How to Contribute

It's quite simple, really, just plonk whatever you like in an e-mail or as an attachment and send it to me. But please title your e-mail "Contribution" or something like that. It'll help me a lot. Also try and include the word M.A.S.K. or Fanfiction if you can in the subject. An email entitled 'Hi' will not grab my attention and will most probably end up being filtered out by my Inbox Protector.


1. Fanfiction - The fanfiction should not be too long or short. The minimum length is 5k, and the maximum length for one fanfic is 500k. Don't worry, if your fanfic is too long, you can break it up into several parts. 
2. M.A.S.K. Teasers - Teasers to tantalize the creative juices of other writers (and readers). No matter how ridiculous the notion, how crazy the idea, how bizarre the logic, it's in!
3. Poems & Songs - Poems and songs regarding M.A.S.K. Your lyrics to another song maybe.
4.Reviews - Reviews of the episodes you've seen. No particular specifications required. Just your opinion. Additional information, however, is welcomed.
5. Agents - This should be the easiest, I should think. You just write up a profile of a M.A.S.K. or Enemy agent you created. Pictures are also accepted. If you're lucky, some fanfic writer will ask permission for him/her to use your agent.:)
6.Art - For those creative fellas out there with or without scanners, have your pictures sent here to be proudly displayed in the art gallery.
7.Quotes - If they said it, send it in. Whether those quotes are from the show or comic, they qualify. All I need is the quote and the person who said it. Additional info, is welcome, however.
8.Poll Topic - Remember that the poll topics have to be interesting , unusual (No 'which is the coolest/best/most useful mask?' type of questions) and they must also have a universal appeal. Try and keep them simple. Only the better ones are put up.

Please note that you may contribute to categories which are not listed here. The list is limitless, and I can always start a new category, can't I?

Your Guide to Contributing

1.Please ensure that your spelling is passable. If not, then inform me in your e-mail that the contribution may have to be spell checked and I'll do it for you.
2.The categories for contributions vary, so please tell me which category you want to put your contribution in. I can guess, but I may get it wrong.
3. Please, please , please write your contributions with Paragraphs. This is very, very important.
4. If you know html, and want your contribution to come out quickly, please code your contributions with html. For those who don't, you can follow the guide below:

Some Basic HTML

To write a paragraph:

<p>The Rhino rumbled on, unaware that they were heading for a trap. Mayhem smiled evilly. "The landmines I planted should finish them off." he thought.

<p>However, he had not reckoned that whom he thought was Bruno was actually Buddy in disguise.

Easy eh? Just add a <p> in front of every new paragraph.

To write a poem:

This is harder. You have to put a <p> in front of every first line, and a <br> at the start of every subsequent line. For example:

<p>The Condor I like,
<br>Its colour is green,
<br>It can be a bike,
<br>Or a flying machine.

Don't worry, this is not compulsory. You don't have to html it if you don't want to. I'm just asking you to help me if you can. Still, I would appreciate it.


1.The contributions must have something to do with the M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand).
2.Sorry, but I will not accept any contributions that have inappropriate content. The definition of 'Inappropriate content' in entirely up to the Mindforge.
3.The Mindforge reserves the right to edit any part of a contribution that considered unacceptable. However, you will be informed beforehand, so if you want to do it yourself, it's even better.
4.The Mindforge is under no obligation to post, or keep posted, your contributions.
5.All contributions will be graded and rated by the Mindforge's standards.
4.The Mindforge will not be responsible from any copy infringement rights violated by a contribution. 

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