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December 13, 2000.
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Reference Sites


Africa Online: Kids Only: Information about all of the countries of Africa.

The Ancient Olympic Games Virtual Museum: Here you will find information about these contests that are the forefathers of our modern Olympic Games.

the @rt room: Provides art education resources for students & teachers.

Ask Jeeves for Kids: If you don't know the answer to a question, then ask Jeeves!

CIA Kids Page: Gives you some history of the CIA and let you know what it is that they do.

CIA World Factbook: Information and maps of every country in the world!

Consumer Information Center:The United States government sponsored information center.

Department of Treasury Kid's Page: Will help you to learn about U.S. money.

Encyclopedia Titanica: Here you can find out information about the Titanic, complete with diagrams, and info about the passengers and crew members.

50 States and Capital Cities: Find information about our 50 United States.

The History Place: The site contains informative essays, timelines, and photos of important historical events.

Internet Public Library: World newspapers, librarian info, youth & teen sections.

Investing for Kids: This web site is designed by kids for kids. It examines stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the like. It teaches the principles of saving and investing. It also includes a stock game.

Kidd Safety: Consumer Product Safety Commission page for kids will let you find out how to protect you & your family.

MLK Web: A Teachers Guide: An excellent directory of Martin Luther King, Jr. resources including speeches, photos and images, biographies, chronologies, articles, lesson plans, classroom materials, books, videos, audio tapes, tributes, etc..

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Safety City: Has crash test dummies Vince & Larry teaching bike, car, & bus safety.

POTUS: Presidents of the United States: Great information about every president that the United States has ever had!

Smokey Bear's Official Home Page: Has games & activities and will teach you how to prevent forest fires.

Virtual Reference Desk: Reference materials for almost any subject.

WWWebster Dictionary: A web dictionary from Webster to look up the meaning of words. A thesaurus is also included.