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August 16, 1999 Matt proposes to me in the sand on the beaches of Amelia IslandWe went on a family vacation to Amelia Island, which is about 30 minutes Northeast of Jacksonville, Florida. Heather's entire family was there to witness this event. On the third day half the group went golfing while the rest of the group went horse back riding on the beach. The golfers returned early and began the preparations. Matt nervously began drawing in the sand. (His plan to ride up on a horse was foiled) When he had completed his masterpiece the Father of his bride to be suggested he write it bigger. So Heather's Father grabbed a shovel from the house and Matt recreated his masterpiece. Well, the rest of the group finally came back and some of the other family members noticed something suspicious was happening on the beach. Heather's Mother gathered everyone to go down to the beach as Heather's sister Anne tried to cover up what was taking place. When Heather was in view Matt started to get real nervous. Heather's Father had a video camera on the couple the entire time. Matt summoned her down to the beach where he was standing. Heather, being clueless (no, not because she is a blonde) told him to hold on a minute as she was preparing her chair so she could become a savage goddess. Finally Heather approached the water and saw that her soon to be fiancÚ had drawn 'I love you' in the sand. How cute, she thought, wondering why he was making a big deal of that. 'No', he says, 'Stop, you are walking over it' Heather stopped and noticed what he had written in the sand. In shock, she froze as she relaized what was happening and she walked the length of the message before she looked up at Matt, who had now gotten on one knee. He opened the much awaited for box with a beautiful ring that contained diamonds from one of his grandmothers. Through tears, Matt asked Heather to marry him, and without hesitation Heather accepted. The happy couple was then greeted with hugs from all the family members and a champagne toast.

Upon arrival back to Dallas Matt & Heather were lavishly greeted with Matt's entire family. They had signs and banners and streamers galore. Matt's brother Tad had arranged to make an announcement on board to the newly engaged couple before departing the plane. As Matt & Heather departed the plane they were greeted with hugs and congratulations from all the family members. The embarrassed couple walked through the airport with engagement signs on their backs and Heather with a tiara given to her by Matt's youngest niece, Tera.

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