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Enlightenment Questions - Question From J Van Aardt

Oh most honourable Enlightened One, I greet you humbly and with awe.
I have read your article on your webpage and I wish with all my heart that it could be possible to meet you. However, I know that that is only my dream and desire, but I have no means of making it a reality. Furthermore, I am not worthy of being in such high company. Since you said I may ask questions from you, I have one. My question is: How do I know whether I am where I am supposed to be ? Am I on the right path ? How can I become happy ? Why must I have such enormous problems?
Please explain to me, oh High One, why this is so. I await your answer with anticipation and eagerness.
My humble greetings

Julienne Van Aardt

Dear Julienne,

It is not difficult at all for you to know what you want to.When you solve all of your problems all of the answers exist in those very problems. The most urgent thing is that you have to know how and through what problems you will be able to obtain what you want. The things such as idealism, wish or pray will not be helpful to your life. The reality determines everything in its problem. But it is not easy for anybody to realise the reality. That's why you need to confirm this.