image cast of National Velvet
Jackie Jenkins, Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney riding King Charles

image cast of National Velvet movie
Reginald Owen as "Farmer Edes", King Charles as "Pie" , Elizabeth Taylor as "Velvet " and, Mickey Rooney as "Mi "

(About the Above photo)
Sophia Rowlands

Mr. Edes, the original owner, who is holding the Pie. The picture is from the scene in the movie where the Pie jumps out of his pasture because Jacob is barking at him and Velvet jumps in front of him on the road to stop him.

image King Charles as The Pie
King Charles as "Pie"
leaping over the wall

National Velvet
Movie Memories
Photos of actress Elizabeth Taylor
who had the part as "Velvet Brown" and Mickey Rooney as "Mi Taylor"
with the famous horse "The Pie".

image cast of National Velvet
About "Pie"

It was Elizabeth Taylor
(at age 11 - the young talent scout)
who discovered this special horse "The Pie" for the classic movie. His real name was King Charles a seven year old thoroughbred - a red sorrel with a white stripe on his face and white socks in all for feet. The Rivera Country Club in West Los Angeles, California was where King Charles and Elizabeth first met. This horse was owned by a society woman and trained as a show hunter and jumper. The owner offered King Charles for Elizabeth to ride and she grew fond of the horse and eventually became the equine star of the National Velvet movie. King Charles is the grandson of Man O War .

Elizabeth Taylor was "Velvet Brown" in the original starring role of the 1949 movie version made from the well known book by national by Enid Bagnold published in the 1920's.
The horse Elizabeth rode was King Charles as known as "The Pie".

Lori Martin was "Velvet" in the TV series. The program aired on NBC, the real name of the horse was Blaze King
The show called him "King".
It was a produced by
Metro Goldwyn Mayer Inc.

The movie called "International Velvet" continued the saga starred Tatum O'Neal as "Sarah", the niece of Velvet Brown who seeks to become an
Olympic Equestrian rider.

animated image horse
image International Velvet
The horse of International Velvet

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