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Points Awarded Break Down
50 points for content 50: Most of the page is original work
30: 1/2 the content is unoriginal
10: very little original content
0: Pirated information
25 points for design 25: Easy navigation and good visual effect
20: Needs a little work but real good
10: OK navigation, ok layout
0: bad navigation, or layout [too many active gifs, confusing background ect
15 points for artistic impression [This is my opinion and this rates the coolness factor, usability in a game ect.]
10 frequent updates 10: Updates at least 1/ month
5: Updates every couple months or so
2: Last update less than 1 year, more than 6 months
0: Last updated page when html was invented

note: I use a T1 connection so I am not as concerned about the download times, but I will note which pages contain a heavy graphics content, which could effect slower download times.

These comments are my own and reflect my tastes. I do not intend to insult anyone. If you do not like what I have said about you site I will be happy to review it again and discus with you the reasons for my ratings I consider any site with more than 60 points a good site that adds to the RPG, anything less than 60 has poor design and pirated content and is probably a waste of bandwidth.

Sites Rated as of Feb 15 `99

Servais Sector is run by Chris Curtis. This page details the Servais sector 1 year after the Battle of Endor, but is also suited for a 'classic era' campaign. If you need a COMPLETELY detailed sector of space, including maps personalities, new ships, various organizations, and everything else this is the place to go. TONS of information about this sector. Enough to run an entire campaign from. Rating 95: Content full 50 there is SO much here about this sector! Design: 25 there is a frames and no frames version, and both have a very easy navigation to them and are well ordered, difficult to do for a site this large. Artistic Impression: 10 the only constructive criticism here is this: There are allot of new ships, and droids that have no physical description. I like to know what something looks like. There could also be a little more artwork to break up the text a little. Updates 10 this page is updated around 1 per month. A must see site!


Smilin Drex Furlows Stockyard Great page. Drex did the art for the Panther YT-1000 s/f, and the pic for the Phoenix.  There are allot of great pics of some stock ships, and some custom ships.  His goal for the page is for GM's to be able to tell their players to go head and pick out any ship on the page and not have to worry about game balance. He takes ship requests, and does fantastic work.  Updates about every month.  I have done a few of the stats for some of his ships. Easy to use interface, well laid out page.  This is good if you are sick of frames and fancy graphics that slow up download times. Check it out. Rating 95: Content: The full 50; Design: 25 simple easy to navigate no distracting frills; Artistic Impression: 15 the site is full of awesome pics of many different ships great art work; Updates: 5 [lost 5 points here from last time as the page has not been updated in almost 2 months. Overall down 5 from last time.

Star Wars Supplement Resource Center This page is run by Nealos, It is a fantastic page with lots of information, and many supplements suitable for publishing. This is a must see site! Rating 100: Content: I would give him 100 points for content alone, almost everything is all original Nealos puts allot of effort into the content and most of it is suitable for publishing; Design: 25 easy to navigate, he has a hi and low resolution versions of his page. Artistic Impression: I have to give him 14.5 I deduct 1/2 point only for the lack of other graphics. Updates: 10 Nealos updates fairly regularly, check back 1/ month for new stuff!

SW-RPG Mailing List Home Page. You can find the SW-RPG mailing list here, as well as the resource pool. If you play the SW RPG, then this page and the mailing list are a must. Allot of web pages rip off and republish what is originally on this page, but this is the source.  The FTP site attacked to the list is a little difficult to navigate, and you have to do some digging to get any information, but it is well worth the effort.  I've never seen an update on this page, so the content stays pretty much the same. Rating 73: Content: 45 This is the home of the resource pool, it has lots of stuff that allot of people like to copy and post to thier page most of it is in plain text format, I feel some of the stats are rather foolish, or over powered; but there are some real gems in here. Design: 18 it has the OLD star field and yellow text YUCK, but it is easy to navigate and is not complicated. Artistic Impression 10 I am tired of the starfield and yellow text background but if you play the SW RPG the mailing list is a must. Updates: 0 I have not seen an update in a long time

Star Wars: The 3D Modeling Alliance Two words: EYE CANDY.  This site has some of the best SW 3D renderings in existence. The site is easy to navigate, and well laid out.  Some of the images take awhile to download, but it is well worth it!! You have to go here if you haven't already been there. Rating 99: Content: 50 this page has beautiful 3d rendered art, movies ect. No RPG stats Design: 24 the navigation is real easy but the web master needs to put a navigation bar on the bottom of the pictures. Artistic Impression: 15 awesome Updates: 10 about 1 per month. Lots of art longer download times.

 Role Playing Games.Net This is one of the RPG clubs I belong to.  I play a spec forces pilot named "Jade"  in the 'Thrawn Campaign' check it out.  The games usually fill up soon, but it's a great way to play.  It is in message board format so all of the players don't have to be on at the same time. Rating: It is hard to rate this site with my above format due to the 'unique' nature of the site. It is a great site to use to play the RPG if you don't have anyone in the area or you just want another creative outlet.

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