----------- Man O' War -------------

The famous race horse 
nick-named "Big Red" - 
Man O' War of Faraway farms 
in Lexington, Kentucky
foaled March 29, 1917 
died Nov 1, 1947 
His 21st birthday was broadcast
over the radio in 1938.
After his death there had been 
a 3 day memorial before burial.
A statue of Man O'War 
stands near the entrance to the 
parkstands in Kentucky Horse Park
in Lexington, Kentucky. 
The bronzed statue was created
by artist Herbert Haseltine. 
Man O' War's remains and statue
were transferred in 1976 
to the Kentucky Horse Park, 
from original home at Faraway Farms. 

Man O' War won 20 of 
his 21 races and sired 379 foals,
291 of which went on to race. 

His most famous racing decendents
were War Admiral, and Seabiscuit.

Saturday Evening Post magazine
dated September 13, 1941 issue
On the cover shows Man O'War
and his groom, William Harbut,
who cared for him since 1938.

Man O' War had a close bond with
his groom - they say the horse
missed his groom and the horse 
died less than a month after
Harbut passed away.

Read the books Man O' War
his story told by author
Walter Farley and another
by Edward L. Bowen.

Man O War's likeness 
was also made 
into a miniature scale model
by the 
Breyer plastic molds company. 

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