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In this section, I will provide a few stats on the guys in, or associated with, the Kliq. There will be no title histories, no long winded accounts of every single moment in their lives - I'm guessing you already know all about these guys anyway! Below is just a short basic bio, with a personal comment thrown in about each wrestler...just for fun!

Previous Angles Nitron, Steel (Master Blasters), Oz (complete with munchkins!), Vinnie Vegas, Diesel - Big Daddy Cool
Height Reports have varied from 6'10" to 7'1...guess it goes by the shoes!
D.O.B 9th July, '59
My Comments To be honest, looking back at his early wrestling days makes me cringe! Oz - a silver spray painted twit complete with munchkins suits Nash as much as a pink tu-tu would suit The Giant! It took him a while to get going with the right angle - but once Kev hit "Big Daddy Cool" country, there was no turning back! One of the best talents today, and now a booker for WCW, Nash has a natural flair for the in WCW entertains as well as Big Sexy!

Previous Angles Starship Coyote, Texas Scott, The Diamond Studd, Razor Ramon
Height 6'7"
D.O.B 20th October, '59
My Comments May '99 - Scott has recently taken some time off to reconcile with his family. But no matter how long he is gone for, Hall always makes a return that is nothing short of fantastic! Fans all around the world wait to hear the familiar "Hey Yo" we all know and love

Previous Angles None - but his real name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom (wonder if "The Hickenbottom Kid" woulda caught on...
Height 6'1"
D.O.B 22nd July '65
My Comments Shawn will probably never wrestle again - according to the doctor's who operated on his injured back at the very start of 1999. But The Kid, I believe, will always reamian in this business for as long as he is breathing...whether it be as The Commisioner, or as the owner/director, I think HBK will be around for some time yet. Shawn has recently opened his own wrestling academy - contact WWF for details

Pervious Angles Hunter Hearst Helmsley (same name - totally different blood type guy..yada yada yada)
Height 6'5"
D.O.B 27th July 69
My Comments The once leader of DX is making his way to the top in his own way - Corporate style. I'm kinda glad the Cororation has joined the Ministry - Hunter looks much better in black!

Previous Angles The Kid, 1-2-3 Kid, Lightening Kid, Syxx
Height 6'0" - the shorty of this lot!
D.O.B July 13th, 1972
My Comments WCW should never have let this guy go!! Sean provides excellent action no matter what company he works for, and his attitude is all fire in the ring! I would love to see him go up against Kidman....

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