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The signing moment in pictures...

Adrian patiently turns the picture

Ok, what was your name again?

Lyria? I know that name...

Adrian dutifully signs the picture

Ah, Marvelioso!


The Adrian Paul Moment

By Lyria Wollich

Adrian had a wonderful smile on his face and looked even younger than he did at G-5 - if that's possible. He signed my Croatian friend Elizabeth's book  and then I walked up to the table. 

Now mind you, I was running on about 4 hours of sleep a night and due to the HEAVY smog in LA, my voice was already going and had been reduced to a scratchy baritone. Adrian looked up for a moment and said "Hi", and then patiently rotated my photo of him which I had placed BACKWARDS on to the table. I asked him how he was and he said "good, and how about yourself?" I grinned and said "tired, to be quite honest." and he smiled back. 

Since somewhere during the trip to see him I had lost the sticky note that had my name on it, poor Adrian had to lean to read my badge which read Lyria - Highlander Fan Central. As he read my name out loud, I saw a puzzled expression cross his face - hmm, where have I heard that name before? He leaned again and read the Highlander Fan Central part. I jumped in and explained "We did an interview with you last year, a year to the day actually. You called my house..." That's when Adrian's face got a wry look and big smile broke out as the name and the face connected,  "I guess I did, didn't I?" He stated impishly as he signed the picture and I said, How've you been? "Good." he replied. 

"I guess we'll have to look you up again very soon." I said, and he replied "Yes! for Tracker." and he reached out to shake my hand with just this to die for smile. Now trust me in this, that you always want to have your best foot forward in these situations and I obviously was not doing so well in that regard, but luckily Adrian is a fantastic guy and never once made me feel like the dunce that I was that morning. Lack of sleep will do that to you:)  Luckily I was able to put my best foot forward at the Gala and apologized for being brain dead that morning. He just smiled with that "that's ok" grin of his and I felt much better.  Did I say that he was a really nice guy???

To find out more about Adrian, go to his interview, his bio or check out the website for his new show "Tracker." which premieres this October (2001). Apart from being just and Actor, Director, Dancer... the list goes on, Adrian is a very passionate and dedicated man - which shows primarily through his efforts on behalf of the Peace Fund and the School Makes a Difference Program.  Helping others is something he enjoys and does so well. Please remember to donate something to the Fund - as Adrian told me "every little bit helps." To find out more about the Adrian Paul and the Peace Fund please visit Adrian Paul's Celebrity Boulevard Web Site



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