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Hi , Welcome to my personal page.. I've set up this page so that you can follow my season from training to racing to my golf game... First let me tell you something about myself. I'm 40 years old, I have done triathlons for 6 years always at over 200lbs. The past year (summer of 98) I did not race at all. I started a new job, moved to Indianapolis from Kalamazoo, got married, and basically had no time to train. I have ballooned to 245lbs (I usually race at 210lbs) .I work in retail which means I work allot of weekends which makes racing a little more difficult. I'm starting my training again . This page will let you see my workout schedule and may  give you some tips on training.. Send me any tips you might have. Here we go kicking off the 2000 season.... Good Luck!!!!!!!!


1) get my weight done to 220lbs .2) Run in at least 8 Triathlons. 3) B.H.A.G. Goal, Race in Hawaii.

Last  year (99) was a disaster as far as me getting back into training . I quit my job and went to another major retailer which was a huge mistake.. Working 70 plus hours a week left me no time to train (or keep up this Web Site) . I've since quit that job and am now the General Manager for a major Golf Retailer. This position, even though its stressful, is no comparison to my last job. I've started working out on a regular basis again and because I make the schedule I can schedule myself off so I can  race.  Starting in Jan I'll start posting my workouts along with my weight loss (or gain).. Good Luck and have a Great Year!!!!!  


Another month bites the dust.. Just found my tri log. hopefully going to fill it out next month. Had a good month ran and swam alot. wasn't able to bike as much as I would have liked because of the weather. I'm doing one long swim 30-40 minutes and my favorite workout ( 1X100, 1X200, 1X300, 1X400, 1X300, 1X200,and 1X100) at least each week. Went to florida for the last week of March . Got alot of Running and Golf in.. One of these days I need to buy a bike carrier so I can bring my Bike on the plane. April starts the 2 adays.. Except for my bike my swim and run base a just about there.. Its time to start working out a little more intensely. Entered my first 5 k in over 2 years .. Will be running May 6th at the Indy 500 5k.. Hope to see you there....  


Well January is over .. I did O.K . I didn't keep a log (big mistake) but I did manage to put in a few 3 mile runs in each week and I was able to get in a pool at least twice a week. I'm worked my way up to 600 yards  for my long swim. not bad for not being in the water for 2 years. My swim workouts consist of a long swim followed by sets of 200's for a total between 800 and 1,000 yards. Way below my 2500-3500 I used to do.. I'm taking it slow trying to build my endurance back up. .My goal for February is to get my swim workouts up to 1500yrds, Start doing some longer runs and get on a stationary bike  

February.. Good month for training. Still didn't keep a log but was able to get 3-4 mile runs in 2-4 times per week. Swam 2-3 times per week and rode a stationary bike at least once a week. Swimming is starting to come along.. I'm up to 1,000 yards at a time.. Its now time to start working in some intervals.. probably going to start with 200's on 4:10 or 20.. don't laugh I know that's slow!!! buts its a building phase remember I'm 40 now and heavier than I have ever been.. Which reminds me in the month of Feb. I lost 9 lbs.... How about that!!! I went from 256 on feb1 to 247 on Feb. 29th... Well that's it for Feb.. March goals are to get on a bike at least once a week outside.. Get my swim workouts up to 1500yrds per session. and get some 10k runs in.. Also shoot at least one round in the 70's.. have a great month and keep the letters coming.....  



  If you have some workout ideas lets here them.. write me and let me know what your doing to train this winter.  

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