About Hytac (That's Me!)

Yep, that's me!! What? A section of the page just for me? Don't get any ideas... I'm not getting swollen headed or anything, heck, I'm not sure if I have anything to be swollen headed about :( But hey, just for the sake of thy curiosity... Here it is: Also me, after some playing around with Adobe Photoshop

Facts About Me (That you probably never wanted to know anyway ;) )

  • My real name isn't Hytac of course. It's something rather unpronounceable. And I don't give it out to just anyone. And I'm not putting it here ;)
  • I started the site some time during May 1999, when I was fifteen, and I barely knew any HTML back then.
  • I'm a girl... A lot of people tend to assume I'm male, I'm not sure why. Must be the screen name.
  • I'm Chinese :) And happily proud of it!
  • I live in Malaysia.
  • I Love reading with a capital R. I read almost everything I can get my hands on... well... almost... I haven't been able to get through Ivanhoe yet. Some of my favourite authors are Tolkien, Herriot, Montogomery, Rowling, Sewell, Lewis, Fiest and the list goes on...
  • Naturally, I like writing a lot too. I haven't written anything really noteworthy yet, but I consider my fanfic attempts as good practice.
  • I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil. My school textbooks will bear testimony to that :) I didn't get involved in digital-mix art until recently, though. It kind of runs in my family, since each and every one of my relatives were noted artists, in one way or another.
  • I speak English better than Chinese. Oh the Irony!
  • I like Birdwatching/Ornithology. And also anything else related to Natural History.
  • I play the card game "Magic the Gathering"
  • I also play a lot of computer games. Some of my favorites are Diablo, any Lucasarts Game, MechWarrior and X-Wing.  I've been waiting 2 years for Diablo II to come out.
  • I go by other nicks such as Phalanx and Jacana_Falkn.
  • I abhor profanity, smokers, rude people and those who cannot respect other people's opinions. Oh, don't forget ingrates. I really dislike ingrates.
  • I was introduced to M.A.S.K. by my darling elder brother.