Union Army Uniforms and Insignia of the Civil War

Service and Noncommissioned Officer Grade Insignia


Chevrons: Service and Grade Insignia
Service Chevron-One Enlistment
Service Chevron-Two Enlistments
Grade Chevron-Corporal
Grade Chevron-Sergeant
Grade Chevron-First Sergeant
Grade Chevron-Ordnance Sergeant
Grade Chevron-Quartermaster Sergeant
Grade Chevron-Sergeant Major

Chevrons were made in the branch color. Service chevrons were bordered in red if the soldier had wartime service, except for artillery where light blue was used. The first three of the grade chevrons were made of worsted binding and the last three of silk binding.

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Infantry Corporal Chevron (artifact)
Infantry Sergeant Chevron (artifact)
Photograph of First Sergeant Wearing Chevrons
Photograph of a Corporal wearing Chevrons and Service Stripe
Photograph of Noncoms of the 13th NY Cavalry
Evolution of U.S. Army Chevrons
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