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Welcome to the Kliq Korner

Hi, and welcome to 2Sweet's Kliq Korner! I have put together this small site which includes brief bios, pics and links to other sites - all about members of The Kliq - that is: Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, HBK, XPac and HHH. Although this site focusses mainly on these five individuals, you will find much more here, like Chyna and Bad @$$ Galleries, links, polls and more.

Updated 16 January 2000

Chris has sent us in some HBK wallpapers - Thanks heaps Chris!!! You can find them here

Having trouble remembering this address? Well - try this one out for size: It's shorter and easier to remember...thanks Tripod!

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The Kliq's first farewell..
The "original" Kliq sayin farewell during WWF days