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The Contessa Moment

By Lyria Wollich

During most of the con it was impossible to escape the sheer wonderful presence of Lizzy's friend The Contessa.  

She was always a pleasure to talk to and had a ready smile for everyone. One of the great moments of the con was when I ran into the Contessa as she was standing by the elevators waiting to go down from the dealers area to the ground floor. In her hands she had a heavy cardboard cylinder.  As I always did when we crossed paths I greeted her in Italian and asked how things were going. She usually would smile and say with a very happy tone. "Wonderful!"

But his time, a wicked smile crossed her face and she opened the cylinder and proceeded to show me that inside of that tube was a very beautiful katana.  "I have a sword this time." she pronounced to me and the other lady that had walked in to the area. I turned around instantly and with a big grin on my face I said "I'm outta here!" Turning back to her I said, "There's nothing worse than a mad Italian woman with a sword!" We both had a good laugh at that one.  I can see why Lizzy adores this lovely lady. She is truly a treasure!

Look for more info on Liz and the Contessa at Elizabeth's web site at www. elizabethgracen.org


To find out more about Stan visit his website at www.stankirsch.com.


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