Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Noncommissioned Officers' Uniforms

Infantry Sergeant

Infantry Sergeant's Uniform

The sergeant is wearing a dress Jeff Davis hat and uniform frock coat with brass shoulder scales on the shoulders. He wears the N.C.O. sword, but no sash under the sword belt as worn by more senior noncommissioned officers. The scabbard of the sword has a silver color but should be typical black leather, or in metal if made by Emerson and Silver. His uniform has accents in light blue, the infantry branch color except for the stripe on the trousers, which are dark blue for the sake of contrast.

Foot soldiers were issued both frock coats and the more utilitarian sack coat. The above uniform would have been worn as dress or for other special duties. In the field soldiers dispensed with many of the dress trimmings, such as the shoulder scales and hat. However, frock coats themselves were often worn in combat.

We were furnished with the regulation frock coat for street duty with the brass scales for the shoulders. (The abomination of a soldier as it kept us continually digging away with our vinegar bottle and whiting to keep the tarnish off. I had my likeness taken in this uniform and a fine looking burlesque it made.
--Memoirs of Private Alfred Bellard, 1st Regiment Veteran Reserve Corps

Elements of the Uniform:Hat Eagle, Hat Letter, Hat Number, Hat Branch Insignia, Shoulder Scales, Chevrons, Cross Belt Plate, Enlisted Buttons, Sword Belt Buckle,and N.C.O. Sword.

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