

2. A really cool teaser by Brian Kelly. It's in the the teaser section (well duh). What if MASK were still in high school...

3. Updated a bunch of links! Check them out!

4. Added a profile

Last but certainly not least, The MASK RPG (For those not informed, RPG=Role Playing Game) is up again! Click on the link on the Nav bar to join. Have fun!

The next possible update should be sometime in September. Got any thing to send me (barring viruses and spam) do so at Hytac@mailcity.com

Take care! - Hytac

21st July 2001 - Stop the World! It's an update!!

Indeed it is! Ha! I bet you all thought I gave up on the page already. Well, I haven't- not quite yet.

Let me see, I've been away for so long at school (boarding school) so I'll dare say it's a bit weird. But it's great to be back, even if it is for a while...

It's a sad thing to have to confess, but as a reality, it's not likely that the Mindforge is going to grow as much as it did the first few years I started it. I'm glad I've helped so many people remember their past, and to keep the memory of our masked crusaders still alive.

The fanfic section will continue to grow, though I suspect little  else will... Still, since the Mindforge IS centered around fanfic, that won't be too much of a problem.

You guys should head over to the fanfic section, where a backlog of fanfic from Lisa L. and not the mention Brian Kelly should be unveiled (at last). I apologise for the lack of pictures; my scanner is on the fritz. Such a pity. I had such a nice (and I mean nice) bunch of images I drew too... I believe The Hitman is currently conducting a site move, so I won't link the fanfics from his site yet until his new site is up and running.

A side note: I've Finally finshed Fateful Sunrise, my very own baby of a fanfic. Do have a look at it even if it isn't as MASkque as it was.

We also welcome a new MASK site: Kenneth Berger's MASK Site which has been included in the side bar. :)

Hope you like the mild revamp I've done. Since my guestbook and poll provider decided to fold, I'll have to search around for a good one now. Any road, Wish you all the best, and do check back occasionally. I may update the site again... you'd never know ;)

ps: If you have any fanfics I haven't posted, send them to me ASAP! If you send it within the next 3-4 weeks, I think I should be able to post them before I go back to college! 


5th January 2001 - Fanfic Update and Changes

After a hefty three months, I finally have time to update my site. Unfortunately, I won't be able to update the site as often as I'd like to, due to my going to college. Worry not... I am not going to abandon the site... but the updates will be just fewer and far between. I do hope that the magnamity of the update increases, though. 

We have New (not really new, but it's my fault that it hasn't been posted yet) Fanfic, By our two steady writers, Lisa Leonard and Brian Kelly. The long awaited Blood and Water 11, as well as Time's Gravity await you in the fanfic archive. The Hitman has also added several chapters to his Special Missions Force series. My apologies to Lisa, Hitman and Brian for the late updates. To make up I drew the "We're back!" picture (see above) as a dedication to them... the most regular writers in the community. Enjoy it, guys, you deserve it!

A note to those who wish to send in fanfic... please remember to send your fanfics and other contributions to hytac@mailcity.com, NOT my hotmail account. Thanx. The Hotmail janitor will automatically delete files which are over 20 k due to the constricted space in the mail account. So I won't be responsible for your loosing you masterpieces, ok? ;) 

New poll up The previous results were Wayyy overdue, but here they are..

What did you think of the Split Seconds series?

  • It killed a perfectly good cartoon and toy line.  (24 votes) 40% 
  • It should have been a small division, not the whole line. (12 votes) 20% 
  • Good concept, bad execution. (5 votes) 8% 
  • It was way cool. (6 votes) 10% 
  • What's Split Seconds? (14 votes) 23%

I believe Megaman's site, as well as Epizode.com have new episodes of M.A.S.K. up for download. You'll find the links in the Episodes links section (see right). 

I wish you all a Happy New Year, Happy Chinese New Year and a very good millenium.  


note: Hey, I've received my 10 000th visitor about a few weeks ago! Wow!!!

26th August 2000 - Late updates

Dear guys and gals, I'm very sorry for the late update, but I'm currently am very busy right now and will probably continue to be until the end of the year. 

Anyway, I apologize to The Hitman, Lisa and Brian Kelly for my lateness in posting their fanfics. I won't be updating the site very often for the next three months, but you can expect things to get better after that.

Right now we have three (four, depends) fanfics.  Two are hosted by the Mindforge,, two are not. The two hosted are Part 10 of Lisa L.'s Blood and Water (You guys can stop bugging me to post it now) and The conclusion to Brian Kelly's Generations. Enjoy.

The other two are the Hitman's Special Missions Force chapters. I've linked them, but these are timed links and won't work until The Hitman updates his page.

That's all, and off go I, weary to the bone.

30th July 2000 - Hostages at Sea

That, my friends, is the title of Hitman's 4th Special Missions Force chapter. It's up on Hitman's site right now, and is also included in the Mindforge Archive.

It's that time again, when I ask for new poll topics for the cute little (and annoying) poll box up there. Anybody got a suggestion?

We also have a new quote in the quotes section, courtesy of Vanessa Kubiak. 

Lastly, don't forget to sign the logs!

24th July 2000 - Fixed links and New fanfic

Hey everyone! Another update is here! (Well duh) I've fixed the broken links on the sections Teasers and Ep Transcripts and Reviews. Special Thanks to the two people who mailed me about them. 

We also have the 4th Chapter of B. Kelly's "Generations". You know where it is.

Stay tuned for The Hitman's next Chapter of the Special Missions Force, which is almost done . Expect it to be ready by next week or so. And having read it through, let me just say... you won't be disappointed. 

That's it, off go I! - Hytac

10th July 2000 - Episodes yeeha!

We can't get enough of episodes right... unless you're one of those people who already have one whole run *cough* and probably have them all memorized... anyway thanx to Mailinglist member Peter Kelly another site which airs M.A.S.K. episode(s) has been found. The URL is www.epizode.com 

Also, the Megaman's got another M.A.S.K. episode up and it's the Racing series episode 'Where Eagles Dare'. Frankly, that's the most misleading title I've ever come across. Anyway, if you're still here, head off to Megaman's page will ya? Don't know the URL? See that banner up there?  

30th June 2000 - New Poll and Fanfic

Well guys, we have a new poll, with the previous poll's results as follows:

Scott Trakker was always sneaking along on missions with the M.A.S.K. What did you think of him?

  • That boy has to be the most annoying little troublemaker on earth! 22 Votes (31%)
  • Compared to T-Bob, he's still bearable. Barely.  19 Votes(26%)
  • He's ok. Just the boy put in the show for kids to identify with. 21 Votes (29%)
  • Scott's fun. I wish I could swap places with Scott. Really! 4 Votes (6%)
  • Scott is the coolest!  6 Votes (8%)

Special Thanks to The Hitman for this poll topic. Our next topic belongs to Brian Kelly, who has also submitted his third installment of "Generations". You can find it in the Fanfiction Archive

Also, Tom Slick's Site is back online again. I have accordingly moved it to it's rightful place in the active links section. 

Apologies to people who have mailed me but have received no answers yet- I'm still in the middle of an email mess. - Hytac 

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