Synagogue overlooking Sarajevo
(Serb sniper bunker)
Photo by Peter DePree

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"...the most consequential war of our time..."

Martin Bell, journalist

Welcome to the Unconquered Bosnia! page. This homepage is multiethnic/multiconfessional...ALL are welcome. If you have a story of your experience in wartime Bosnia, I'd love to hear it and post it on this site. Please note when sending the story whether you give permission to post it on this site or whether you prefer to keep it private and are merely sending it as background information for the novel The Reap Hook. And please indicate whether you want your name used as a tagline or not.
REMEMBER: This is a neutral site. You are welcome to your opinion on the war protagonists and I will post it, but the site itself remains NEUTRAL and open to EVERYONE!
NOTE: Please limit information to the war. We do not cover the Post-Dayton IFOR/SFOR period.

The author (Peter DePree) has spent two years writing a novel The Reap Hook set in wartime Bosnia and is seeking personal stories from individuals who lived through the war.

BRIEF OVERVIEW: Because Sarajevo has been overrepresented in media accounts, it is deemphasized as a section in this novel, however two scenes (The Unexploded Girl and Love Story) touch on this particular scene. There are scenes of mass grave exhumation (The Sunflower Field) By far the largest section of the book covers the Srebrenica massacre through the eyes of a female reporter (Fellini, Srebrenica) Large sections of the book include a you-are-there account of the ethnic cleansing of Prijedor Town in opstina Prijedor ("they were our neighbors"). The subjects are transported to Omarska, Keraterm, Ciglane and Trnopolje (The Slaughter Computer) and then follows an extended account of life in the Trnopolje/Keraterm/Omarska triad (Red House, White House.)
The next focus is on the press and refugees at Tuzla airbase.


Particularly interested in stories from anyone who was in the municipality during the ethnic cleansing of 1992. Also interested in intimate details of life in opstina Prijedor and Prijedor Town, including Kozarac, Hambarine, Rizvanovici and all surrounding villages and hamlets.

Muslim, Croatian, Serb, mixed marriages, Gypsy (Roma), ethnic Hungarians, Jews etc. The "mundane" description of life just before and during the war are invaluable to me. This can include but is not limited to: worship, farming, recipes, housing, recreation, sports, the market, schooling, music, movies, popular novels and literature, TV shows--i.e. any details that can help fine-focus and fix in the reader's mind what it was like to live in Former Yugoslavia just before and during the conflict.

Omarska, Keraterm, Manjaca, Trnopolje, Luka-Brcko, Batkovic, Susica etc. and the transportation to these camps.

At the time of the July 1995 influx of Srebrenica survivors and the ensuing few weeks. (VERY IMPORTANT.)

Homemade weapons, mines, assault rifles, sniper rifles, mortars and mortar emplacements, multiple rocket launchers, communication networks, tanks, trucks, jeeps, boobytraps, uniforms. Including details on how mosques and/or Orthodox churches and rimokatolik cathedrals were destroyed with anti-tank mines, sniper nests, trenches and sniper barriers etc. Especially interested in details of the TDF, paramilitias (especially Arkanovci and Seseljovci) and their uniforms, insignia, and equipment.

Including equipment used (cameras, laptops, satphones, body armor etc.) how stories were dispatched, how transportation was arranged and checkpoints negotiated, media censorship, interface with UNPROFOR, UNHCR press accreditation, and related anecdotes.

Accounts of the day-to-day hardships in Sarajevo, Gorazde, Bihac, Zepa, Mostar, Zenica and the other pockets. Especially avoiding snipers, use of ham radio, details on humanitarian relief, burial procedure, availabilty (or lack of) medical support and pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies used in place of standard medicines, etc.
I am also interested in the cultural life of the city under siege--the theater, concerts, poetry readings, gallery art shows held under siege conditions.
FOOTNOTE: Presently, I'm looking for details on the people who snuck out of Gorazde through the mountain passes during the winter to get supplies. I also need eyewitness accounts of DutchBat in Srebrenica ('95) and the Ukrainian peacekeepers in Zepa ('95.)

Personal accounts of peacekeepers are badly needed--including but not limited to eyewitness accounts to ethnic cleansing and its aftermath, population displacement, logistics of aid convoys, interface with the community, mine-clearing, convoy support, etc.
I also need details on the armored Land Rovers, APCs, anti-sniper systems, chain-of-command, rules of engagement, sidearms, dynamics between the various battalions etc.

If you worked for an NGO in Former Yugoslavia during the war your story, insight, and reflections are vitally important. Especially interested in truck convoys into danger areas, medevac of civilians, extortion tax at checkpoints, sniping, mines.

Focus on accounts of how the various media were used to dispense propaganda during the lead-up to the conflict and during the conflict. Including TV, radio, newspapers.

Including any information on Iranian, Saudi, Tunisian, Afghani, or etc. 'muj', the Green Highway, the philosophy behind "Land of Jihad", and the Russian soldiers-for-hire used by the Serbs.

If you were involved in the airdrops or enforcing "no-fly" your detailed accounts of same are invaluable--especially details of the planes used, cockpit scenario, logistics, challenges, etc. (I especially need feedback from anyone who has info on 1995 Tuzla AB.)

If you were involved in locating or exhumation of the mass graves, your information is badly needed. (I'm interested in the technical aspects as much as personal reflection.)

The author's work has been published in many magazines, including The Writer, The Australian Way (QANTAS Airways inflight magazine), The Bloomsbury Review, Wild West, America's Civil War, Combo, Comic Book Marketplace, Comic's Buyers Guide, Tales From the Edge. His work has been reprinted in several annuals including the college textbook Contemporary Literary Criticism 1996.

Your information is invaluable to me and deeply appreciated. Confidentiality assured. In addition to contacting me by email with any information, if you have copies of letters, postcards, transcripts, photos or xeroxes of photos, slides, videotape, audiotape, copies of email messages, books, personal journals or etc. these are crucial to giving a detailed and accurate background to my novel.
If you have transcript of field interviews with victims of ethnic cleansing, rape warfare, and other war crimes (with names redacted if necessary) these would be extremely helpful.

I would appreciate your circulating this page to anyone you know who may have some stories and insight to share on the conflict in the Former Yugoslavia. Zdravo za sada!

reap@erols.comMail Me Feedback and Bosnia War Stories!

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The Pope's April, 1997 Visit to Bosnia
1997 (April 9) IPTF doubles security measures for Pope's visit
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Accounts of attacks on Kozarac
Simo Drljaca, Krizni Stab Chief of Police
Simo Drljaca quotes
1997 (July 10) British troops kill Drljaca, capture Kovacevic
1997 (July 10) Biljana Plavsic protests over shooting of Drljaca
1997 (July 10) Karadzic's wife protests over shooting of Drljaca
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Photos of Kljuc
Gorazde siege, homemade hydroelectric generator, photo courtesy Peter DePree

1992 attacks
Noel Malcolm questions Gen. Rose's statements on Gorazde
1995 (July 18) 'Draw the Line At Gorazde' (Refugees International Bulletin)
1995 (Aug. 25) BritBat attacked leaving Gorazde
1995 (Oct. 18) U.N. returns to Gorazde
1995 (Oct. 22) Landmines litter road to Gorazde
1995 (Oct. 19) Aid convoy finally enters Gorazde
1995 (Dec. 24) 'Gorazde Looks Ahead Warily'
Digital terrain map of Gorazde
Commission of Experts Report on detention facilities around Mostar
Reflections from a Croat
Ethnic cleansing of Mostar Serbs (Serbian Unity Congress)
East Mostar: Roots of Bosnia's Muslim Population
1994 (Dec. 28) Commission of Experts Report: 'Destruction of Mostar Bridge'
Destruction of Stari Most (3 articles)
1997 (Jan. 18) Journalists threatened by Mostar gunman
1997 (Sept. 18) Bomb injures 50 in Mostar
1997 (Dec. 1) Mostar bridge wreckage lifted by Hungarians
Interview with Hans Koschnik, EU Administrator in Mostar
Photos of Mostar
Siege of Bihac
"UNPROFOR never promised to defend anything."
--General Michael Rose

1994 (Sept. 6) Serbs rocket Cazin and Buzim in pocket
1994 (Oct. 30) Bangladeshi "blues" running short
1994 (Nov. 17) Prime Minister Major rejects criticism of UNPROFOR
1994 (Nov. 21) NATO launches airstrikes on Udbina Airfield
1994 (Nov. 21) More info on airstrikes
1994 (Nov. 23) NATO aircraft hit BSA SAM sites
1994 (Nov. 26) Serbs surround UN troops in retaliation
1994 (Nov. 28) Gen. Rose: "UNPROFOR never promised to defend anything."
1994 (Nov. 29) Rose criticizes Dole's comments on UNPROFOR
1994 (Nov. 29) Urgent appeal for help from Bihac Hospital
1994 (Dec. 5) HRW deplores attacks on Bihac
1994 (Dec. 6) Serb artillery attack on Velika Kladusa
1994 (Dec. 20) Bihac siege becoming patternized
1995 (Jan. 6--Jan. 11)
1995 (Jan. 31) Rasim Delic refuses to meet Rupert Smith
1995 (Feb. 14) Bihac: only scraps to eat
1995 (July 5) Serbian plane rockets Bihac power-plant
1995 (July 23) Izetbegovic's letter to Clinton on Bihac
1995 (July 31) Fighting for Bihac continues
1995 (Aug. 1) Muhamed Sacirbey letter to Security Council about Bihac
1995 (Aug. 7) TIME article on battle for Bihac
1995 (Sept. 20) Bihac Canton Emergency Humanitarian Report
Fikret Abdic
Report on Abdic-run concentration camp
Abdic suspected of war crimes and maneuvers with Arkanovci
Should Abdic be allowed in election?
Commission of Experts Report on detention camps around Tuzla
Tuzla welcomes American troops
Ethnic Cleansing of Zvornik (report by Ludwig Boltzman Institute)
May 1993 Zvornik
Commission of Experts Report on detention facilities in Visegrad
'Visegrad, Ivo Andric, and Christoslavism' by Michael Sells
'Visegrad' by Michael Sells
1998 (Jan. 4) New multi-ethnic police force in Brcko
Banja Luka
1995 (Oct. 20) Mass killings by Serbs around Banja Luka
1996 (Jan. 30) Bosnian-Serbs try to revive devastated economy
1997 (Nov. 17) Bomb attack against newspaper editor
Sanski Most
1995 (Oct. 22) 'Fleeing Serbs Leave Trail of Death'
Commission of Experts Report on detention facilities in Zagreb
1992 (Aug. 21) 'Zagreb Diary'
1993 (May 10) 'Zagreb Diary'
1991, Dubrovnik makes
'World Heritage In Danger' list...

IHRLI Report on 'The Battle of Dubrovnik'
Jasenovac Camp (WWII)

Comprehensive site on Jasenovac
Overview of 1997 Conference on Jasenovac (Serbian Unity Congress)

Srebrenica Pocket
1993 food shortage
Srebrenica Pocket 1995 Massacre
Massacre In Srebrenica homepage
Akashi, Janvier, Smith closed-door meeting
Excerpts from David Rohde's Endgame
JNA/BSA military chain-of-command in Srebrenica massacres
'U.N.'s Deadly Deal' (Roy Gutman on the hostages-for-Srebrenica deal)
DutchBat trooper killed
Potocari Compound falls
Srebrenica massacre page (with Bianca Jagger article)
Comprehensive massacre report by Elizabeth Neuffler
"I hid among the corpses"
Map of mass graves at Sahinici
Suicide at Tuzla Airport
1994 (July 13) HRW letter asking protection for captured Srebrenicans
Ambassador Galbraith's cable confirming reports of massacres of civilians
Washington Post review of David Rohde bookSrebrenica
Hold General Janvier responsible?
1995 (Oct. 30) Dutch Defense Minister Voorhoeve: "Dutchbat not negligent"
Shattuck views slaughter sites
Journalists visit Srebrenica 5 months after massacre
Possible mass grave at Sahinici
Mass grave at Nova Kasaba
Mass grave at Brnice Dam
Drazen Erdemovic of Srebrenica sentenced
1996 (July) PHR exhumes mass graves at Srebrenica
1996 (July 14) Interview claims fall of Srebrenica a setup
1997 (May 7) Jerusalem attorney investigates massacre
Documentary claims Serbia provided arms for massacre
'The Secret of Srebrenica'
1996 (May) Theater play: 'Srebrenica'
Excerpt from 'Testimony of A Massacre'
A Srebrenica index
Letter from the Women of Srebrenica
Srebrenica women commemorate fall of pocket
David Rohde's Articles on the Srebrenica Massacre
1995 (Aug. 18) 'Evidence Indicates Bosnia Massacre: Eyewitness Report'
1995 (Oct. 2) 'Bosnian Muslims Were Killed by the Truckload'
1995 (Oct. 5) 'Eyewitnesses Confirm Massacres In Bosnia'
1995 (Oct. 24) 'Serbia Held Responsible for Massacre of Bosnians'
1995 (Nov. 16) 'Graves Found that Confirm Bosnia Massacre'
Zenica Pocket
Muslim refugees in Zenica
Zepa Pocket
Harsh '92-'93 conditions
Zepa falls to Mladik, news report
Siege of Sarajevo
A scene from Hermann's graphic novel Sarajevo Tango

Sarajevo Survival Map homepage
Sarajevo Survival Guide
Site on film 'Welcome to Sarajevo'
Voices from Sarajevo
Commission of Experts Report on detention camps around Sarajevo
Politics affects shelling frequency, IHRLI report
Destruction of State Hospital "Sarajevo"
1994 (Feb. 5) Shelling of Sarajevo market kills 66
Time-Warner lawyers attempt to squelch Sarajevo art project
1994 (Feb. 19) BSA withdraws artillery surrounding Sarajevo
1995 (Aug. 22) Six people killed in Serb shelling
1995 (Aug. 25) Turkey condemns Serb market shelling
1995 (Aug. 28) Shelling attack kills 35 civilians
1995 (Sept. 2) RPG kills 8-yr-old Sarajevo boy
1995 (Sept. 2) 'Living Scared In Sarajevo'
1995 (Sept.) Bosniaks take advantage of airstrikes
1995 (Nov. 20) Cultural event at National Theater
1995 (Dec. 2) Mladic says Sarajevo Serbs won't submit
Last 48 hours of siege
1996 (Jan.) 16 people disappear in Serb-held Sarajevo
1996 (Jan. 24) Carl Bildt meets leaders in Sarajevo
1996 (Feb. 1) Refugee returns to Sarajevo
1996 (Feb. 3) 'Hate and Suspicion Linger'
1996 (Feb. 7) Refugee returns to Sarajevo (cont.)
1996 (Feb. 16) Serbs in Sarajevo: a very uneasy peace
1996 (Feb. 17) Serbs flee Sarajevo
1996 (Mar. 12) Ilidza switches from Serb to Muslim-Croat control
1996 (Mar. 29) Muslim/Serb shootout in Grbavica
Story of family destroyed by siege
Serb exodus from Bosniak apartments (Ljiljan)
The Pope's Visit to Sarajevo
1997 (Sept. 9) Foreign money revives Sarajevo's economy
1997 (Dec. 11) 'Sarajevo Rises from Ruin'
Trnopolje Camp
Commission of Experts Report on Trnopolje Camp
Summary of Helsinki Watch's Trnopolje report
Account of young boy captured in Prijedor
Manjaca Camp
Commission of Experts Report on Manjaca
Excerpts from HRW's 1992 Manjaca report
Keraterm Camp
Commission of Experts Report on Keraterm Camp
ICTY indictment of Dusko Sikirica and camp personnel
Prisoners' eyewitness descriptions of camp personnel
Omarska Camp
Commission of Experts Report on Omarska Camp
Calling the Ghostsfilm review/interview
Another Calling the Ghosts review
Interview with Roy Gutman (UC Berkeley)
Luka-Brcko Camp
An account of a prisoner
Dretelj Camp (HOS-run)
Excerpts from HRW Dretelj report
Accounts of prisoners
Guard Refic Saric captured in Danish refugee camp
Guard Refic Saric convicted of war crimes in Denmark
Batkovic Camp
IHRLI Report on Batkovic Camp
Story of a survivor of Batkovic
Bosanski Brod Camp (for Serbs)
Commission of Experts Report on Bosanski Brod Camp
Silo Camp in Tarcin (for Serbs)
Serbian Unity Congress pages on Silo Camp
Celebici Camp
Report on Celebici Camp
Rape Warfare
Commission of Experts report on Mass Rape
Rape as a Crime Against Humanity
'Rape As a Crime of War: A Medical Perspective'
1996 (Feb.) 'Sexual Assault Issues Before the War Crimes Tribunal' by Diane Orentlicher
'Rape In BiH 1992-1993' by Norma von Ragenfeld-Feldman
'Rape: A Crime of War' (video)
'Women, Rape, and War'
Summary of speech on Medica
Review of Beverly Allen's 'Rape Warfare: The Hidden Genocide'
Women and the War
'Women, State, Culture in the Former Yugoslavia'
'Birth, Nationalism, and War' (Women In Black)
Violence Against Women In Belgrade 1991-1993
Feminist Organizing In Belgrade 1990-1994
Feminist anti-war struggle in Belgrade
Narratives of Women Refugees from the Balkans
'Women For Women in Bosnia' by Gillian Brady
'Trade With Abortions'
Mass Graves
NATO unwilling to guard mass graves
Bodies missing from Bosnian mass grave
Ljubija Mine
Mass grave at Oraovac
1993 (Jan. 19) Preliminary Report of Vukovar Grave
1993 (Oct.) Serbs expel forensic team from Ovcara grave
1996 (July) PHR exhumes mass graves at Srebrenica
1996 (Sept.) PHR exhumes Vukovar and Lazete graves
1997 (Mar.) The grave at Vukovar (Smithsonian Magazine)
LSU archaeologist exhumes Brcko grave
1998 (Jan. 6) War crimes team exhumes Cerska grave
Suspected mass graves in caves around Kljuc
2 articles questioning existence of mass graves
Spy photos of mass graves Kasaba/Konjevic Polje
Aerial photos of mass grave at Branjevo Farm
Map of mass graves at Sahinici
Mercs on Territory of Former SFRY
Annex of government report on mercs for Croatia
Commission of Experts Report on the Mujahideen
Yugoslavia: 'Iran's Springboard to Europe?'
'Penetration of Islamic Terrorism Into Europe'
1995 (Dec. 14) Five muj killed in shootout near Zepce
Black Swans (Bosniak)
Commission of Experts Report on Jusuf Prazina ("Juka")
Arkan (Zeljko Raznjatovic)
IHRLI bio of Arkan
Connections between Arkan and Milosevic (Roy Gutman article)
Photo to right by Ron Haviv, Saba Press
In Zvornik
Vojislav Seselj
IHRLI bio of Seselj
Beli Orlovi
Information paper on UNPROFOR
'Peacekeepers, Humanitarian Aid, and Civil Conflicts' by Cedric Thornberry
UNPROFOR in Croatia
Boutros Boutros-Ghali
1994 (June 26) HRW: "U.N. ceasefire won't help Banja-Luka"
1995 (June 2) HRW to U.N.: "Don't abandon safe-areas!"
UNPROFOR suggest Muslims bomb own people
A peacekeeper's homepage with dozens of Bosnia photos
U.N. Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali
1996 (Sept. 19) London: Speech on NATO by Boutros-Ghali
Boutros-Ghali suppressed report of impending Rwanda genocide
Special Representative Yasushi Akashi
Brief bio on Akashi
1995 (June 22) Akashi reassures Karadzic of U.N. intentions
Force Commander Lieutenant-General Francis Briquemont

Force Commander Lieutenant-General Sir Michael Rose

Noel Malcolm questions Gen. Rose's statements on Gorazde
Lieutenant-General Rupert Smith

General Phillipe Morillon

1996 (Jan. 16) Interview with Morillon
Lieutenant-General Bernard Janvier

General Janvier (a page under construction)
Special Rapporteur Tadeusz Mazowiecki
Report by Tadeusz Mazowiecki: Vitez-Ahmici-Mostar
1994 (Nov. 29) Special Rapporteur's office faces closure
'The role of the OSCE High Commisioner on National Minorities in Conflict Prevention'
High Representative Carl Bildt on lessons of the Yugoslav wars
The Arms Embargo
'Moral Statement on the Arms Embargo' by Bill Ross
The Negotiators
'Creating a Greater Serbia' through negotiations
Brief bio of U.S. negotiator Richard Holbrooke
Douglas Hurd-Milosevic business dealings
1995 (Oct. 30) Bosnia Proximity Peace Talks: briefing by Richard Holbrooke
Financier George Soros on Bosnia
Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter
1994 (June 20) Jimmy Carter comments on the peace negotiations
1995 (Dec. 20) Carter meets Izetbegovic, Ganic
Jimmy Carter: pawn of Karadzic?
1994 (Dec. 15) HRW letter to Carter warning against war crimes amnesties
The Dayton Agreement
1996 (Fall) Mediation in the Federation of BiH
NATO Military Machine
NATO fact-sheet on Operation DENY FLIGHT
U.S. F16 pilots at Aviano AB
Tuzla welcomes American troops
1995 (Jan.) 'Which End-Game in Bosnia?' (Strategic Forum article)
1995 (Aug. 31) NATO continues extensive bombing
U.S. soldier leaves for BiH
1996 (Feb. 19) War-zone duty at Colt Base BiH
1996 (Mar. 10) U.S. troops face danger in BiH
1996 (April) U.S. troops employ advanced communications
1996 (Aug. 1) Statement by Walter Slocombe, Under Secretary of Defense
'NATO Troops Get Out of Yugoslavia Now!' (The Militant)
The SAS in Bosnia
Serbian Military Machine (JNA)
Serbs avoiding mobilization
JNA tied to Bosnian war crimes (by Roy Gutman)
1995 (Mar.) Belgrade Military Court rules Brig. Gen. Trifunovic guilty
1995 (June) Forced mobilization in Serbia
Bosniak Military Machine
The arms trade
Commission of Experts Report on Zelene Beretke
The participation of Serbs in the Bosnian Army
'Is Naser Oric a War Criminal?'
Croatian Military Machine
Commission of Experts Report on HOS (Croatian Defence Forces)
Bosnian-Croat Alliance
1995 (Sept. 21) Bosnian-Croat alliance turns tense
1997 (Nov. 7) 'Linguistic cleansing' in the Federation
Materiel of the Forces
AIRPOWER: List of airpower used in NATO ops (by nation)
MINES: Photos of landmines from Task Force Eagle
MINES: Listing of casualty incidents
MINES: Mine-detection in snow
Alija Izetbegovic
President of the Presidency BiH

1994 (Sept. 27) Speech before U.N. General Assembly
1994 (Mar. 18) Report of Izetbegovic's meeting with Clinton
1995 (July 23) Izetbegovic's letter to Clinton on Bihac
1995 (Sept. 14) His article 'The Bitter Taste of Peace'
Article claims Izetbegovic knew about camps for Serbs
Prime Minister Haris Silajdzic
Muhamed Sacirbey
1995 (Aug. 1) Muhamed Sacirbey letter to Security Council about Bihac
President Slobodan Milosevic
Is U.S. protecting Milosevic from War Crimes Tribunal?
1994 (Dec. 22) CNN interview with Milosevic
1995 (Sept. 25) Interview with BBC's Laura Silber
1995 (Oct. 26) 'Milosevic purposefully destroying Yugoslavia'
Milosevic's comments at Dayton
Book portrays Milosevic as a war-monger
Connections between Arkan and Milosevic (Roy Gutman article)
Dr. Radovan Karadzic
Encarta Encyclopedia entry on Dr. Karadzic
1994 his letter on Sarajevo market bombing
1994 Speech
1995 Court case against Karadzic
1995 (July 24) ICTY Indictment of Karadzic
Karadzic claims captured French pilots kidnapped
1996 (April 16) State of Republic Address
1996 (June 3) 'Karadzic: Balkan Enemy #1' (TIME Magazine)
1996 (May 19) 'Karadzic may soon leave office'
1996 (June 27) Karadzic sends his lawyer to ICTY
1996 (June 28) Excerpts of his speech to SDS SZ assembly
1996 (June 30) Karadzic replaced by Plavsic
1996 (June 30) 'Is Karadzic Still In Charge?'
1996 (July 1) Online Newshour guests discuss Dr. Karadzic
'Holbrooke Mission Fails to Remove Karadzic'
1996 (July 3) 'Karadzic won't run in elections'
1996 (July 14) Holbrooke to seek Karadzic's ouster
1996 Pledge to step down
1996 (Aug. 4) Hints of possible plans to capture Karadzic
1996 (Sept. 16) Indicted war criminal Karadzic voted in election
1997 interview with Dutch Journalist (photo)
1997 (July 20) NATO troops gather near Karadzic's home
1997 (Sept. 3) Karadzic offers to negotiate on war crimes
1998 (April 10) Is Karadzic preparing to surrender?
1998 (April 10) Karadzic's wife denies husband's impending surrender
1998 (April. 23) Secret meetings killed Karadzic plan
1998 (April. 23) French deny they sabotaged Karadzic capture plan
Karadzic's forged Slovenian passport
Index of legal documents pertaining to Karadzic
(1997) 'The Case of Dr. Radovan Karadzic' (Centar za Srpske Studije)
Petition to arrest Mladic and Karadzic
'The U.S. Army's Authority to Arrest Karadzic' (Villanova International Law & Policy Compendium)
JNA Chief of Staff Momcilo Perisic
Interview with Perisic
BSA Commanding Officer Ratko Mladic
Mladic tortured captured French pilots
Russia offers asylum to war criminal Mladic
1995 (July 24) ICTY Indictment of Mladic
Petition to arrest Mladic and Karadzic
Dr. Biljana Plavsic
Brief bio of Plavsic
1997 (Aug. 23) Srpska Radio-TV's campaign against Plavsic
U.S. State Dept. Human Rights Reports On BiH
Gvt. of FRY Reports on War Crimes in Former SFRY
1996 (Feb.) Sixth Report
Bulletins of the Republic of BiH State War Crimes Commission
(October 1992--February 1994)

U.S. Editor's Introduction
Index to the following bulletins in Bosanski
Concentration and Detention Camps
Sexual Crimes of the Aggressor in BiH
Destruction of Religious Objects
Srebrenica and Bratunac Communes
Wounding of the Wounded Witnesses
Statements of Three Victims
Invitation to Cooperation
International Court: Not to Have the History Repeated
The Penal and Legal Definition of Genocide
Destruction of Sacred Complexes (I)
Gacko Municipal Authorities (I)
Gacko Municipal Authorities (II)
Destruction of Infrastructure (Introduction)
Seizure of Bosnian-Herzegovinian Radio/TV Complexes
Statements of Witnesses (I)
To Punish the Prevention of Abortion After Forced Pregnancy
Cooperation Between Ex-JNA and SDS Terrorists (I)
From the Victim of Rape to the Fighter For Truth
Forceful Conversion to Christianity of Bosnian Muslims
Destruction of Sacred Complexes (II)
Statements of Witnesses (II)
Violence Against Mental Patients
Diary of a Chetnik
Report of the State Commission
Letter to Professor Kalshoven
Rape As War Crime
Cooperation Between Ex-JNA and SDS Terrorists
Destruction of Sacred Complexes (Serbian Orthodox Church)
Destruction of Medical Complexes
Foca (I)
Foca (II)
Statements of Witnesses (III)
Visits by Aryeh Neier and Russian Parliamentarians
Methodology of Gathering Documents on Human Rights Violations
Indictable Methods of Waging War
Ideologues and Propagandists of Genocide
Report by Tadeusz Mazowiecki: Vitez-Ahmici-Mostar
Mass Killing and Mass Graves
Destruction of Sacred Complexes (III)
Destruction of State Hospital "Sarajevo"
Firemen: Defenders With Hoses
Statements of Witnesses (IV)
Artillery Against Civilians
Seminar: Establish Truth for the Sake of Truth
Amnesty International Reports
1994 (March) "Central and Southwest BiH: Civilian Population Trapped In A Cycle of Violence"
1996 (Mar. 1) "Duty to Search For War Crimes Suspects"
1996 (July) "To Bury My Brother's Bones"
1997 (Mar. 19) "Who's Living In My House?"
1997 (June) "From Promise to Reality"
1997 (Oct.) "Arrest Now!"
1997 (Oct. 9) "Surrender of Suspects No Reason For Complacency"
1998 (Feb.) "All the Way Home?"
ICTY and Related War Crimes Proceedings
ICTY official homepage
ICTY index of press-releases on the Tribunal
Court TV's Bosnia War Crimes Tribunal site
ICTY search site and latest news (Mario Profaca site)
Coalition for International Justice (fact-sheet)
Coalition for International Justice (homepage)
War Criminal Watch (by CIJ)
Statute of the Tribunal
Petition to arrest Mladic and Karadzic
1993 (Jan. 25) PHR testimony on BiH war crimes
1993 (April) HRW documents war crimes for Tribunal
NATO unwilling to apprehend indicted war criminals
International War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
1994 (June 27) 'No Rush to Judgement' (TIME)
1994 (Nov. 22) Dretelj guard Refic Seric convicted in Denmark
1995 (June 10) HRW: "FRY obstructs war crimes justice"
HRW map: locations of SFOR bases and indicted war criminals
1995 (July 25) Indictment of Milan Martic
1995 (Oct. 2) Tribunal dismisses jurisdictional challenge
1995 (Oct. 26) War criminals walk free in the Netherlands
1995 (Nov. 17) Croatian reaction to indictment of Kordic and Blaskic
1996 (Jan. 12) HRW: "IFOR should support Tribunal"
1996 (Jan. 18) Novislav D. arrested in Bonn, Germany
1996 (Feb. 7) Bosnia will indict 2 Serb officers
1996 (April 1) Croat Gen. Tihomir Blaskic surrenders to Tribunal
Dusan Tadic sentenced
1996 (July 17) Moscow accuses War Crimes Tribunal of bias
1996 (Aug. 26) Impressions from a trial observer
1996 (Fall) News from the ICTY
1996 (Sept. 8) The Case Against Serb War Criminals (David Rieff)
1996 (Oct.) Balkan Archive to record all war crimes trials
1996 (Nov. 23) 'Bosnia War Criminals Must Be Caught'
1997 (May 7) Dusan Tadic found guilty
1997 (May 7) The importance of the Tadic decision
1997 (July 1) Arrest of Slavko Dokmanovic represents breakthrough
1997 (Oct. 9) Amnesty Intl: "Surrender of Suspects No Reason For Complacency"
1997 (Nov. 13) Ambassador Scheffer dialogue on war crimes issues
1997 (Dec. 9) In Bosnia, a war crimes impasse
1997 (Dec. 18) Dutch troops capture 2 Croat war crimes suspects
1997 (Dec. 19) NATO's Solana warns Serbs on war crimes suspects
1997 (Dec. 19) List of 55 war criminals wanted by ICTY
1998 (Jan. 8) Case opens against Bosnian-Croat Zlatko Aleksovski
1998 (Jan. 16) Bosnian-Croat Vlato Kupreskic pleads not guilty
1998 (Jan. 19) Former Vukovar Mayor, Slavko Dokmanovic, pleads not guilty
1998 (Jan. 21) U.S. troops capture 'Serb Adolf' (Goran Jelisic)
1998 (Jan. 22) Goran Jelisic arrested in Bijeljina
1998 (Jan. 22) U.S. State Dept. remarks on capture of Jelisic
1998 (Feb. 14) Miroslav Tadic and Milan Simic surrender
1998 (Mar. 5) Erdemovic gets only 5 years for killing 100 Muslim civilians
1998 (Mar. 26) Serb war crimes suspect released on bail
1998 (Mar. 31) Bosnian authorities free Dragan Pejic
1998 (April 23) Secret meetings killed Karadzic plan
1998 (May 4) Serb goes on trial in Montenegro
Argument against ICTY
Serbia Bulletin claims ICTY "political"
Chief Justice Richard Goldstone
NY Times bio of Goldstone
Career bio and interview with Goldstone
1994 (Fall) 'Prosecutor Goldstone Offers Views on War Crimes Tribunal'
Justice Louise Arbour
1997 (Sept. 26) Press conference with Justice Arbour (Holiday Inn, Sarajevo)
Justice Gabrielle Kirk McDonald
Bio in American Lawyer
Francis A. Boyle (International Court of Justice)
Brief bio of Professor Boyle
1995 (Oct. 26) Boyle preparing to sue Great Britain
Excellent site of links on BiH culturicide
1994 (Dec. 28) Commission of Experts Report: 'Destruction of Cultural Property'
1994 (Oct.) U.N. to prosecute culture crimes (Art In America)
1995 (Jan.) Appeal by Bosnian historians
1995 (Jan.) 'To Save a People, Save Their Books'
1995 (April 4) 'Killing Memory', testimony by Andras Riedlmayer before CSCE
Sabre Foundation's Book Program in BiH (with photos)
Bosnian Foreign Policy
Israel and BiH establish diplomatic relations
U.S. Policy-Making
Archive of U.S. policy speeches on Bosnia
'America's Sellout of the Bosnians' (by Marshall Harris and Stephen Walker)
U.S. President Bill Clinton
'Clinton's Debacle In Bosnia' by Marshall Freeman Harris
1994 (Feb. 21) Clinton press-conference on Sarajevo
1995 (July 21) Clinton hails decision for "decisive force"
1997 (Dec. 18) Clinton extends troops' stay (press conference)
Secretary of State Madeleine Albright
1994 (Feb. 14) Albright: "Diplomacy alone won't bring peace in Bosnia"
1997 (May 22) Speech on Bosnia
Russian Policy-Making
'Russia and the Balkan Crisis: An Irrational Love'
1996 (July 17) Moscow accuses War Crimes Tribunal of bias
British Policy-Making
'Britain: Sold on Serbia'
Baroness Margaret Thatcher
1995 (July 14) "Soft Words Won't Do" (speech to House of Lords)
Prime Minster John Major
1995 (July 21) Speech at International Meeting On Bosnia
French Policy-Making
1995 (Jan. 31) France proposes "last chance" peace conference on Bosnia
German Policy-Making
1995 (Dec. 6) Speeches by Chancellor Kohl and Minister Kinkel on German IFOR participation
1996 (Nov.) Greens against impunity for BiH war criminals
German SFOR should actively hunt war criminals
George Kenney
April 23, 1995 article in NY Times Magazine questioning bodycounts
January 8,1996 article in The Nation
April, 1997 article in Living Marxism

Conventions, Fora and Symposia
1995 (Feb. 23) Conference on War Crimes Tribunal
1996 (Mar. 19) Warren Zimmerman and Dr. Bogdan Denitch
Medical and Psycho-Social
Unconquered Bosnia archive of links
Media In the War
Report on the Media in BiH (Dec. 1995-Dec. 1996)
Incitement and Media Responsibility In the Conflicts
Survival Guide for Journalists in Ex-Yugoslavia
'Serbian Media Fertilized the Killing Fields'
Seizure of Bosnian-Herzegovinian Radio/TV Complexes
A letter to the BBC from a former employee
Muslim/Bosnian Press homepage
Oslobodjenje and Sarajevski Svijet (articles)
U.N. announces "Uniform Press Cards"
1994 (March) FR restrictions on HAM radio humanitarian broadcasts
1995 (Oct. 7) Two Turkish journalists detained by BSA
1995 (Nov. 1) Letter to Karadzic seeking reporter David Rohde
1996 (Sept.) Journalist's group denounces press freedom violations
1996 (Oct. 11) TV cameraman attacked by Serbs
1996 (Dec.) Problems for Radio B92
1997 (Jan. 18) Journalists threatened by Mostar gunman
1997 (May) CPJ urges press freedom in Ex-Yugoslavia
1997 (Aug. 23) Srpska Radio-TV's campaign against Plavsic
1997 (Oct.) Status of the Media in Serbia and Croatia
1997 (Oct. 17) Interview with editor of 'Dani'
Serbian Student Demonstrations (Dec. 1996) and Others
1996 (Dec.) Serbian Students 'Internet Revolution' (Wired Magazine)
1996 (Dec.) Interview discusses student demonstrations
1996 (Dec. 18) Students stopped at approach to Dedinje
'Protests in Belgrade and Throughout Yugoslavia 1996/1997'
1997 (Feb. 13) Belgrade, 84th Day of Protest
Assorted Publications Covering the War
Balkan Media & Policy Monitor #17, Vol. 2...1995 (Aug. 31)
Balkan Media & Policy Monitor #38-39, 1996 (July 31)
BOSNEWS digest #268
BOSNEWS digest #269
BOSNEWS digest #270
BOSNEWS digest #272
BOSNEWS digest #273
BOSNEWS digest #274
BOSNEWS digest #275
BOSNEWS digest #277
BOSNEWS digest #279
BOSNEWS digest #280
BOSNEWS digest #281
BOSNEWS digest #282
BOSNEWS digest #283
BOSNEWS digest #284
BOSNEWS digest #285...1995 (May 27)
BOSNEWS digest #336...1995 (July 15)
BOSNEWS digest #358...1995 (Aug. 1)
BOSNEWS digest #364...1995 (Aug. 9)
BOSNEWS digest #367...1995 (Aug. 12)
BOSNEWS digest #424...1995 (July 10)
OMRI...1995 (Mar. 10)
OMRI Daily Digest #142...1995 (July 24)
SAGE DIGEST #402...1995 (oct. 7)
1995 (Dec. 25) Susan Sontag's 'A Lament For Bosnia'
Roger Cohen slams Lord Owen's Balkan Odyssey
Peter Maas: Love Thy Neighbor
Review of Warren Zimmermann's Origins of a Catastrophe
Review of Rezak Hukanovic's Tenth Circle of Hell
Review of Love Thy Neighbor and Slaughterhouse
'The Bridge Betrayed' by Michael Sells (fact-sheet)
Zlata's Diary
David Rieff interview
David Rohde's EndgameAmazon.com reviews
Excerpts from David Rohde's Endgame
Times Literary Supplement: 5 Bosnia books reviewed
Two Reviews of Balkan Tragedy and interview (in Bosanski) with Susan Woodward
Review of Beverly Allen's 'Rape Warfare: The Hidden Genocide'
Excerpt from Alan Fogelquist's 'The Break-up of Yugoslavia'
Ivo Andric: Bosnian Chronicle
Ivo Andric: The Bridge on the Drina
'Of Bogomils, Race, and Ivo Andric' by Michael Sells
'Visegrad, Ivo Andric, and Christoslavism' by Michael Sells
Site on person writing a novel set in Croatia and BiH
Stories From Bosnia (British Embassy short-story competition)
Site on film 'Welcome to Sarajevo'
Film review: 'We Are All Neighbors'
Ademir Kenovic's: 'Perfect Circle'
'Greta Ferusic'
Essay on Emir Kusturica's Politics In the Undeground
'Rape: A Crime of War' (video)
"I am going away from them to regain my strength, while my soul is tearing apart. My head is full of the images of those small faces passing through, their lives destroyed...I go back home. Trying to forget all this. In vain. I cannot sleep. The lives of those children haunt me. destroyed lives...Torn from everything."
(Painter Amira Delic)

Amira Delic
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Sites With Bosnia War Photos
Photos and caption-essays by Gilles Peress
Photos from a Malaysian book on Bosnia
War Child photo tour through 1995 Mostar
Photos by Michelle Sieck-Pandza
Music The 'HELP' album project
A homepage about Bosnian music
War Child homepage
Ernestine Stodelle's Tragica II