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Last updated:
December 13, 2000.
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Valeris' Game Sites

** Easier sites for younger kids **


bonus.com: The Supersite for kids - hundreds of games & activities.

CleverMedia Shockwave Arcade: A whole bunch of fun Shockwave games!

Cyberkids Fun & Games: A collection of fun games! They tell you whether you need javascript or shockwave in order to play.

The Dig Zone: A really fun game!

GalaxyTAG: This game requires a sharp eye and a quick hand, check it out!

Gamecenter: Lots of downloadable games.

GameProWorld: All the newest and hottest demos, reviews, previews, and cheats!

Hangperson Game: A classic word game!

Hit the Dot Game: See how fast you can click your mouse!

Hot Wheels - Kids: Test drive all the latest toys and games from The World's Coolest Car Company!

Kids Domain Online Games: Lots of online games, including some of their own. They are organized by what plug-ins they use - including some that don't use any plug-ins.

Looney Toonsville: Play games and check out WB animation.

Lycos Zone: Fun and games! Also includes homework helpers.

** Nando Toybox: Need "Shockwave" to play these easy games. **

Nickelodeon: Play games and check out your favorite Nickelodeon shows.

Shari's Fun 'n Games - Kids: Assorted free online games for kids on webtv including, tic tac toe, hangman, stories, crafts, mazes, puzzles, learning games and tons more!!

SimCity: Play the Classic SimCity Live on the web, plus a way to share and build other buildings for SimCity 3000.