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Nuns of Khachoe Ghakyil
Women's Freedom and Spiritual Liberation:
2000 European Tour
Image Gallery

NEW - photos of the nuns by Martin de Valk

Latest additions
See images of the nuns on tour in British Columbia (taken by professional photographer Martin de Valk) in Gallery 4!

Coming soon
More performance pictures from the nuns' 1999 North American tour.

Gallery 1 Photographs of the Khachoe Ghakyil nuns in performance (20)
Gallery 2 How the nuns live:  images of daily life at Khachoe Ghakyil Nunnery (25)
Gallery 3 Black-and-white images of life at the nunnery in Nepal, by Swedish photographer Joakim Eneroth (11)
Gallery 4 Black-and-white shots of the nuns on tour in British Columbia, by Canadian photographer Martin de Valk (11)
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The galleries include "thumbnails" (miniature images) of each of the photographs, with links to larger versions of the image.  This ensures that you can preview each one before opening and downloading the full-sized image.  The image entries are set out like this:



image number

[Short description]

Colour 72 dpi JPEG for Web use (size in KB)

Black-and-white 300 dpi JPEG for printing (size in KB)


Most images are available in the following two formats:

Coloured JPEGs for Web use

Click on the "colour 72 dpi JPEG" link to view the full-sized image.  If you'd like to use it on your website, just click the right-hand button of your mouse and save it to your hard drive.  Of course, you may also save the thumbnail version itself in the same way.   (Note:  these JPEGs are saved at low compression in order to ensure high quality images.  You may wish to resave these at a higher compression level in order to speed download time.)

Black-and-white JPEGs for printing

Most of these images are also available as print-quality 300 dpi JPEGs.  To download, right-mouse-click on the "black-and-white 300 dpi PJEG" link next to the picture you want, and save it to your hard drive.


What about hard copies?

Organizers:  if you require hard copies of these images, please contact Ven. Fran Mohoupt at   Remember, it is expensive to print multiple photographs for each city on the tour.  If you can use the scanned images whenever possible, this will save money - which means more funds for the nuns.  Thanks!

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