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Here are a couple of thinks to keep in mind when choosing a running shoe.

1) Choose a shoe with a very durable midsole made of polyurethane. Each step one take running send twice their  body weight through their body. thus, a strong midsole is essential to protection from the pounding of running.

2) Change running shoes often. As soon as you can see your midsole start breaking down or start feeling the road or stones more through your shoes GET A NEW PAIR. Do not try to hang on to the shoes by resurfacing the bottom sole. It's the midsole that give you protection from road shock.  

Here is a list of shoes made for the heavy runner. Just a note I run in Nike Triax, I have not tried any other shoe on this list.  I really like the Triax, however I'm open to opinions and when or if I try any other types I'll be sure to let you know my opinion. the following list is not in any order. If  you would like more information check out March 00 issue of Runners World. Prices are suggested retail.

  1.  Nike Air Durham $100   
  2. Rebook Ventilator DMX $85.00
  3. New Balance 1120 $120.00  
  4. Rebook Boston Road DMX $80.00

 Recommended shoes From '99  

1) Nike Air Tailwind $120.00
2) Nike Air International Triax (mens)/Air Converge Triax (women's) $90.00    
3) Puma Cell Complete Cushion $75.00  
4) Asics Gel-Foundation $80.00
5) Etonic StableAir Pro 4 $85.00
6) Mizuno Wave Foundation $100.00
7) Nike Air Structure Triax $90.00


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