Age: The character receives 2 character points for each year of age over 18 up to age 23; and 1 character point per year after the 23rd.  These bonus points can be spent to increase skills or ability scores as per standard rules.

Each character also receives 1d bonus to their ability scores, or 6 character points, this bonus can be used to exceed racial starting maximums. This reflects the heroic nature of the PC, it is part of what sets them apart from the rest of the populace. We use the following Advantages & disadvantages chart. A character may spend up to 5 of his initial character points to purchase advantages, more if disadvantages are selected. 1 force point is awarded for each full typed page of character background

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SHIPS: A character may select 3 minor modifications, i.e. +1 pip or 1 space move, or 1 major modification to his ship as part of the initial character creation. GM has final say over what major and minor are. Must include background information of at least 1 paragraph justifying the modification or it can not be taken.

DAMAGE: For every 5 points rolled above the number needed to hit +1 is added to the damage roll by the attacker.LEAVING THE EMPIRE:

These rule apply if the player in question was an elite member of the Empire, this includes all storm troopers of any kind. They suffer traumatic flashbacks from time to time and feel guilty for leaving. [No game effects as long as the player role play's effectively] Until they are mentally healed [great role playing opportunities here] they suffer -3D to all skills applied against their former unit type. I.e.: Ex storm trooper fighting other storm troopers. ect.

They suffer -1D to all skills applied against the Empire that are not members of the type of unit they once served in.  Until they are mentally healed, they suffer nightmares almost every night [no game effects, if role played]. They suffer these above conditions because of the severe brainwashing they receive in the special forces of the empire, the character must struggle with in their self to over come these feelings. This also off sets the advanced training that they receive. As the Imperials in my campaign are  more powerful than in the standard rules.



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