Tevors Log

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Chapter One- The Escape
I woke up with sever stomac pains. I was drenched in sweat, and my voice was hoarse from screaming. I vuagly remember the 'dream' My whole familly died in a fier explosion. Feeling very uneasy I took a sonic shower and went about doing my sword forms. I counldn't shake the feeling something was horribly wrong. I tried to contact my father a Senetor in the Galactic Senete who represented Alderaan. I used a 'trick I know to make the call on the holonet. All channels and communications from Alderaan were unavailable. Weird. I tried for the next week to contact them, but I could not get through. Later on the ISD Muarader, where I was stationed as a communications and network officer I heard the news.

'The Glorius Empire has been handed a marvoulus victory over the rebelious plannet of Alderaan, which was aiding the filthy rebel allience. The planet was utterly destroyed by the Death Star, which is fully operational. One of the ring leaaders of the rebel scum was also captured and reveled the location of the main rebel base after questioning. We awite our glorius victory over these dissedents. All praise to our gloriuos Emporer.'

I couldn't move. I couldn't cry. Something died in me that day. The Empire that I served as a boy then as a elite trooper in the Biker Scout division, then as a communications liason betrayed me. Betrayed my familly. Killed my familly. My Lord, MY emporer KILLED my familly. Killed me. I felt a rage that I never knew existed. I was fire, liquid plasma waiting for an explosion... I couldn't find a realese, I could not find that center of clam amid the firestorm of hatred, and burning rage in my head. I had to strike back but how?

Later that fatefull night i had an idea. I puled duty from variuos aquintences for the next few weeks, to get at all of the critical systems of the ISD. I have always been good with computers, I just understand what to do, when working with them, I always have. I put in back doors into most of the major systems of the ship. I stayed up for alost a week straight writed the virus I named 'Retrobution.'

I also contacted my best fried Miec Awksre. I had changed the personnel records in the main imperial database to change the planet or my origian. I did this for Miec as well. I arranged for him to be transfered to the ISD Muarueder. Amazingly enough I managed to find Io Ganymed, the older brother of one of our other friends. I arranged for a docking permit for his ship to board the ISD. When everyone arrived, we discussed recent news, and I informed my friends about the fate of our home world. We all agreed on a course of revenge against the empire, but we were loath to join the Rebel Allience. We wanted freedom to fight the Empire the way we saw fit, and not some other commander, and beides, NO storm trooper ever leaves the Emporer. The Alliance would always be suspicuos of us, so we decided to wage a private war against the Empire.

I released the "Retrubution" virus, that night. Fow weeks I pulled extra duty, and worked a worm into the ISD. I worked on every major system on that ship. Then when were were ready we boarded Io's ship the 'Phoenix' and took off. We stayed in system for s hour then with out warning the ISD Muarader jumped into hyper space, stranding several TIE fighters is deep space. While in hyperspace, all navigational controls were looked out, and the only image on ony monitor and holo viewer was an image of Alderann. The communications array was unresponsive. Then 1/2 hour into the transit the hyperdrive saftey was disabled. Warrning claxons went off all over the ship. But they had no time. The partical shields were raised at 200% power, allowing no ship to exit the ISD. Then 45 seconds after the safties were disabled the Imperial Star Destroyer 'Muarader' exited hyperspace. Into the gravity well of a nearby star. They were too cloose for the sublight engines to engage. The hyperspace safties were then reenabled, and the ship was unable to jump to light speed, due to the clooseness of a gravitational body. The ship did not last long, and all hands were lost, due to a 'Unexplained hyperdrive failure.'

Chapter Two -Pirates
We then travelled to the Merik system. Where I had arranged for some equipment to be delivered. I am Miec had not been sleeping well, hardly at all. The night mares were, are horrible. I hear the emporer in my head I feel his pain of my betrayal to him, I wake up screaming every night. Miec is worse off than me I think.

When we got to the Merik system we found out that the freighter caring our equipment was high jacked about 30 minutes before they arrived. We check in with the systems base and got the hyperspace vector of the pirates ship. We followed it to another system, where we found debris from a recent battle, It turned out that just recently a new Imperial outpost was constructed, the pirates did not know this and they were attacked, the pirates destroyed 6 of the bases 12 tie fighters, and we had missed the show by about 2 hours. After flashing my forged ID forged ID's we got the hyperspace coordinates from the Imperials, who did not have enough man power to follow the pirates, and set out to follow the pirates to thier home base.

Stopped here!!!

They entered the system undetected, and landed on the planet, at distance about 5 km from the pirate base. Miec in his storm commando armor, took the lead to scout out the base while the others followed. He just took off running as soon as the hatch opened Miec took out a sentry on a guard tower who fell out of the tower landed on his feet and started to run{ the dude rolled 2d for his dex, being only 'wounded' and rolled 4   6's on his wild die!}
    Miec shot him before he could raise alarm but with 2 blaster shots, the base was alerted. Miec through a grenade at the fence and started sneaking around the perimeter sniping targets while there was utter chaos at the base.  Meanwhile the rest of the group were found by a sentry, in the woods, and he managed to get a call into the base that he was under attack before Io took him out. Then they ran into a couple of speeder bikes, Tevor took a flare [extremely bright one] and 2 spare blaster power packs and linked them so they would explode, he ran with the flare, dropped it, and the homemade bomb, and started shooting, the n hid in the woods, the scouts came to investigate, and both their bikes were destroyed in the explosion, and one of the scouts was killed, the other was cut down by the rest of the group. Sslurn was wounded in the exchange.

    They then went to the other side of the base and started taking out the pirates. Tevor swam trough a opening in the fence where a stream came through. Making his way towards the pirates ship. While Miec was taking out a at-pt. They have managed to take out 1/3 of the pirates so for, but they are starting to have too many close calls in the woods, and their luck may not hold out much longer...............

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