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The Stan Kirsch Moment



By Lyria Wollich

On the first day of the con - Friday afternoon Jan and I decided to stop into the Meet Stan Kirsch event that was scheduled since due to our busy workload we missed his earlier Q&A. 

By the time we arrived at the dealer area, we were surprised to see at least 75 to a hundred people in line, waiting to get into the room.  Seeing Andrew and Bob, we stopped by to chat with them, figuring it was way too crowded and busy and we would never get in.  We found out that they had only expected a small group of people, perhaps 45 to 75 and ended up with over 200!  The room that had been set aside was WAY too small.  In a change of plan, they made plans to relocate Stan and his fans...

Moments later, while I was chatting with Maureen Russell, a smiling Stan walked by being followed by this huge entourage of women. The sight was truly incredible, Stan at the front being trailed by 200 women.  Not able to resist I called out to Stan - "Hey look, it's the Pied Piper of Hamilin!"  Stan turned back towards us and had on a 1000 kilowatt smile on his face.  Maureen stood up on her chair and began to clap and cheer. It was truly a moment to remember.  Tell me when the last time was that you saw a man being followed by that many women?  LOL!

To find out more about Stan visit his website at www.stankirsch.com.


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