Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Enlisted Men's Uniforms

Private in Frock Coat

Unknown Private in Frock Coat

This unknown infantry private is wearing a frock coat with his accouterments. He is holding his Enfield rifle its with the sling and bayonet attached and in his left hand a Jeff Davis (Hardee) hat. The hat has the number seven in the middle of the brass infantry horn in the center and the letter "E" for his company. The hat cord would be light blue in color. The back mark is of a Boston photographer. It is likely that this is an early war image of a soldier wearing the regulation issued U.S. volunteer uniform. He may be from Massachusetts or more likely one of the New England states. The Seventh Massachusetts Infantry began the war in a gray uniform. The Seventh New Hampshire wore the full U.S. Army regulation uniform and was armed with Ensfield rifles. Regardless of the exact unit, the photograph illustrates the use of regulation dress by a period soldier.

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