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What is a Clydesdale Triathlete or Runner?    A Clydesdale Athlete is any runner or triathlete usually over 200lbs(women over 145lbs are called Athena's). Each weight group will be divided into 2 age groups: an open category for those 39 and under and a masters division for those 40 and over.

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Great Lakes Triathlon in Ann Arbor, MI

18 week Marathon Training Program

Mountain Bike Series ads Clydesdale Category 

 Top 10 reasons you know that you've entered a race for real Clydesdales

2000 New England Philly and Clydesdale Results


Wanted Research Participants for Triathlon Study

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Hi my name is Ed and I have been doing triathlons for over 6 years, always racing at over 200lbs. I enjoy doing triathlons and have even placed in a few in my age group category. However I still get frustrated knowing that for the most part I can't keep up with someone who is 50lbs lighter than me. Not all races have a Clydesdale Category. So the purpose of this page is to get you the information on all the Clydesdale races, running as well as triathlons and to get a voice in the racing community. I can't do it myself . I need your help. If you are an event coordinator or a participant that knows of an event with a Clydesdale category email me at   with all the information you can. I also need the results along with a short paragraph and pictures if you want. With your help we can get the Clydesdale category more exposure and hopefully more events will include the division. So I hope you enjoy the web page and please email me with any information or comments you might have.    

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