The original was designed by: Mark Hudson, modified to fit my game
Name Points   Effect
Acting Ability  1,2,3  +1/Point charm skills
Acute Hearing  2 +1D PER, Search/Conceal, Sneak
Acute Smell  1  +1D PER
Acute Taste  +1D PER
Acute Touch  +1D PER, Pickpocket, Sleight of Hand, Lock pick
Acute Vision  +1D PER; +5 long range shots,+1D Search
Ambidexterity  2 no off hand penalty
Animal Friendship  +1D Animal Handling, Beast Riding
Artistic Ability  +1D Forgery
Athletic Ability  1,2,3  +1/Point STR skills (but NOT vs. Damage)
Attractive Appearance  1,2,3  +1/Point Bargain, Con, Command, Seduction
Bilingual Background  +1D Alien Races, Cultures, Languages
Blandness  +1D Con, Stealth
Computer Aptitude  1,2,3  +1/Point Comp/Droid Prog. & Repair, Security Systems
Contacts  1,2,3  +1/Point Culture, Streetwise; contact owes character favors (1/Point)
Dual Identity  2  two sets of complete identification
Demolition's aptitude  1  gets a +1D when fiddling with explosives or detecting them
Education  2,3,4  +1/(Point-1) KNO OR TEC skills
Eye hand Coordination  2,3,4  +1/(Point-1) Weapon skills, Lock pick, Pickpocket, Zero-G, Star ship Piloting, Gunnery and Vehicle Operation
Fearlessness  2  +1D Command, Con, Bargain, Seduction
Internal Compass  Easy PER roll to find direction
Language Ability  1  +1D Languages
Less sleep  2  character requires only 5 hours of sleep per 24 hr period
Light Sleeper  2  roll Combat Surprise while sleeping
Martial Prowess  2 the character has a +1D bonus when using Brawling, or Martial Arts
Mechanical Aptitude  1,2,3  +1/Point repair skills
Musical Ability  +1D musical skills
Natural Lie Detector  1,2,3  +1/Point Bargain, Con, Gambling
Natural Resistance: Cold  +1D STR, Stamina to Cold
Nat. Res.: Disease  +1D STR, Stamina to Disease
Nat. Res.: Electricity  2  +1D STR, Stamina to Electricity
Nat. Res.: Poison/Drugs  +1D STR, Stamina to Poison & Drugs
Nat. Res.: Radiation  +1D STR, Stamina to Radiation
Night Vision  2  no minus for partial dark, +1D Sneak
Obscure Knowledge  1  +1D in area
Observation  1,2,3  +1/Point PER skills
Photographic Memory  +7 on recall rolls
Presence  1,2,3  +1/Point Bargain, Command, Con, Bureaucracy, Seduction
Spatial Awareness  1,2,3  +1/Point MEC skills
Ship ownership  2 Choose a light freighter, or fighter. Invent story of how it was acquired. Needs GM approval
6th Sense  1,2,3  +1/Point PER, Search/Conceal, Stealth, Surprise
Springy  3  the character has a +1D bonus when using the skill Jumping, or full dodging.
Subculture & Jargon  1  +1D Streetwise, Cultures, Bureaucracy in chosen area of expertise
Trivia buff  2  the character has a +1D bonus on all rolls regarding specific area - info on Jedi knights, Star fighters, and so on.
Toughness  1,2,3  +1/Point on STR rolls vs. Damage
Wealth  2,3,4,5,6  2: 10,000 creds; 3: $25,000; 4: $50,000; 5: 75,000; 6:100,000
Bonus ability scores  2/+1 pip  +1 pip/ 2 CP
Cybernetic Implant  2,3,4  2: 1 enhancement [minor]; 3: 1 minor or 1 major; 4: 3 minor or 2 major (gm’s approval on what is Major and what is minor, common sense applies)
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Name  Points  Effect
Albino  1
Allergies  1,3  -1D STR skills for resistance
Bad Liar  -1D Bargain, Command, Con, Gambling
Clumsiness  1,2,3  -1/Point DEX skills
Color Blind  -1D Stealth, Search/Conceal
Cowardice  -1D Bargain, Command, Con, Seduction
Curiosity  2
Deep Sleeper  2  will be perpetually attacked at night
Dependent  1,2,3  your dear old Aunt May who needs looking after
Debt  1,2,3  1: 10,000 creds; 2: $25,000; 3: $50,000
Easily Intoxicated  1  -1D stamina when drinking
Ego Signature  2
Gambling  2
Greed  3
Hatred of Authority  2
Hearing Impairment  1,2,3  -1/Point PER, Stealth
Hunted  2,3,4  the higher the Points the greater the resources of the hunter
ID Trouble  3  PC has NO identification of any kind
Illiterate  2  -1D KNO skills
Imperial Record  1 wanted (but not specifically hunted) for a minor offense
Implant Resistant  1 Someone with this disadvantage cannot have implants of any kind. There may also be complications with certain surgical procedures
Phobia  1-3  Specific thing, Enclosed places…
Mood Swings  2
Moral Qualms  2   against killing, that sort of thing, code
Night Blindness  -1D vision based skills at night
Overweight  1,2,3  -1/Point STR skills
Paranoia  1,3
Psychological Limitation  1,2,3  catch all category
Religion  2
Short-winded  1,2,3  -1/Point STR damage rolls
psychopathic  1,3
Susceptible. To Disease  -1D resistance
Traumatic Flashbacks  2,3
Unattractive Appearance  1,2,3  -1/Point Bargain, Command, Con, Seduction
Uncouth  2  -1D Bargain, Command, Con
Unmistakable Feature/s  1 scars, tattoos, etc.
Vision Impairment  1,2,4  1: requires corrective lenses 
2: partial, -1D ranged weapons, search 

4: total blindness, no vision skills

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