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So what is, and who are, The Kliq? Plain and simple - a bunch of guys who work together, and are great mates. Originally - the Kliq involved the four men featured here in this website: Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Shawn Michaels, and Paul Levesque (HHH). At the time, all worked in WWF - a bunch of guys hangin out, and beating the c**p outta each other and gettin paid for it!

Mr Levesque

Then the time came when Kevin and Scott decided to move to WCW - Nash for the money, Hall - well - let's say Hall wasnt getting along with WWF managment. On the night of their final performance together, the "boys" broke kayfabe and showed their friendship to all by hugging and hi-fiving after their matches - matches against each other.

Brings a tear to your eye..

Now here's where things get tricky....when Hall and Nash moved to WCW, created the nWo and generally began to wreak havoc, they "adopted" Syxx (Xpac) and became Wolfpac - a group within a group. At the same time, HBK and HHH had DX going, with Chyna and the NAO - Bad Ass and Road Dog. When Syxx got fired and moved to WWF - he went straight to DX: HHH and Shawn.

May '99:
The boys have been through a lot over the years - Scott separating and re-uniting with his family, Shawn undergoing major back surgery and marrying a Nitro girl (Whisper), and all men experiencing the ups and downs of rising fame. Changing storylines have driven these friends apart in the ring, yet when the cameras are off these guys are still friends. The guys are often seen visiting backstage of a Nitro or Raw. The Kilq has changed and evoled over the years..some friends becoming closer, others drifting. I often get canned by others because I haven't included this wrestler or that, but the Kliq is just some work mates who are friends. I don't have special insider information - I have no real idea if Sean Waltman and Paul are still talking after the collapse of DX..... but I like to think so.

The Real Wolfpac

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