image Lori Martin and King

National Velvet TV series
Photos of actress Lori Martin who had the part as
"Velvet Brown"
with the famous TV horse "King"
(Blaze King is real full name)
"Kid Stars" then and still in the entertainment field who I remember appearing on the show were
Beau Bridges &
Bill "Billy" Mumy

image Lori Martin and King image Lori Martin and King
Lori and "King" made the cover of TV Guide for the week of April 8th - 14th in 1961. The program aired on NBC, every Sunday evening at 8. It may have been shuffled to Mondays at 7:30 at one time.
It was a produced by Metro Goldwyn Mayer Inc.

Elizabeth Taylor was "Velvet Brown" in the original starring role of the 1949 movie version made from the well known book, National Velvet by Enid Bagnold Jones published in the 1920's. The horse Elizabeth rode was "Pie".
The movie called "International Velvet" continued the saga starred Tatum O'Neal as Sarah, the niece of Velvet Brown who seeks to become an Olympic Equestrian rider.
image Lori Martin and King
image Lori Martin and Kinganimated image horse image Lori Martin and King

National Velvet Collectables
all made because of the interest in the book, the movies, and TV series

  "National Velvet" TV Theme Record
made on the Dolton lable 45 rmp
by Hank Levine and his orchestra released in 1961.
Whitman books published in 1961 Authorized Edition of the
National Velvet coloring book
87 pages with cartoon style artwork on cover has Velvet painting a sign.
National Velvet comic books
by Dell carried the stories of Velvet and King.
"King" TV's National Velvet horse. a
stuffed animal horse - 14" tall by 15" long.
Whitman National Velvet story book
front illustrated cover artwork picture of Velvet horse and dog.
Gold Key National Velvet comic books
by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc
National Velvet board Game
was made in 1961 manufactured by
Transogram Company Inc. N.Y.
Includes game board, spinner attached to box,
play pieces and play cards. Has pictures of Lori
and the cast members of the program.

image National Velvet game
National Velvet Paper Dolls
National Velvet paper dolls in book form issued by Whitman in 1961.

Then another boxed set in 1962 The set contains one 10 inch cardboard doll, plastic stand and punch out clothes. Two panels of outfits.

Velvet Brown collectors Dolls
One by Madam Alexander of the 1990's A baby faced version
outfitted with equestrian gear including the saddle.

Another doll made by the Franklin Mint in ther1980's (almost the likeness of Elizabeth Taylor) in authentic silk satin riding clothes with saddle of leather suede and sterling silver stirrups.

National Velvet Jigsaw puzzle
by Whitman in 1962 Metro Goldwyn-Mayer Inc.
has Velvet with dog and horse playing with ball ( illustrated art )

Blaze King model horse kit
by the Revell plastic model company 

National Velvet "King" horse
for children to sit on to watch the
real King on television..

King and Lori Martin- National Velvet TV series photographs

Update : November 2001 info sent to Horse Fame
from: Loretta Kemsely
Soldier, a horse from the Fat Jones movie stable, doubled for King on the National Velvet TV series.


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