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Enlightenment Questions - Question From Kong KC

Subject: Buddhist MonkHood
Question: Why are you not a Buddhist Monk or have affiliation with some Buddhist Group ? Do you recommend the current Buddhist Monkhood way of life & practice ? Which lineage do you recommend - Taiwanese Mahayana, Tibetan Buddhism, Thai Hinayana, Japanese/Korean Zen, etc ?

Subject: ETs & Practices for Enlightenment
1. About Buddhas / Jesus:
Some New Age Philosophy says that Enlightened Beings like Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ are actually ETs or Aliens of Higher Vibrational Frequency Beings. They come from other Stars System outside of our own Solar System. Is this true ?
2. Where do all the UFOs come from & their purpose in visiting Earth ?
3. What practices/methods do you teach to accelerate your followers towards Enlightenment ? Do you have a Center in Singapore teaching your methods ?
5. When will you next come to Singapore ?

Dear Kong KC,

I have not found any merits in the current Buddhism.That's why I do not have any particular interests in it or in its teachings. Moreover I have not met any kinds of Buddhism which convey Buddha's teachings as they really are. Therefore I am reluctant to define how they contribute to human societies. If you intend to do something to bless yourself and others through your life you are welcomed to contact us anytime. Then I may give you all the answers to what you are wondering.
Because the levels of consciouness of Buddha and Jesus were beyond those of humans they could see lots of things that humans were not able to realise or see. And they tried to teach people what they had realised. However I could not find any of ground that they came from the other space. We can divide into a few dimensions that consciouness can stay and I am sure they came from the different dimension where are 3-4 higher than the ordinary people'.

answer continued
about UFO

I find that this is not right time to answer to this question.
In order to answer I need a very accurate question. However I have not found any concrete proof of the appearance of UFO or of controller for it. I have met people who claimed that they had seen UFO but their words were verified as falsehood in the process of confirmation.
What I teach for my members for the first step is the principle of how the world has been determined. Secondly I am trying to let them know how the world is operated. I say that if people become to understand these two anybody will be able to attain enlightenment.
Even though I have been to Singapore I have not met anyone who I could converse.