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Message from the Webmaster

Dear Members,

As you can see this website does not sell anything (unlike every other spiritual site on the internet which sells books, tapes , courses is now selling trampolines on its front page !) we don't even ask for donations and will never do so, Its the only spiritual website on the internet not to be commercialised. When you come here you find truth and free teachings, nobody will try to sell you something or advertise anything to you.

(written as the time Tathagata was alive so please excuse grammar)

Tathagata is truly an enlightened being, therefore his motivation for teaching is not financial, it's his duty to teach what he can see, this is the proof of his enlightenment.

At present I am running this website by myself and as you can understand it's extremely hard to compete with those that "sell" religion or sell books, tapes or courses and have money to invest in SEO or to pay for employees to do the work.

So if you would like to help in anyway then you could do so by helping to spread Tathagata's teachings and introduce others to his Enlightenment by helping to promote this website.

You can do this by joining social bookmark sites, or you may already have an account with one of the many social bookmark sites such as stumbleupon, digg, furl,, newsvine, technorati, google bookmarks, yahoo, aol, ask, digg, reddit and many others. There you can add each corresponding article or page to the social bookmark site, the more people that add the article then the more that article will be found by users of that bookmark site.

You can also promote this website by finding other places on the internet that may be interested and then leaving a link to this website, or you may have some websites or webspace of your own such as a blog or a myspace or facebook page where you can leave some links to Tathagata's teachings.

Or you can find forum and blog websites with main themes / keywords such as enlightenment, karma, the end of the world, eschatology, spirituality, wisdom, destiny, life, or truth, or find a directory where you can submit the website to.

You just search in Google for one of these main keywords plus 'forum' or 'blog', Karma forum... enlightenment blog...wisdom forum etc..

You can leave postings in forums and blogs leaving a link to one of Master Tathagata's teachings or articles which relates to that particular forum / blog.

If you leave links in forums then you can use the main titles as the hyperlink.. eg What is Karma ? , What is Destiny ?, Enlightenment

Eg. Search for Enlightenment "Submit link"...karma "suggest URL"...destiny "add site" etc...
Then you go through the search results and find relevant websites that may list this website as a good resource for its visitors, and you submit the relevant details.

Your contribution in this way would be greatly appreciated as it would help the website to be more popular in search engines results pages, thereby making it easier for others to find the teachings of the true enlightened being. It would be great to be first for enlightenment.

Please give just 30 minutes per week to help spread the teachings of the Maitreya Buddha.

Thank You
P. Iddon / Webmaster