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Photos & Videos
Updated 10/03/15

Lunar Eclipse BBQ and Bonfire...09/27/15

Click here to watch John Likakis'  time lapse video of the Lunar Eclipse!


Monthly "Second Saturday" Burger Burn Event

Ron cooking burning the burgers at our  monthly summer
"Burger Burn" event...7/9/11

Roland gave free rides in his homebuilt at the "Burger Burn" event
Watch our club videos on Youtube...account name is BennSportflyingClub

Roland takeoff

Roland landing

A beautiful summer day at the clubhouse...7/9/11

Ron's aircraft getting the royal treatment...7/9/11

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Steve Woods arriving at Bennington Morse State Airport in his new Vector (LSA)

 Gorgeous plexiglass fuselage

Rob Waldorf on final approach at
Delaware County Airport, Ohio  

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BSFC now has videos posted on Youtube!

Experience a ride with Roland Smith in his Zenith CH701 homebuilt !!


landing panning

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Club meeting 3/12/08 at the clubhouse

Club meeting at Leik's place 2/13/08

Rob Waldorf flying IFR in his trusty Piper Archer

The Vermont Civil Air Patrol visited us on 3/11/06
and arrived in their brand new Cessna 182!

Here's the "Glass Cockpit" of the CAP's new Cessna 182


Chris Cranston and his cool trike.

Flying into the sunset on a calm evening at Bennington, VT

Leik awaiting a glider flight from Bennington

Glider being towed

Enjoying the ride!

Bennington airport as viewed from a paraplane

Another view from paraplane

Paraplane scenic ride

Bennington Fly-in

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