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The Anthony DeLongis Moment

By Lyria Wollich

 During the night of the Gala, after Jim had finished his wonderful set - *sigh*- Braun and I headed for the bar where Jan joined us a few minutes later.  Rapt in conversation, I didn't notice as Anthony walked up with his beautiful companion Mary Galien.  A few moments later I noticed a hand holding a flask appeared over Braun's shoulder. Braun didn't even move a muscle. Non-plussed and not to be ignored, Anthony then shifted the flask to on top of Braun's head and began to shift it around. I saw Braun's hand reach for his beer bottle in a way that said - "I'm going to brain this guy" and I began to giggle.

The antics got even better, when Braun decided to play along with him and it was like watching one of their staged sword battles, sans the weapons.  The crowd was in stitches.  

A few moments later, Anthony finally sat down and picked up the pair of shoes that Jan had worn to the gala which were a really beautiful white, gold and silver.  He put them up to his chest and with a feigned girlish lisp  said, "Ooh look, Cinderella shoes!  I picked them especially cause they go so well with my hair and my dress and my makeup."  Well by now the already riotous group were in tears with laughter.  Even Braun had to chuckle.  It was fabulous!  It's sometimes easy to forget that these wonderful swords masters are actors too, and boy when they lay on the charm, there is no holding back. A truly wonderful moment I will always remember.


If you want to find out more about Anthony DeLongis, look for his interview and Swords master page or visit his website .

Also be sure to check out F.Braun McAsh's New site. It's packed with all sorts of great information about Braun and his work!

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