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Nuns of Khachoe Ghakyil
Women's Freedom and Spiritual Liberation:
2000 European Tour
Gallery 3
Black-and-white photography
by Joakim Eneroth

Note:   For information on how to download and use these images, please see the Main Gallery page.

ATTENTION!  If these images are published, the photographer requests that you kindly mail him a printed copy of the published material.  I would additionally request that if you use his images on your webpage, you drop Joakim a line by e-mail to let him know where he may view them:

Mr. Joakim Eneroth
c/o Claesson
Tomtebog. 40 (4tr)
11338 Stockholm
Phone +46 - 8321295

Special thanks to Richard Rova and the Zuru Ling Society for allowing me to store these photographs on their site!


3_01.jpg (10034 bytes)
Nun in temple holding stick of incense
3_02.jpg (12042 bytes)
Nun playing gyaling (oboe)
3_03.jpg (13520 bytes)
Nuns making offering in temple
3_04.jpg (10750 bytes)
Portrait of young nun
3_05.jpg (17713 bytes)
Nuns studying texts in classroom
3_06.jpg (15802 bytes)
Nuns in temple, holding meditation texts - photographed from above
3_07.jpg (12142 bytes)
Very young nun being led by hand
3_08.jpg (12735 bytes)
Group of nuns laughing together
3_09.jpg (24585 bytes)
Two very young nuns overlooking field
3_10.jpg (19260 bytes)
Nun praying beneath tree
3_11.jpg (14760 bytes)
Nuns working in nunnery kitchen

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