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Welcome visitors 2024 to this my nuke web site in nine parts.  

Nuclear bombs never exploded 1945! They were just Fake News och propaganda to end World War 2! The bluff worked fine then and today! But according to US President Truman 1945 it was legal to kill civilians that happened to be in the way, etc.

The so called, secret Manhattan Project 1942/5 by Oppenheimer & Co. simply failed and it was decided to fake it, i.e. a hoax! Stalin later copied the concept 1945+, which was finished by VV Putin at Dresden , East Germany, 1990.

Russian president VV Putin uses the hoax/bluff 2024 to protect Russia against foreign invasions by the US and its allies and to peacefully make Russia the richest country in the world again.

Vladimir Putin is the greatest peace maker the world has seen lying/killing about his nukes. He learnt his trade at Dresden, Germany 1985/90, where he built fake Sovjet nukes using fake uranium from Erzgebirge. All Saxons loved Putin then. He liberated them from communism!


Latest amazing news late 2023 were thus:

The second Meeting of States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was held from 27 November to 1 December 2023 at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

United States, the Russian Federation, Sweden, etc, didn't attend!

The attending parties, mostly nonsense countries and NGOs, declared as usual, i.a:

8. Nuclear risks are being exacerbated in particular by the continued and increasing salience of and emphasis on nuclear weapons in military postures and doctrines, coupled with the on-going qualitative modernization and quantitative increases in nuclear arsenals, and the heightening of tensions. We cannot stand idly by while signs indicate that humanity is moving closer to global nuclear catastrophe at this dangerous inflection point.

That former US secretary of State, Dr. Henry Kissinger died at age 100 on 29 November 2023 during the meeting wasn't noted!

Kissinger was known as top nuke advisor to 12 US Presidents including JFK 1970 to Biden 2022 having 1957 written his book: "Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy" about appeasement or military violence incl. nuclear attacks.

Kissinger was the inventor of the small "tactical" nuclear wepons against enemies of all kind in lieu of solid multi-TNT-tons Hiroshima/Nagasaki type bombs to wipe out complete cities, but always recommended napalm carpet bombings of Vietnam, Cambodgia, Laos, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria in lieu of serious nuclear attacks.

Kissinger had committed many war crimes, genocides and crimes against humanity during his long life, so he was better forgotten at the meeting.

Kissinger actually knew starting in the 1950's that nuclear weapons were a hoax since 1945 that couldn't explode and harm anyone! In my opinion he was an ass-hole that didn't say so!

The Secretary General of the United Nations however still believes Nuclear Weapons can explode.


It seems he cannot or hasn't read below: 

Two atomic bombs had exploded over Japan

In August 1945 the world was told by radio and newspaper media that two atomic bombs had exploded over Japan and destroyed in big FLASHES lasting seconds only two towns there immediately killing 100.000's of innocent Japanese civilians and that it was a good (!?) thing, as world war two came suddenly to an end. No more wars! No more killings!


We were also told that some German physicians had discovered fission in the late 1930's and that Nobel price physics winner Albert Einstein had told US president FD Roosevelt that fission could be used in a bomb to destroy a complete town and that FDR had personally decided to secretly spend USD two billions 1940/5 to build two such bombs at Los Alamos, New Mexico assisted by Nobel price physics winner Niels Bohr of Copenhagen and 100's of other experts! Imagine that! It was :

The Manhattan Project! It employed nearly 130,000 people!! It cost nearly US$2 billion (equivalent to about $24 billion in 2021)!!! Imagine that!!

Research and production took secretly place at more than 30 sites across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada!!! It was all secret. Top secret. Only a handful of people like FDR, Einstein and Bohr knew what was going on!

The project led to the development of two types of atomic bombs! Neither type could explode! My mother once asked Mr. Bohr why. He didn't know!

Bohr had early 1900's studied atoms and found that they consisted of a core of positively charged protons and neutrons of no charge and with negatively charged electrons orbiting it, etc, and won the 1922 Nobel price physics for it.

The atomic bombs had then secretly July 1945 been transported to an island outside Japan and loaded into two airplanes piloted by brave Americans that dropped the bombs on Japan, i.e. two towns there killing 100.000's of innocent Japanese civilians!

Each explosion occured/was ignited, when two "critical masses" - a few kilograms of Uranium or Plutonium metal - were suddenly compressed to double density and POUFF became "pure hot energy" that destroyed the cities in FLASHES observed by "lucky survivors"!

Actually it never happened! It was FAKE NEWS! It was complete nonsense. Today 2024 there are two types of physics about it! Atomic physics and nuclear physics all handled byb two types physicists, neither of which can explain how to ignite an atomic or nuclear bomb!

I describe the biggest ever nuke hoax below:


But let's not forget L.P Beria ! 

Beria oversaw the Soviet atomic bomb project 1945/9, which Stalin gave absolute priority to, and the Sovjet nuke project was completed in under five years. Imagine that!! It was a copy of the FDR Manhattan Project!! Beria had previously organized the Stalin meetings with FDR at Teheran and Yalta 1944 and the Stalin meeting with Truman at Potsdam 1945!

Actually the Stalin/Beria atomic bomb project never happened either! Stalin 1945/9, like FDR 1942/5, faked it too! FDR used Oppenheimer (an actor) and Stalin used Beria (a mass murderer).

I describe the biggest ever nuke hoaxes below:




But let's start with some real good news 2024!

Nuclear weapons, nukes, are just nonsense propaganda since 1945!

But here are some really sad news!

Oppenheimer is a movie 2023 about the clowns that faked the atomic bombs 1942/5/9.

The film-maker, writer, director 2023 was Christopher Nolan!

He didn't understand (?) or was paid (??) to promote the lies that atomic bombs exploded 1945 and that Oppenheimer was just a big Hollywood actor in a show to quickly end World War II!

Nolan missed the chance of his life 2023 to show how the world was fooled 1945. Oppenheimer was just an actor to play in a show how he made the a-bomb! And Christopher Nolan is 2024 paid to promote the 1945 show lies! The film got seven Oscars! What a comedy!!

We are really living in a crazy world 2024!

The show just goes on!


How do I know this? I, like you, was as a child 70 years ago told at school that nuclear weapons killed mostly civilian people 1945.

Examples are Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, 1945, with no military soldiers or workers! Two US made atomic/nuclear bombs were dropped on the towns! The towns and many of their inhabitants, mostly civilians, were then killed in two sudden FLASHES. I as a child was told it was good!?!?

But it never happened. Neither bomb existed! They were just Hollywood movies fantasies! The Japanese towns were simply napalm carpet bombed and plenty local civilians were killed by napalm fires! The rest was US fairy tales/propaganda.


But how do I know this, you ask again? I didn't watch this shit 1965, but I just visited the Nagasaki and Hiroshima and their atomic/nuclear bomb/peace museums and met some survivors there later on the job. I found out I had been fooled by US/USSR propaganda.

Mid-90's Russian media at Moscow reported based on info from children and grandchildren of Stalin, Beria, Molotov & Co. that the Stalin/Beria atomic bomb commission never met anytime or anywhere 1945/9 and never did anything! Western media missed it!

And much later, 1999, I met a person whose father had assisted Stalin/Beria/Serov to copy the US hoax and explode a USSR fake atomic bomb 1949. It was another show.

I explain all below! US and USSR/Russia in the 1940's conspired that nuclear bombs/weapons were real. And the show goes on 80+ years later 2024!

Nuclear weapons are not listed on the Wikipedia list of conspiracy theories! Try to add it!

Here is more by my friend Thomas Judge. The Nuclear Weapons Hoax

It is a very well written book! Read it!  


The START II treaty was a bilateral treaty negotiated by the United States and Russia and signed by Presidents Bush and Yeltsin on January 3, 1993. It will reduce the number of strategic delivery vehicles (nuclear ballistic missiles and heavy bombers of nuclear bombs) and the number of warheads deployed on them. 

On 21 February 2023 President Putin of Russia announced that the treaty was suspended. Reason is obviously that the whole treaty was a fraud from the beginning.

Atomic bombs have never worked or exploded anywhere since 1945. They were a US/Japan governments false flag operation 1945 (to quickly end WW2) and cannot be used today.

Nuclear weapons were 1945 and are 2024 just fake news and propaganda! Imagine how easy it has been to fool the whole world with nuclear bombs that never existed nor exploded during 78 years. I explain how and why below.

Russia supplies Japan 2024 with Siberian oil and gas and Japan supplies Russia with all it needs except arms, while Japan denies any joint business at all to keep USA happy. It is very simple! Russia and Japan are good neighbours since 1945 and earlier. That Japan once attacked Russia at Port Arthur 1904 was forgotten.


The greatest nuclear weapons power in the world is the NATO Alliance!

The fundamental purpose of NATO's nuclear capability is to preserve peace, prevent coercion and deter aggression. As long as nuclear weapons exist, NATO will remain a nuclear alliance. NATO's goal is a safer world for all; we seek to create the security environment for a world without nuclear weapons. Source


I always wonder what the whole purpose of NATO is. Who is going to attack NATO 2024? And why does NATO inform that it has nukes? NATO promises peace and protection to its members since 1949 and my country Sweden is apparently asking for NATO membership 2024 with its fake nukes to be put in Sweden! Some idiots believe Russia will attack Sweden with nukes! There is no evidence for it. Why would Russia invade Sweden? Because Russia attacked Ukraine 2021? Strange, I thought Ukraine was part of Russia since before 1780 and was never an independent European country. Imagine what NATO invents to get new members. Isn't it better to close NATO completely?

"Both the war (2022) in Ukraine and the nuclear threat (1945) are fake and always have been. The nuclear fake is now being used to cover up the vaccine genocide (2019) and to try to protect Pfizer and other parties from a lynching." Source


The really bad news is that the presidents of the United States of America and the Russian Federation cannot admit it 2024, so they have to maintain their autocratic, undemocratic styles of government that have nothing to do with real democracy!

Vladimir Putin, the president of the Russian federation, knows it first hand today! He supervised, as a young KGB agent 1985/90 based at Dresden the German (DDR) uranium mines (that never existed) that enabeled Stalin to build his (fake) atomic bomb 1949. He also met the German spies that had infiltrated the failed US atomic bomb (Manhattan) program during the second world war until 1945. The US atomic bombs didn't work! It was simple propaganda/fake news. And he also found out that DDR was bankrupt due to communism. Nothing worked.

Putin's work at Dresden 1985/90 isn't a mystery. The East-German (DDR) archives have been destroyed and the KGB archives at Moscow are evidently not available. Now and then new fake news are spread that Putin was involved with terrorism in West Germany, etc.

Putin later studied the Soviet archives about the 1945 Stalin/Truman secret agreements to split the world, etc, so that USA could keep its arms industry busy and start many wars, etc. against poor countries without Russian opposition. Stalin/USSR got two extra votes in the United Nations for his trouble to support the nuclear weapons hoax. Sovjet socialist republics like Belarus and Ukraine were considered old independent Russian nations, etc. Putin understood how easy it was to bluff about anything, which he does today to keep the Russian Federation together.

Potus Biden gives plenty money/arms to the mafioso Zelenskiy at Kiev/Ukraine, so that he, NATO and EU can blame Putin for the destruction of Ukraine. But Ukraine has never been a European nation. It has been part of Russia >250 years!


This is a very long report about the 1945/2024 US/Russian Atomic Bomb manipulations/falsifications.

It is my findings about 100% fake US/Soviet/UK/France/North Korea/etc Atomic Bombs and fake nuclear weapons in general, based on evidence, personal research, moving around the world, meeting people involved in the fakery and common sense, info of which I have told my own children. Nuclear weapons cannot explode! And I am not alone to think so! I am just a supporter of safe, civlian nuclear power stations! 


I hope you find my findings interesting. I have worked with fake nuclear weapons since long time to make the oceans of the Earth with their ships safer and similar things. Tell your friends about it! There are plenty people publishing fake news about nuclear weapons, including the Swedish Academy of Sciences and their Nobel prize winners physics described further down.


Part 1 starts below. It is about the crazy people and organizations creating the lies and the manipulations. Links to the other parts of my report are also below.

Part 2 - The atomic bomb killed nobody in Japan 1945. Imagine that!

Part 3 - How does an atomic bomb work? It doesn't! Latest news 2017 and 2018.

Part 4 - Plenty manipulations every day!

Part 5 - Explosive fission is a scam!

Part 6 - All about real fission.

Part 7 - The fake B-61 atomic bombs. Pictures of Hiroshima 1945, e.g.:

This is a picture of Aioi Bashi (bridge) at Hiroshima with its walking bridge T to the "memorial" park left taken 6 October 1945. The fake "A-bomb" exploded just above it 6 August 1945. Soon after the trams running over the bridge were up and working again and you could walk to the island where the "memoral" park is today . But all wooden housing with gardens were burnt down by napalm carpet bombings! Only concrete buildings survived. But most house owners were soon back and cleared their grounds ...

Aerial view of central Hiroshima taken a few weeks after, where the alleged A-bomb is said to have exploded over Rijo Dori street at Kamiya-cho, Naka-ku in the middle producing a blast/heat wave according this propaganda film. The main streets were quickly cleaned of ash and soot after the fires and no bridges were damaged (as they were made of steel/concrete). The flat thin roofs of the concrete/brick office buildings were intact. People caught inside the office buildings at the time of explosion survived unhurt! Only the wood/paper/straw huts making up 95% of central Hiroshima were burnt down ... by carpet napalm bombings. Where the fires stopped, intact housing could be found. Many people jumped into the river to survive the fires and testified that no A-bomb exploded.

Picture of Hiroshima 2022:

Google view of central Hiroshima 2022.

Part 8 - History lessons. All about no radiation at Chernobyl 1986 and Fukushima 2011.

Part 9 - About radiation.



Let's begin with the IAEA based at Vienna, Austria.

It is widely known as the world's "Atoms for Peace and Development" organization within the United Nations family. The International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, is the international centre for cooperation in the nuclear field.

IAEAs Director General is Rafael Mariano Grossi. Grossi knows nothing aboutt nuclear physics and he therefore lies about the risks of nukes that explode!

The IAEA Office of Public Information and Communication provides objective, accurate and timely information about the IAEA and nuclear developments to foster public understanding of the IAEA's global roles. I have no problems with that.

The IAEA Department of Nuclear Energy fosters sustainable nuclear energy development by supporting existing and new nuclear programs around the world. I support land and seabased nuclear power plants and correct information about nuclear radiation.

The IAEA Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications covers a broad range of socio-economic sectors, from health, food and agriculture to the environment, water resources and industry.

The IAEA Department of Safeguards carries out the IAEA's duties and responsibilities as the world's nuclear inspectorate, supporting global efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons.

If you wonder what IAEA has done to stop the spread of nuclear weapons (since 1945), there is no information. I have asked above departments and Rafael Mariano Grossi about the difference between peaceful nuclear energy and military nuclear explosive weapons and they never reply!! It upsets me.

There are other 'nuclear' associations.

World Nuclear Association is the international organization that represents the global nuclear industry. Its mission is to promote a wider understanding of nuclear energy among key international influencers by producing authoritative information, developing common industry positions, and contributing to the energy debate. 

The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) unites every company and country in the world that has an operating commercial nuclear power plant to achieve the highest possible standards of nuclear safety.

None of above organizations can explain what explosive nuclear fission is.


Let's continue with the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons that was adopted on 7 July 2017.

The Treaty is about negotiating a legally binding instrument to prohibit nuclear explosive weapons, leading towards their total elimination. Thus very few countries have adopted it. In the European Union, for example, only Austria, Ireland and Malta have adopted it.

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, or the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty, is the first legally binding international agreement to comprehensively prohibit nuclear weapons with the ultimate goal being their total elimination.

It was thus adopted on 7 July 2017, opened for signature on 20 September 2017, and entered into force on 22 January 2021, i.e. more than a year ago!!

The reason for the stupid confusions is that nuclear weapons are a hoax since 1945! Media cannot publish it for military security reasons! I explain all below.


1. Here on the Internet there is a lot about past and present history lies. Many Americans believe, 2024, that USA is a nuclear superpower that cannot be defeated by anyone. All US enemies will be detected by CIA and wiped out by US nukes!!! In reality luckily USA has no nuclear weapons of mass destruction at all. Any bullshit to the contrary is US lies, propaganda and manipulations since 1945. What to believe, me or US bullshit? I am a fan of peaceful nuclear power generation.

2. The 77 years old bullshit from 6 August 1945 about nuclear, military explosive fission was created by Potus Harry S. Truman and his predecessor FDR and is still working well today by several foreign governments like Russia (ex USSR), United Kingdom, France, China and North Korea (!), media, crazy armed forces and plenty nuclear physicists incl. plenty Nobel prize winners that cannot get any better jobs than lying for their governments - the only real job many physicists can get apart from being low paid school physics teachers - and by mainstream media that are experts in publishing fake info or news or what they call it.

3. Truman created the CIA and the NSA to look after the bullshit and to secretly collect money from it.

4. You would expect that science should be used for peaceful means. But no! In the 1930/40's science was used to develop arms and weapons to blow up and destroy the complete world. All of it!! Political leaders like Stalin and FDR were in the lead! They really fooled the world. And their successors just copy/paste the bullshit 2024. CIA and Mossad just told me the Islamic Republic of Iran will build atomic bombs 2024, unless we renew economic sanctions against them. There is no evidence that economic sanctions stop atomic bomb building or Russia invading corrupt Ukraine. 2022

5. 10 000's of fake (but secret) atomic bombs have since 1945 been built, transported around, mishandled, dropped by mistake, we are told, but none has ever exploded. Reason is that a real atomic bomb cannot explode. It is physically impossible. Military explosive fission is pseudoscience! I assume Hitler (see below) realized this already 1941 and tried to conquer the world without nuclear weapons.

6. The International Atomic Energy Agency , IAEA, is part of the bullshit since 1957. Gangsters always take over international agencies. It is easy. Today it works with WHO and its Covid19 virus hoax (or what it is?). So fake nuclear science and medicine are big pseudo businesses 2024. And very big money! Collected by CIA and NSA! US Congress approves and provides the funds.

7. Soviet union (Stalin & Co.) prior 1991 never had any nuclear weapons. They were partners of the hoax! Their nukes were just propaganda at the request of USA 1945. Russia made a mistake when it carried on with the bullshit after 1991. It is one reason why Russia is not so popular today in East Europe.

8. So when USA (Potus GWB) said that it was attacked on 11 September 2001 by poor Arab terrorists, USA had to defend itself by conventional terror bombing and invading Afghanistan and Iraq instead of using nukes. That war against terrorism is 2024 still on. Etc, etc. And no nuclear weapons are used!

9. Japan has today 2020 or 2024 (a new PM!) an opportunity to stop the bullshit. We will see.

10. "Research into the development of nuclear weapons to destroy the world and civilians was initially undertaken during World War II by the United States (in cooperation with the United Kingdom and Canada), Germany, Japan, and the USSR. The United States was the first and is the only country to have used a nuclear weapon in war, when it used two bombs against Japan in August 1945 we are told. After surrendering to end the war, Germany and Japan ceased to be involved in any nuclear weapon research (??). In August 1949, the USSR tested a nuclear weapon, becoming the second country to detonate a nuclear bomb. The United Kingdom first tested a nuclear weapon in October 1952. France first tested a nuclear weapon in 1960. The People's Republic of China detonated a nuclear weapon in 1964. India conducted its first nuclear test in 1974, which prompted Pakistan to develop its own nuclear program and, when India conducted a second series of nuclear tests in 1998, Pakistan followed with a series of tests of its own. In 2006, North Korea conducted its first nuclear test." Source. Actually none of these countries exploded any nuclear bombs ever. They just faked it!

11. Because there is no evidence that above countries have developed nuclear weapons at all! It is just stupid propaganda by charlatans, etc! No atomic bombs exploded over Japan! And no uranium was ever mined in secret locations in East Germany 1945/91 to build the Joe Stalin bombs.

12. The START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) between USA and Russia expired on 5 February 2021. It is a treaty about useless, not working nuclear arms, i.e. all of them. I strongly recommended presidents Biden and Putin to drop it in a waste paper basket. But no - they extended the treaty another five years until 2026. Fake nuclear arms will run the world another 5 years. On the other hand the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons came into force on 22 January 2021 so nuclear weapons can hardly be used. It is sad that nobody can say that nuclear weapons are nonsense since 1945. But 2024 actually nothing moves about nuclear arms! Nothing!

13. Fake a-bombs is very good biz 2024! Last year US$ 72 000 000 000:- were stolen from tax payers thanks to it. Tax payers love to be fooled about fake safety by fake nukes.

14. Are you confused about above? Just read on.



Let"s repeat!

This is a very long article about the 1945/2024 US/Russian Atomic/A-Bomb manipulations. It is my opinion about fake US/Soviet/UK/France/North Korea/etc, A-Bombs and fake nuclear weapons, based on evidence, personal research, findings, moving around the world, meeting people involved in the fakery and common sense, info of which I have told my own children.

One was born in Japan! The others in UK and Monaco. And I always tell the truth to my own children. I hope you like it, learn something and share it.

Some crazy people and all media do not like me. I had the chance to travel around on my own in the world since the 1960's to check on the spot what had gone on, and I found that I had been told plenty outright lies.

The story begins already around 1901, when nuclear physics became big business after the Swedish inventor of dynamite, A. Nobel had created his annual prizes for best results of various sorts, incl, physics.

Poor students of physics invented anything to collect it, including nuclear, atomic physics, quantum mechanics and quantum physics. They were less than one hundred: they all knew each other and the language they used was German. No governments took any interest in their nonsense during the first forty five years 1900-1945.  An early winner was thus a German Max Planck. The central assumption behind his invention of nuclear physics was the supposition, later known as the Planck postulate, that electromagnetic energy like sun light (photons) could be emitted only in a quantized form, in other words, the energy E (heat - unit Joule) could only be a multiple of an elementary particle

E = h t,

where h is Planck's constant, also known as Planck's action quantum and t is the frequency of the radiation/light. It was then and still is 2024 pure nonsense. Physicists now call these quanta photons, and a photon of frequency t will have its own specific and unique energy h t. The total energy at that frequency is then equal to h t multiplied by the number of photons at that frequency. You can watch photons arriving to Earth every morning, when the Sun rises and the photons hit you. But it is evidence of nothing!


Another gigantic step was then invented pseudo style by another German, Albert Einstein! The photoelectric effect became the emission of electrons, when electromagnetic radiation/energy, such as sun light/photons at the speed of light, c, (300,000,000 m/s) hit a material.

The mass m (kilogram) of that material changes (!) and becomes lighter (!!) , when energy/heat E is emitted !! Imagine that. Mass of a material is magically transformed into energy according to some clowns! Imagine that!!

 E = m c²

The story continues, when my grandfather Iwar S. (b.1889) went to Lund University, Sweden, around 1909-1914 to study mathematics and statistics. There he met Manne Siegbahn (b. 1886) doing physics research and building scientific instruments to study atoms, particles and molecules. At Copenhagen in nearby Denmark Niels Bohr (b. 1885) had his ideas about atomic structures and what became the quantum theory. Manne and Niels needed assistance with the mathematics and statistics of their nuclear fantasies, so they met my grandfather at Lund and became friends.

World War 1 started 1914 and Manne and my grandfather moved to Stockholm and Niels went back to Copenhagen, but they remained friends and in contact. Manne and Niels later won the Nobel Prize physics for their nuclear findings/nonsense. The Nobel Prize of physics was awarded by the Swedish Royal Academy of Science that was part of the hoax from day one. The physic prize winners were few, they all knew each other and had a great time stealing the Nobel money preparing the nuclear bomb hoax. They had all to play their parts.

Niels thought 1922 that an atom central core, that accounted for most of its mass was the nucleus that in turn was made up of particles called protons (Bohr had then not heard about neutrons, that were not discovered unil 1933), which were bound together by nuclear forces and that very small electrons revolved around the central core nucleus in different orbits. Bohr won the Nobel prize for it but he could never explain it then or later and there is no evidence of anything. One idea was that the electrons could jump from one orbit to another, which became the quantum theory. Bohr never understood that electrons don't exist (!) and that the nucleus was held to together by an invisible electro-magnetic field without any electrons and that you cannot jump from one orbit to another, etc.

In 1927 Bohr invented the principle of Complementarity! 

In his original lecture on the topic, Bohr pointed out that just as the finitude of the speed of light implies the impossibility of a sharp separation between space and time (relativity), the finitude of the quantum of action implies the impossibility of a sharp separation between the behavior of a system and its interaction with the measuring instruments and leads to the well-known difficulties with the concept of 'state' in quantum theory; the notion of complementarity is intended to capture this new situation in epistemology created by quantum theory.

As nobody then or later understood what Bohr was talking about, some friends summarized the reasons for the introduction of the principle of complementarity in physics as follows:

"In the traditional view, it is assumed that there exists a reality in space-time and that this reality is a given thing, all of whose aspects can be viewed or articulated at any given moment. Bohr was the first to point out that quantum mechanics called this traditional outlook into question. To him the "indivisibility of the quantum of action" [...] implied that not all aspects of a system can be viewed simultaneously. By using one particular piece of apparatus only certain features could be made manifest at the expense of others, while with a different piece of apparatus another complementary aspect could be made manifest in such a way that the original set became non-manifest, that is, the original attributes were no longer well defined. For Bohr, this was an indication that the principle of complementarity, a principle that he had previously known to appear extensively in other intellectual disciplines but which did not appear in classical physics, should be adopted as a universal principle."

Imagine that!


1933 Adolf Hitler took control of Germany and decided that Jews could not do nuclear research there. The result was that most nuclear scientists and nuclear bomb designers moved to United States and the Soviet Union!

Then World War 2 started 1939 and Denmark was occupied 1940 by Nazi Germany. As Niels was Jewish he moved to Sweden 1941 and my grandfather's house for some time. Niels took over my mother's bedroom. My mother had moved to Lund to study Russian. One day 1942 Niels disappeared (!) and it was later said he had gone to Los Alamos, NM, USA to secretly build two American atomic bombs (using Uranium and Plutonium) together with many other Nobel Prize physics winners and to improve his skiing! Sking at Copenhagen was rare, so Niels often winters took time off to go to Norway skiing.

Niels left a trunk in the room and nobody dared to open it. It could contain atomic secrets!!! World War 2 ended 1945 and Niels came back to collect his trunk that only contained dirty underwear!

Niels was then not popular having developed the atomic bomb to destroy the complete world and having killed so many innocent civilians in Japan 1945, but Niels said as usual he couldn't explain the secrets how it worked and returned to Copenhagen. What an asshole! At the same time Manne was asked by other assholes - the Swedish government - to build a Swedish atomic bomb to blow up the world. Manne agreed (!) subject (!!!) to all details (!!!!!) about it becoming public, non-secret knowledge!! Manne didn't get the job, of course. All had to be secret in PEACE loving Sweden. Then I was born 1946.

1964 Manne asked me about my plans for the future and I suggested theoretical and partiqle physics that were top of pops at the time. Manne didn't support the idea at all, so luckily I studied something else (shipbuilding and safety at sea), which I explain below. Later I found out that atomic partiqle physics incl. atomic bombs were just another hoaxes to keep stupid physicians busy until 2020's, some of whom have got Nobel prizes.

Today I live outside Monte Carlo with a view of the sea, where the distant Sun rises every morning. I know it is an illusion - it is me on the rotating Earth being orbited by the Sun that observes it. After eight minutes the first photons (!!) of the Sun arrive at the speed of light in my eyes ... but nobody can explain, what a photon (light) is and how it is created in the Sun and why it dies in my eyes after its long trajectory through space from the Sun. The other photons heat up the sea water of the Earth's oceans!

The 2022 Nobel prize physics was awarded by the Swedish academy of science to Alain Aspect for

"experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science", and for

"ground breaking experiments using entangled quantum states, where two particles behave like a single unit even when they are separated"

Entanglement is, I am told, a primary feature of quantum mechanics not present in classical mechanics and complete nonsense in my opinion. The Swedish academy of science has done it again, i.e. promoted physics nonsense to cover up the A-bomb hoax.


 Other fake news (propaganda!) November 2021 by the Federation of American Scientists, FAS, in its annual report is that there are plenty of nuclear bombs/warheads around:


The work at FAS strives to be rigorous, objective, non-partisan, and evidence-based. It is invented by Mr. Hans Kristensen, at Try to email him and ask for any real evidence of his estimates and suggestions. I have tried. No replies

A United Nations treaty to ban nuclear weapons was scheduled to go into effect Jan. 22 2021 following confirmation Saturday 31 Oct. 2020 that Honduras had become the 50th state party to ratify the pact.

One question remains. Why would United Nations ban something that doesn't exist nor work? Nuclear weapons are just FAKE NEWS since August 1945! Read on! 

Have you forgotten or do you know what an A-Bomb is?

It looks like this when exploding! The lucky photographer was 1971 flying around above Mururoa in the South Pacific, when there was a FLASH. A French A-Bomb exploded. It was 100% fake. Nothing exploded at Mururoa ever! The photo is false.

Look carefully! In the front there are South Pacific Mururoa islands surrounded by water. In the back there is white smoky stuff at the horizon with more smoky stuff like a vertical pillar into a white sky in the middle. The sky is funny. A round, black cloud around the pillar. The French government said it was a French nuclear bomb detonation 1971. What bullshit (connerie)!

More fake photos here! False photos and paid, lying 'witnesses' are the only evidence of exploding A-Bombs!

The French had started its A-Bombs hoax already in the 1960's in Algeria! The Algerians supported by Moscow was then part of the fraud too.


At 18.00 hrs on 4 August 2020 there were two explosions at the port of Beirut, Lebanon. Many people wondered, if it were an atomic bomb that went off, even if it cannot explode!

It was suggested that the explosions occurred in some inland, port storage magazines in front of and right off a grain silo seen still standing left (photo below), which made a crater in the ground and completely destroyed the quay and everything nearby on shore, while container cranes further right remained standing. Two small passenger ships in the harbor capsized killing two crew. A third little ship - in the center - may have been pushed/lifted up on the quay. It seems the explosion was chemical - ammonia nitrate exploding. Somebody had since many years stored almost 3 000 tons of ammonia nitrate there and paid for it. Everyone agrees that Lebanon is corrupt, weak and fragile, but this:

Port of Beirut after explosions 4 August 2020 - no nuclear bomb exploded here 

The incident must of course be investigated by serious, honest people. I look forward to it. By 21 February 2021 and 3 August 2021 there were no developments. It seems the purpose of the incident was to destroy Lebanon. But by whom and why?

An Atomic/A-Bomb is clearly not the only big manipulation since 1945. The space travel manipulations started 1955 and are still alive. Sending tourists to planet Mars 2020 is the latest bullshit. Like the 2001 911 manipulations - Arab terrorists attacking USA. No Arabs attacked USA. It was an inside job. Or the 2020 Covid-19 manipulations. Covid-19 is a mysterious virus killing all of us, if you believe it.

These manipulations have one thing in common. Details are military top secret for security reasons. Corrupt governments/politicians/agencies with their criminal 'experts, scientists, historians' of all kind then invent things to fool people for all sorts of personal reasons, e.g. money. Media trumpet the lies as news. Most people believe the nonsense. It has today gone on for >100 years. It is very easy to persuade 'experts, scientists, historians' to say anything. The 'expert' will later convince his friends how right he/she is and so on. It becomes a religion.

There are plenty old and recent descriptions of the falsifications of the 1945 A-Bombs.

Dr. Michael Palmer, MD, has just written a book about it:

"We breathed the GASES when the Atom BOMB Fell - The evidence that the nuclear bombings were faked with napalm and mustard gas" 

Palmer shows how US authorities faked the medical records in Japan to support the 1945 manipulations. Japanese died of napalm fire bombings and mustard gas injuries! Nobody died of radiation. US forces spread nuclear waste on Hiroshima/Nagasaki later so radiation could be recorded.

Palmer thinks that working nuclear weapons were only made years later. I think nuclear weapons and radiation are 100% pure US propaganda! Visit Palmer's website!

Another example is
'The Smyth Report', the official US government history of the Manhattan Project to make an A-Bomb from scratch issued in 1945. It is all propaganda fantasies! No A-Bomb was ever built! Then there are the 'Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons' by Ward Wilson and 'Racing the Enemy' by Tsuyoshi Hasegawa about the A-Bombs that never were built nor used. Ward Wilson didn't like Hasegawa - 'The Bomb Didn't Beat Japan...Stalin Did'. Then you can read 'Five Days in August' by Michael D. Gordin. All these stories are just stupid copy/paste of the 1945 US A-Bomb propaganda!


Today, 2024, I know nuclear radiation is harmless. It is just easy to detect by Geiger meters, etc, but cannot harm anything. Only uranium and plutonium metal dusts are poisonous. Like arsenic. A completely different thing.

It is very easy to fool people with Fake News about fake, invisible nuclear radiation and fake virus killing us all. Various international organizations like WHO and IAEA controlled by gangsters supported by media fool us.

My article below is only about false/invented Atomic/A-Bombs, lying atomic bomb witnesses and unsafe nuclear power plants, bla, bla, and is in many parts for easy reference. Enjoy them. Just click around! It is free and fun. It has taken me >20 years to compile them. 

Part 1 is below. It is about the crazy people and organizations creating the lies and the manipulations.

Part 2 - The atomic bomb killed nobody in Japan 1945. Imagine that!

Part 3 - How does an atomic bomb work? It doesn't! Latest news 2017 and 2018.

Part 4 - Plenty manipulations every day!

Part 5 - Explosive fission is a scam!

Part 6 - All about real fission.

Part 7 - The fake B-61 atomic bombs.

Part 8 - History lessons. All about no radiation at Chernobyl 1986 and Fukushima 2011.

Part 9 - About radiation.

Why A-bombs do not work

1.1.1 Introduction to the atomic bomb scam 1942-today ... by a random engineer

1.1.2 Introduction to the atomic bomb scam 1942-today ... propaganda and pseudoscience

1.1.3 Introduction to the atomic bomb scam 1942-today ... Yokohama 1972

1.1.4 Introduction to the atomic bomb scam 1942-today ... the hydrogen bomb

1.1.5 Introduction to the atomic bomb scam 1942-today ... nuclear war games 2014

1.1.6 Introduction to the atomic bomb scam 1942-today ... atomic bomb Fake News today

1.1.7 Introduction to the atomic bomb scam 1942-today ... punishable by death today

1.2 The B61 Silver Bullet atomic bomb of 1963 - to be upgraded 2015 by Obama

1.3 Atomic bombs with parachute retarder

1.4 Increased accuracy of US atomic bombs after 50 years service by Obama

1.5 The B61 Silver Bullet atomic bomb will vaporize the plane dropping it - does Obama know?

1.6 The US War on terror - 2014 lost by Obama, - 2019 by Trump

1.7 Manne Siegbahn, 1924 Nobel prize (physics) winner, was 1945 asked to build an atomic bomb!

1.8 How to be politically correct - support atomic bombs or hydrogen bombs vaporizing children

2.1 Atomic bombs - just propaganda to scare you

2.2 The one million C heat and one thousand bar pressure blast wave with its positive and negative phases

2.3 Einstein

2.4 June 1942 work started on the atomic bomb to vaporize everything and three years later it was ready

2.5 A plane dropped the atomic bomb 6 August 1945 - no parachute retarder

2.6 Napalm carpet bombing by terrorists

2.7 Klaus Fuchs

2.8 The Soviet atomic bombs

2.9 Wismut AG

2.10 300 Stalin prizes

2.11 Atomic bomb radiation 1945 and similar things 2011 and today - how dangerous was the radiation at Fukushima 2019 - and how to decommissioning a damaged nuclear power plant

2.12 The French atomic bombs ... and hydrogen bombs 

2.13 The China atomic bomb 1964

2.14 The US propaganda machine 2015 - Nuclear terrorism 2019

3.1 An atomic bomb does not work (Iran and ISIS, please, take note!) 


According 1945, 1960 and 2024 US media news and history writings WW2 finished in Japan August 1945 when Japan uncondionally surrendered a couple of days after two, US A-bombs had been dropped killing 100.000's mostly civilians.

I think that the surrender had been negotiated months earlier by interested parties to ensure that the emperor remained, etc, and only fake A-bomb explosions - actually napalm carpet bombings - were used as an excuse. It was a great show! Japan became a loyal satellite to USA to this day. Japan will never criticize USA ever. In return USA protects Japan's trade with the world.

Warning about pseudoscience

Have you heard about Trofim Lyssenko? He was the inventor of pseudoscience or really bad, fake, fantasy science around 1930, that learnt skills (due to training) could be inherited! Stalin loved and believed him. Ever heard about Stalin? He was in charge of the Socialist/Communist Paradise (sic) in the Soviet Union 1924 - 1953 founded by Lenin 1917. Stalin was a very competent mass murderer - he killed >60 million people to stay in power and transform the world. They included the complete, liberal Russian bourgeoisie, 2 million killed, and most free Russian farmers, 6 million killed. The Russian bourgoisie and farmers, a minority, really made Russia a western, Christian country 1914 but Stalin, a master of manipulations, transformed Russia into a retarded, underdeveloped country/paradise - that together with Hitler, another political gangster, started WW2 by attacking east Poland and Finland 1939 and the Baltic states 1940 and who US president Roosevelt liked a lot. Imagine that! Roosevelt admired a smart mass murderer.

Stalin could 1945 keep east Poland, parts of Finland and Romania and the Baltic states after WW2 to remain a threat to western civiliztion. Ever heard about US president Roosevelt, FDR? He was an American politician but puppet for the money men elite and old US secret societies running America since end 1800. He was quite competent and created the fake Atomic Bomb and the military industrial complex under great, military secrecy 1942/5 to keep wars eternal! With a plenty help from friends and media of course. War is the business that keeps an economy going. FDR's ancestors had arrived in America <300 years earlier in the 17th century and found that it was full of natives since 1000's of years. Most of these natives were soon killed or murdered to get the biz going. You don't read about it in any history books!

Roosevelt also loved pseudoscience.


The fake history of nuclear weapons is full of secrets. One version is:

FDR had June 1942 - out of the blue - asked his old friend and secretary of war and destruction, Henry Lewis Stimson, to secretly develop and build fake nuclear weapons to be ready 1945. Stimson was magically assisted by a young, absolutely crazy American nuclear scientist - Arthur Holly Compton (September 10, 1892 - March 15, 1962) and others.

Compton was an American nuclear physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1927 for his 1923 discovery of the Compton effect, which demonstrated the particle nature of electromagnetic radiation or sun light! It was a sensational discovery at the time: the wave nature of sun light had been well-demonstrated, but the idea that sun light had both wave and particle properties were not easily accepted. Compton is also known for his leadership of the Manhattan Project's Metallurgical Laboratory at the University of Chicago, and served as Chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis from 1945 to 1953. Listen - it is so funny!

In April 1941, Vannevar Bush, head of the wartime National Defense Research Committee (NDRC), created a special committee headed by Compton to secretly report on the NDRC uranium program. Compton's report, which was submitted in May 1941, foresaw the prospects of developing radiological weapons, nuclear propulsion for ships, and nuclear weapons using uranium-235 or the recently discovered metal plutonium to simply kill people. In October 1941 Compton wrote another report on the practicality of an atomic bomb. For this report, he worked with Enrico Fermi on calculations of the critical (sic) mass of uranium-235, conservatively estimating it to be between 20 kilograms (44 lb) and 2 tonnes (2.0 long tons; 2.2 short tons). He also discussed the prospects for uranium enrichment with Harold Urey, spoke with Eugene Wigner about how plutonium might be produced in a nuclear reactor, and with Robert Serber about how the plutonium produced in a reactor might be separated from uranium. His report, submitted in November 1941, stated that an atomic bomb was feasible, although he was more conservative about its destructive power than Mark Oliphant and his British colleagues.

The final draft of Compton's November 1941 report made no mention of using plutonium, but after discussing the latest research with Ernest Lawrence, Compton became convinced that a plutonium bomb was also feasible. In December 1941, Compton was placed in charge of the plutonium project. He hoped to achieve a controlled chain reaction by January 1943, and to have a bomb by January 1945.

All was of course secret so you could invent anything. It is called pseudo-science.

To tackle the secret problems he had the different research groups working on plutonium and nuclear reactor design at Columbia University, Princeton University and the University of California, Berkeley, concentrated together as the Metallurgical Laboratory in Chicago. Its military, secret objectives were to produce reactors to convert uranium to plutonium, to find ways to chemically separate the plutonium from the uranium, and to design and build an atomic bomb to kill innocent civilians!

Nuclear physics was around 1940 still in its infancy. Only few physicists were involved since the beginning 40 years earlier and they all knew each other. The greatest star was Einstein with his theory of relativity that nobody understood and that mass could magically convert into energy. Another star was Heisenberg that invented quantum mechanics, another strange theory. Not to forget Bohr and his contributions to understanding atomic structure. Bohr could never explain later in the 1950s how fission (see below) splits an atom explosively, as it was and is 2024 a military secret!! Relativity and quantum mechanics are together the two pillars of modern, military nuclear physics today.

The atomic structure was a mystery 1940. It was thought that an atom consisted of proton, p, and neutron, n, particles in the core surrounded by orbiting electron particles, e, and that there were 92 different atoms starting with #1 hydrogen consisting of one proton and one electron and ending with #92 uranium with 92 protons, various numbers of neutrons in the core surrounded by 92 orbiting electrons. The atoms were held together by four forces - gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear forces - but nobody really knew how. Reason was that the atoms were very small and the protons and neutrons in the core a million times smaller and the electrons were even smaller and could neither be seen or studied. Thus nuclear physics 1940 were and still is 2024 not real science but what a few physicists agreed on without any evidence.  

In June 1942, the United States Army Corps of Engineers assumed control of the nuclear weapons program and Compton's Metallurgical Laboratory became part of the Manhattan Project.

The Manhattan Project

That month, Compton gave Robert Oppenheimer, another crazy physicist, responsibility for bomb design. It fell to Compton to decide which of the different types of reactor designs that the Metallurgical Laboratory scientists had devised should be pursued, even though a successful reactor had not yet been built.

Oppenheimer and his brother were young communists from New York and believed in Lenin's marxist world revolution that had failed since 1917. 1942 Robert thought he and comrades could secretly build an atomic bomb in no time at Los Alamos. Robert suffered from tuberculosis and had spent his youth in a private school at an Indian camp in New Mexico to get healed at Los Alamos. Robert soon found he needed more assistance and after a year they were >5.000 clowns building the a-bomb!! It was a great and easy way to avoid military service and getting killed in Germany or Japan building a secret weapon in New Mexico. Nobody knew anything about atoms and nuclear physics except Niels Bohr since early 1900.

Bohr thus secretly joined the team at Los Alamos, NM, from Denmark via Sweden and my mother's bedroom there. Heisenberg could not join as he belonged to the Hitler team.

Throughout the war, Compton would remain a prominent scientific adviser and administrator, we are told. In 1945, he served, along with Lawrence, Oppenheimer, and Fermi, on the Scientific Panel that recommended military use of the atomic bomb against Japan. He was awarded the Medal for Merit for his services to the Manhattan Project.

In May 1945 Compton however informed Stimson & Co that it would still take years (sic) to build an atomic bomb, if at all. It was then probably decided by Truman to fake all to quickly end the war with Japan.


Thus no US companies built any atomic bombs 1942/5 and got paid for it and filed any patents for it.

And no scientists nor physicists did any research about atomic bombs 1942/5.

No scientific papers were written, peer reviewed and discussed about atomic bombs 1942/5! And afterwards there was complete silence.

But in July 1945 Stimson could inform Truman - they were at Potsdam, Germany - that a first (fake) A-bomb had exploded at the Trinity test site outside Albuquerque, NM. It had made a 130 feet deep and a quarter mile wide crater!

Two fake A-bombs were also ready to be dropped on Japan August 1945, where the war was still on. Churchill/UK was not informed. He had lost an election in June and was out of power. Stalin, the dictator of USSR, was in the fake a-bomb picture from the beginning via his agents/spies at Washington DC and London. Stalin knew that Truman & Co bluffed 1945 and to play the game, the new borders created 1941 by Hitler and Stalin were to remain 1945.


The 100% fake a-bomb show could start! At Potsdam July 1945 the Japanese (!) were brought into the bluff. It was agreed to fake it in order to end world war 2 without a bloody invasion of Japan. Here it is! 

Hiroshima: Dropping The Bomb - Hiroshima - BBC 

USA had just - 1944/5 - lost plenty soldiers - >100 000 killed and injured - invading small, far away Japanese islands like Saipan 1944, Iwo Jima February 1945 and Okinawa little later. Nobody really bothered about killing civilians and soldiers 1945. The war was already won in Europe by USA and USSR.

It was however thought that some more millions were going to die by invading Japan. So two fake A-bombs solved the problem. Japan surrendered at once, but as a result of secret negotiations during the spring.

A-bombs were and are just propaganda lies and bad pseudo science. There is no evidence of any kind that they worked in hot war 1945 or in cold peace later except fake photos and paid, false witnesses having survived the nanoseconds FLASHes.

The US A-bombs were invented by an American Robert O Lyssenko - a cousin of Trofim - but assisted by A. Einstein, Compton, Oppenheimer, Bohr and encouraged by Roosevelt, Stimson and Douglas MacArthur (see below)! But it was just propaganda!

No photos of the130 feet deep and a quarter mile wide crater at the test site therefore exist.

No atomic bombs ever exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 1945. News about 100.000's of Japanese being vaporized in nanoseconds FLASHes and disappearing in thin air or slowly being killed by nuclear radiation during several months afterwards autumn 1945 at various Japanese hospitals were just Fake News and propaganda! It was easy. No journalists were on the spot! Fake witnesses like observers on the ground and pilots in bomb planes were easily arranged.

No scientific reports and evidence until July 1945 exist that A-bombs were ever developed anywhere.

No legal and medical records in Japan can confirm that 100 000's of Japanese either disappeared 6-9 August 1945 due to A-bomb explosions or the following months due to radioactive radiation. Only stupid A-bomb museums at Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Albuquerque, NM full of lies suggest it. And of course annual memorial ceremonies in Japan.


Remember, the bigger the LIE, the least evidence is required for it. And all Japanese will just smile and agree. To avoid social trouble, of course and to maintain the harmony. President Kennedy also loved pseudo science 1961 in the shape of fake Americans on the Moon 1969. Like President G.W. Bush and fake Arabs attacking USA 2001.

President Biden's USA is 2024 the greatest military force on Earth with shiny uniforms, medals, graveyards, salutes, 100.000's KIAs, MIAs, etc. And it has lost most wars since 1945 because it doesn't use A-bombs in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, etc. Do you know why?

No A-bombs have ever exploded on planet Earth! Nuclear weapons are just manipulations to keep the world afraid! And big, military industrial business rich. And bad science going. Plenty NGOs work to keep us scared that A-bombs can explode. CIA pays them. NSA listens in to ensure that the bullshit works.

I have followed the developments since 1956 (when I was 10 years old).

I am therefore all for a 2024 (!) US nuclear scientific test to prove that A and H-Bombs work!  

It is only thought that "A nuclear test have to be carried out at the US nuclear test site in Nevada". Much better is to do it in a laboratory with media and public present and proper peer review. But do it! Then it will be clear that A-bombs cannot explode.

Roosevelt died young 1945 with the secret. He was only 63. Fourteen years younger than me 2024, who is still young and beautiful (see photo top right) to tell you the Truth many years on. It upsets plenty bad, corrupt scientists. It is the whole idea!

I know that we all are told from young ages that A-bombs work, but I cannot understand that all of you believe it today 2024.

Air power is enormously expensive. Air power often lengthens wars rather than shortening them. Pounding peasants from two miles up is not exactly an ideal way to occupy the moral high ground in war. So I am/was Navy. We kill the enemy from below.

Take your time to read about it! You will not find it in the Mainichi, Asahi, Yomiuri and Chubu Nippon, etc, Japanese newspapers or Japanese history books.

Reason is the Japan State Secrecy Law, officially the Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets (SDS) (Tokutei Himitsu no Hogo ni Kansuru Hiritsu), Act No. 108 of 2013, which is a law allowing the government to designate sensitive information as "special secrets" that are protected from public disclosure.

The Japanese SDS law covers history, defense, diplomacy, public safety and counter-terrorism, etc. In addition, it allows the government to lock away documents for 60 years. Civil servants leaking secret information can expect ten years incarceration, while media journalists and other civilians, like me, helping them would get five years. A similar law is in force in the USA since 1945 but the penalty there is death!

Another reason why people believe in atomic bombs today is Vladimir Putin (left), the present president of the Russian Federation. He worked for USSR security agency KGB at Dresden, Sachsen, East-Germany, and its Stasi in the 1980's looking after Wismut AG producing fake uranium for the USSR A-bomb industry since 1945.

If you wonder what KGB was, it was the Russian secret police supervising the Russian public to ensure that nobody questioned official policy and myths, incl. nuclear weapons. It was similar to US Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, to keep the US public in place today. The Stasi was the East-German secret police! The records of Putin at Dresden were destroyed when East-Germany ceased to exist 1991!

KGB was the creator of the Ministry for State Security (
Statssicherheitsdienst), Stasi, in East Germany 1948/90. Its main task was spying on the population, primarily through a vast network of citizens turned informants, and fighting any opposition by overt and covert measures, including hidden psychological destruction of dissidents.

Wismut AG had been created by Ivan Serov in the 1940's at the request of Laurentij Beria, the Soviet minister of security 1939/53. Stalin had 1945 asked Beria to make a fake, Soviet atomic bomb (a copy of the US one) and Serov did most of the work until he died 1990. Stalin and Beria were 1948/53 occupied murdering communists in East Europe to consolidate their power, so Serov did the A-Bomb bullshit.

Wismut AG produced 1945/91 the uranium to make the fake Soviet bomb. I describe it below. Actually Wismut AG produced no uranium ever. It was all communist propaganda. Stalin/Beria exploded their fake atomic bomb 1949. Of course no A-bomb exploded anywhere. It was Serov telling USSR (and US) media to publish the fake news. Great propaganda! Serov later became head of KGB. Wikipedia has no info about Serov inventing the fake USSR A-bomb. Somebody should update the Wikipedia page! Serov later, 1980's, told Putin to maintain the A-bomb bullshit and it works well today. Most Russian super weapons are just propaganda thanks to Serov. KGB later became FSB whose boss became Putin.

I hope you learn something from an iconoclast like me.

Read on!



Nuclear fission was discovered 1938 in Germany. Germany was then controlled by Hitler (see below about his virus), who apparently encouraged scientific research.

Fission occurs, when the core/nucleus of an atom A (e.g. Uranium 235) absorbs a free neutron n under controlled conditions, so A splits into two smaller atoms B and C that fly apart and releases two free neutrons n, energy/heat E and radiation R (light at different wave lengths/frequencies) per formula:

A + n = B + C + 2n + E + R ... (1)

When fission occurs some free neutrons n also activates the Uranium itself, so that two completely new, heavier, bigger elements or atoms with extra protons in the core/nucleus are created that did not exist on Earth before - Neptunium and Plutonium, if you believe the magic. The trick is simple! Just modify the atom core/nucleus and add protons. Do not split/fission it!

Fission is evidently not explosive!

Neutron activation and deuteron bombardment (sic) to create new elements - like gold!! - weren't discovered or invented until after 1940. And gold cannot be made by neutron activation or deuteron bombardment adding protons as suitable elements for it are rarer than gold.

When fission occurs the strong forces keeping the protons and neutrons of atom A together disappear producing heat E and radiation R, while the two new, free neutrons n have problems finding other atoms A to continue fission. There is no explosion! If a free neutron n is not absorbed by another atom A, it dies after ten minutes or becomes a proton and an electron and a meson. There is no explosion! The free neutrons n may produce more fission, but only due to moderation (slowing down!) inside a peaceful nuclear power plant/reactor (or a laboratory). The heat E warms the water and the radiation R is damped by the water and the enclosure of the power plant. Easy to show at any nuclear power plant. There is no explosion!

This fission has since been studied in laboratories for years and is described in peer reviewed papers. It takes place in nano-scale - the atoms A cores are very, very small and the neutrons n are even smaller and are very, very fast - fission takes a nano-second - and can be done by moderation in nuclear power plants and laboratories. There is no explosion!

It should be noted that the mass of atom A equals the masses of atoms B and C after fission, i.e. no mass m (kg) is lost or transformed into energy E (J) in the fission process as suggested by e.g. Einstein and his E=mc² (c = speed of light (m/s)). Mass is a measure of the amount of matter in an object/atom. Mass m is usually measured in kilograms (kg) and an object's mass is constant in all circumstances.

The heat E and radiation R produced at fission is only due to the strong forces disappearing.

Einstein and other clowns quickly, already 1939, suggested that fission could also be used for military purposes as a bomb! It was wrong. You find full details below.

A fission bomb, otherwise known as a nuclear bomb or A-Bomb, is a fission reactor designed to liberate as much energy E and radiation R as rapidly as possible to kill civilian people (!) in a nano-second, before the released energy causes the reactor and content to melt and the chain reaction to stop, we are told. This explosive, military fission bomb was secretly invented 1942/5 by criminal pseudo-scientists/terrorists in the USA, evidently without any peer review or similar. Many of the US scientists were of course German trained.

The fission bomb kills innocent civilians, we are told, because the two (or three), free neutrons n immediately, in no time, are absorbed by two or three other atoms A as per (1) producing four or six more atom splits, + more free neutrons n, etc, etc, producing billions of atom splits and new atoms B and C flying around during a nano-second releasing plenty energy/heat E and radiation R = an atomic bomb explosion, FLASH, radiation, shock, heat wave, mushroom cloud killing civilians.

Luckily Hitler never developed a fission bomb 1939/41. If he had done so, he would have won WW2 by wiping out London, Moscow, Leningrad, Minsk and Kiev already 1941 with them.

This - killing people - military, nuclear explosive fission physics is however total bullshit, which I explain further down. I assume Hitler realized this already 1940. There is no evidence that it works and exists. It cannot be and has never been tested in a laboratory of course. A mass of atoms that fissions melt at once - no explosion. There are no peer reviewed scientific papers about it anywhere. But to become a nuclear expert PhD today 2024, you must agree that explosive, military fission is a fact and that resulting energy/heat E and radiation R immediately kill all observers ... except lucky, paid witnesses, of course, that survive.

It is simple! Nuclear weapons cannot explode and Japan and USA keep it secret by law since 1945! No military commander or political dictator can push a button, drop a nuclear bomb or launch a nuclear missile to wipe out an enemy.

But it can happen byaccident!

Fission on Earth 1999!

"At the point of criticality, the nuclear fission chain reaction became self-sustaining and began to emit intense gamma and neutron radiation, triggering alarms. There was no explosion, though fission products were progressively released inside the building. The significance of it being a wet process was that the water in the solution provided neutron moderation, expediting the reaction."... 

"The criticality continued intermittently for about 20 hours. It appears that as the solution boiled vigorously, voids formed and criticality ceased, but as it cooled and voids disappeared, the reaction resumed. The reaction was stopped when cooling water surrounding the precipitation tank was drained away, since this water provided a neutron reflector. Boric acid solution (neutron absorber) was finally added to the tank to ensure that the contents remained subcritical." …

"The peak radiation level 90 metres away just outside the nearest site boundary was 0.84 mSv/h of gamma radiation, but no neutron levels were measured at that stage. The gamma reading then dropped to about half that level after nine hours at which stage 4.5 mSv/h of neutron radiation was measured there, falling to about 3 mSv/h after a further two hours, and then both readings falling to zero (or background for gamma) at 20 hours from the start of the criticality." …

Etc, etc!! You wonder who invents all this nonsense! 


Fusion is similar nonsense!


It started differently. Back in the late 1920's and early 1930's Henry Lewis Stimson and general Douglas MacArthur (see below more about these war criminals) tried to convince president Hoover to impose economic sanctions on Japan ... to trigger military war. Hoover didn't agree. But Hoover was replaced by Franklin D. Roosevelt, FDR, and Henry Lewis Stimson and general Douglas MacArthur had better luck with FDR. Economic sanctions against Japan were decided and Japan started going bankrupt. Japan could not import oil or steel, and sell its textile products, etc. In the end Japan stupidly attacked (?) Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA December 1941 ... to start serious negotiations. But no - FDR didn't want to talk. He wanted to destroy Japan! His first decision was to arrest all, >100 000's +, innocent American-Japanese on the US West Coast and put them in concentration camps! They were enemies! So back in early 1942 then some other idiots - better forgotten but led by now US Secretary of War Henry Lewis Stimson & Co. - invented the atomic bomb! It was a fantastic, fantasy weapon to kill civilians. It would stop all future wars in a FLASH! It was so fantastic that it must remain a 100% military secret forever, even after it was (not) used! Twice!

Every nuclear engineer and scientist of any nationality must today agree that explosive, military FLASH nano-second fission is real to get a job, e.g. at the International Atomic Energy Agency or at a university, i.e. they start their careers by a lie so they can get a Nobel prize! But real, nuclear fission is not explosive!

Fission can only be used in nuclear power plants/reactors and similar under controlled non-explosive conditions, e.g. by cooling it down using water.

Let's repeat:

Nuclear fission thus occurs, when an atom A (e.g. Uranium 235 or Plutonium)) absorbs a free neutron n, so it splits into two smaller atoms B and C that releases two free neutrons n, energy/heat E and radiation R as per formula:

A + n = B + C + 2n + E + R ... (1)

It takes less than a nano-second. The strong forces keeping the protons and neutrons of A together disappear in no time producing E and R, while the two new, free neutrons n have problems finding other atoms A to continue fission. If a free neutron n is not absorbed by another atom A, it becomes a proton, an electron and a meson of no danger.

Explosive, military FLASH fission on the other hand is just propaganda since August 1945. Nobody had heard about it before then except some Nobel prize winners.

1945 ignorant people anywhere, of course, believed in explosive FLASH fission, because they didn't think and had no idea about nuclear physics. Today the situation is the same!

In order to avoid a costly, military invasion of Japan 1945, USA and Japan simply announced that two atomic bombs exploded August 1945 in nuclear FLASHES and told their media to report it. It was an elegant bluff/deception! Japan surrendered at once! The bombs had, it was told, secretly been developed by US and other scientists since 1942 or so and were, by chance, just ready July 1945 to save the world ... but the A-bombs didn't explode! Fission was then and is today not explosive!

So US (Truman, Stimson, MacArthur & Co.) and Japan (Hirohito & Co) decided to fake it! USSR/Stalin knew it too - communist spies in USA kept them informed - and Stalin agreed to play along with USA and Japan - for a while. Stalin could do what he wanted in eastern Europe and USA/Truman would not object as long as Stalin kept the A-bomb lies and manipulations alive.


The idea might have been already September or October 1945 to announce that the US atomic bomb was a clever war propaganda but Truman (actually the real bosses ) decided otherwise.

Henry Lewis Stimson was quickly retired and new, corrupt people brought in at Pentagon and CIA to handle the bullshit and already 1947 (!) the US "Broiler plan" was ready! A fleet of new B-29B bomb planes were lined up to wipe out 24 Soviet cities with 34 (!) fake atomic bombs! Stalin didn't like it and soon had his own fake A-bombs using fake German uranium from Wismut AG.

Ever heard of Wismut AG?

A really fake German (actually Stalin KGB) company (described below).

End 1949 Truman had >200 (fake) A-bombs and plenty B-29B planes and more plans to destroy USSR.

It was the reason for a cold war started by Truman that lasted until 1991. Eisenhower made things worse in the 1950's by building another 1.000's of B-52 bomb jet planes to drop >30.000 A-bombs on the USSR (and napalm bombs on Korea 1950/3). There were suddenly two (fake) nuclear super powers - capitalist and communist - that could divide, e.g. Europe and Korea and keep the world population worried. Churchill was back in power in the early 1950's and decided that UK should also become a third nuclear super power.  

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan , LDP is a conservative political party in Japan. The LDP has almost continuously been in power since its foundation after the war. 2024 it supports the US atomic bomb bullshit + US military presence in Japan. In my opinion Japan is just a US satellite, its 51 state, with no foreign policy of its own at all since 1945.

The Japan Communist Party (LOL) evidently also supports the bullshit! The military industrial complex west and east took over and made it a fake historical fact ... and money maker. USA (and Sweden and Switzerland) were the real winners of WW2. Their economies and profits doubled during the war. The rest of the world became bankrupt and followed orders not to upset the nuclear super powers!

The Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, CDP is centre-left. In August 2020 the party entered an agreement to merge with the Democratic Party for the People of Japan, DPP, which is centre to centre-right. Some independent lawmakers may join them to form a new party during September 2020. Elections in Japan are due this or next year. It would be nice if the new party would adopt my findings that the nuclear bombings of Japan 1945 were bullshit and stop the annual memorial ceremonies. And also ask USA to close their military bases in Japan. As USA has no nuclear arms, Japan does not need them for defense.

One problem is of course France! It also wanted to be a fake nuclear super power, which it became starting 1960. USA/CIA/UK/MI6/USSR/KGB were not happy. Four (!) fake nuclear powers!

USA and USSR years later copied the concept with a fake space race with intercontinental, ballistic nuclear missiles. And the fraud goes on and on! China and some other, ridiculous countries like North Korea also joined the bullshit!

The Japan/South Korea General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) about sharing key military intelligence - considered crucial to reducing the threat (sic) posed by (fake) North Korean nuclear weapons - expired 23 November, 2019. Who cares? North Korea has no nuclear weapons. North Korea Kim III baby dictator's father Kim II faked them! The fake treaty was thus prolonged after plenty new Fake News!

North Korea's nuclear program is one of the major security problems in East Asia, we are told, even if it is 100% fantasy.

The incessant development of nuclear capacity of Pyongyang leads to increased tension in the region. China and the U.S., as well as Russia and Japan (states which participated in the Six-PartyTalks) represent different views as to the preferred ways to solve this problem. Different, of-ten incompatible approaches in the policies of these countries are related to their dissimilar interests. Hence, it is impossible to work out a coherent position that will be respected by all four powers.

Actually neither US, China, Russia or Japan are interested to solve the problem or whatever they call it!! They are all part of the hoax started around 1945!


Sunday 2 November 2019 His Holiness Pope, HHP, Francis (!) of the Vatican joined the fake nuclear arms bullshit show at Hiroshima Peace park (see below) warning about future, fake nuclear devastations ... in latin. HHP recommended nuclear disarmament without simply saying that nuclear arms are fake and bullshit since 1945. What a holy clown!

Plenty, new (!) Japanese atomic bomb survivors from 1945 were also at the show - they looked to be in their fifties. Japan is producing new, fake nuke actors! Some old ones - Yoshiko Kajimoto (88) and Koji Hosokawa (92) - having seen the FLASH 1945 were also there. The nuke bullshit biz must go on. Then HHP Francis went to a Nagasaki baseball stadium to meet kakure kirishitan and kiss babies, bla, bla. Why couldn't HHP Francis just say it was a show 1945? Easy, HHP Francis finally had tea with another fake Holiness - the emperor of Japan - whose ancestor dropped down from the Sun 666 years before Jesus Christ was even born!

In Japan, the social phenomenon known as hikikomori - the psychological condition where people shut themselves off, often staying in their bedrooms for >10 years on end - is gearing towards crisis point. The Japanese government defines hikikomori as people who haven't left their rooms or interacted with others (?) for only six months. It's now a big problem. The number of hikikomori between the ages of 15 to 30 in 2015 were around 540.000 people, according to a report published in 2016. 2019, the government estimated that 1.55 million Japanese are on the verge of becoming hikikomori. That is 1.22% of the total population, 30.0 % of which lives in the Greater Tokyo area!

I have a feeling that the main cause of being hikikomori is being fed fake information since birth about life and history including the fake atomic bombings 1945 and the fake Fukushima incident 2011 (described below), Japan in space (described elsewhere) and that you have to accept the nonsense. I suffered something similar 1953/65, i.e. being told lies about wars and history and left home to cure myself. The hikikomori alone in their rooms are only supported by their parents and Internet friends! The parents feed them and pay their Internet fees, the friends keep in contact via Internet. The show goes on!

If you are in charge of running a nuclear power plant in Japan - don't worry, if an earth quake or tsunami hits and destroys it - you are not responsible for anything (19 September 2019!).

But the story starts earlier.


If German anti-Hitler resistance fighters had managed to kill German, criminal dictator Hitler July 1944, WW2 had ended then saving millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Jews, Germans, British, American, Japanese, Chinese and others from being killed until May or August 1945 and ... there would have been no grand finale, i.e. the 100% fake, US atomic bombings of Japan August 1945.

But UK (Churchill)/USA (Roosevelt) disinformation warriors informed Hitler about the plots of his opponents ... Hitler survived a very strange attack 20 July 1944 and arrested and killed 10.000's of them. The war went on for another 10 months in Europe and a little longer in the Far East! Business as usual? Yes ... and standard disinformation! Like today!

For those, who do not know what Hitler was, I suggest it was a virus 1920 - 1945. Everyone in touch with Hitler became infected and believed everything he said. Hitler became dictator of Germany 1933, and started re-arming Germany at once. The Hitler idea or virus was to conquer the world by terrorism and wars of aggression. Hitler was the greatest statesman of all times according to himself, his 100's of millions of supporters ... and media of course. Many Germans followed his orders without thinking.

Nuclear fission was detected and explained in Germany already 1938 but Hitler didn't notice it! He never built an atomic bomb. Or he knew that fission wasn't explosive?

Anyway, Hitler, assisted by Stalin, another criminal and virus, first attacked and conquered Poland September 1939 and then Denmark, Norway, France, Netherlands and Belgium June 1940, while USA watched on. USA maintained relations with Stalin and France taken over by Hitler 1940. Hitler's attack on Great Britain failed 1941! In the meantime Stalin attacked Finland December 1939 and occupied the Baltic States June 1940. Sweden and Finland were neutral and became surrounded by Hitler and Stalin and allowed Hitler's soldiers without weapons to transit their countries. Then Hitler took control of the Balkan states and occupied Greece May 1941. June 1941 Hitler attacked Stalin, i.e. eastern Poland and western USSR.

Hitler thought he would win quickly over Stalin, so Italy, Finland and some Balkan states joined the attack. The attack failed December 1941. Then 1942 Hitler started to murder civilians; Jews, gypsies, Poles, mentally sick people, etc, etc. The Finnish attack was strange. Finland, allied with criminal Hitler, occupied July 1941 territory lost 1940 and much more (East Carelia) ... but then stopped attacking USSR. Italy/dictator Mussolini was on the side of Hitler ... but didn't contribute much ... and was kicked out 1943.

In the Asia Far East real war had already broken out summer 1937 between Japan (Hirohito) and China (CKS) outside Beiing followed by fights at Shanghai ending in the occupation and rape of Nanking December 1937 and the flight of CKS to the inner of China. USA was allied with China (CKS) all the time and supplied weapons, airplanes (US pilots bombed Japan forces already 1938!) and money and started an economic war against Japan. December 1941, Japan going bankrupt, after trying to negotiate, attacked USA militarily in self-defense (at Pearl Harbour) and Hitler declared war on USA. Japan thought (!) that the war in the Far East would stop by negotiations. Japan was wrong. In my opinion World War II started already summer 1937 in Asia (between China, Japan and USA) with UK, France and Netherlands looking on.

June 1944 USA invaded France (D-day !) in order to destroy Hitler. France had two (!) governments then. One was led by Pétain at Vichy that supported and worked with Hitler and was supported by USA since 1940! Imagine that! The other, de Gaulle, at London, UK, and Alger/France, was supported by UK and Stalin ... but not USA! Complicated times! Pétain fled to Germany 1945 and USA/Roosevelt suddenly told de Gaulle that USA supported him too. But only until the war was over! It is the reason France do not rely on USA! The war 1944 is not really over 2024!

The French people had of course supported Pétain until summer 1944, when they all said they had supported de Gaulle since summer 1940 or whenever. The winners always write the official history. It is the only reason to check the old 1930/40's facts today 2024!

Hitler committed suicide April 1945, we are told. Only his virus survived in people trying to conquer the world by terrorism and wars of aggression today. It is sad that civilized people didn't stop criminal madmen like Hitler and Stalin in the 1920/30's.

You are probably terrified just thinking of nuclear wars and nuclear weapons of mass destruction, atomic bombs or nuclear power plants exploding in FLASHES or mushroom clouds spreading death and radiation killing children and women. You should be. It is a #1 priority of ridiculous US Presidents and Japanese prime ministers since 1945 to scare the shit out of you. All Fake News since August 1945, though! The secret is that nuclear weapons cannot explode! It is the greatest scientific bullshit in History!


Tuesday 6 August 2019 at least 50.000 Shinto believers attended a real (fake) atomic bomb memorial ceremony at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park led by Japan Prime minister Abe and Hiroshima mayor Katsumi Matsui.

A bronze bell was struck, a 'peace' song was sung, etc. You could also take a ride on two 75+ years old electric trams/street cars that survived the nuclear (sic) blast 1945.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park with famous 'nuclear (gengeki) dome' in the back. A nuclear bomb exploded 1945 above this dome that survived ...

Some actors (!) on those trams, now obaasans (old ladies) in their 80's, survived (!) that day 74 years ago too, and now told small children aboard what happened to them 1945. Children travelled free! What a show!

You could also visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum full of drawings (!) by survivors made years ago and blood stained clothes (!) of victims donated by surviving relatives ... 70+ years later. The photos of Hiroshima before/after the 1945 bombings showing intact concrete buildings had been removed.

Crazy, isn't it? Since re-opening end April 2019 the museum has had 500
.000 (!) visitors, I was told. The museum is 100% full of propaganda lies. There have never before been so many, old survivors around and things that survived the 1945 napalm firebombing ever. People vomit to see the clothes of a baby that was vaporized 75+ years ago. The baby became vapor, only clothes remained ... intact. The whole entrance of the "museum" is full of it! A total of over 1.200 survivors (!) have created and donated more than 5.000 drawings some of which are on display. You could also launch a floating lantern in the river. Why? A young person said his grandparents survived the alleged A-bombing, FLASH and radiation 1945, but it was too much to explain to their children and their children later, so instead they invented the lantern ceremony. To allow the souls to have a cruise on the river .... Crazy, isn't it?

Black rain 6 August 1945 (1)

More propaganda is according Kiyoshi Shizuma, Satoru Endo, and Yoko Fujikawa of Hiroshima university in a paper of Health Physics magazine, February 2012, Volume 102, Number 2! Immediately after detonation and FLASH of the atomic bomb 1945, a shock wave struck the ground, houses, and other structures in Hiroshima City. The updraft caused by the fireball formed a mushroom cloud, and when it cooled, rainfall began 20 - 30 minutes after the explosion and continued for 1 - 4 hours. Heavy rainfall, which was black and muddy, occurred in the Koi-Takasu district about 30 minutes after the explosion. Many people who drank well water contaminated with black rain had diarrhea, and many fish died in contaminated ponds and rivers (Uda et al. 1973).

An initial survey of the fallout was started already on 9 August 1945 by Nishina and co-workers, who sought to characterize the effects of the atomic bomb (reported by Kimura 1973). They collected soil and other samples from 28 locations within 5 km of the hypocenter. The samples were transported to Tokyo, and the radioactivity produced in a copper wire (?) was detected on 10 August 1945. On 11 August 1945, Yamaoka et al. of Osaka University collected sand samples at 10 locations in the city and detected high radioactivity in samples collected near the hypocenter and also near Koi station. They surmised that fission products were included in the black rain that fell around Koi station. On 13 and 14 August 1945, Arakatsu et al. of Kyoto University collected soil samples from 100 locations in Hiroshima City. They detected radioactivity from a sample collected near Asahi-bashi, located about 500 m south of Koi station, which is located about 3.000 m west of the hypocenter. On 3 and 4 September, 1945, Yamasaki carried out car-borne measurements using a Lauritsen electroscope. Similar results were also obtained in later measurements by Pace and Smith (1959) and Miyazaki and Masuda (1953). ...

Black rain 1967 (2)

Black rain samples were also collected ... 1967! The roof of the Yashima family's house, located 3.700 m west of the hypocenter of the Hiroshima atomic bomb in the Takasu district, was dislocated by the shock wave produced by the explosion 1945. According to Akijiro Yashima, black rain fell through the opening onto the interior plaster wall inside the house, forming streaks of black rain. Imagine that!!! When the house was repaired in 1967, an 80 x 97 cm section of the wall (Wall 1) was excised and donated to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. In 1985, a 41 x 53 cm section of the same wall (Wall 2) was excised to use for autoradiography using an imaging plate. The autoradiography results revealed the pattern along the black streaks, indicating that excess radioactivity is contained in the streaks (Miyahara 1998). Etc, etc.

You should wonder what kind of people invents this propaganda!

Friday 9 August 2019 the papal show continued after morning mass at the Urakami catholic church at west Nagasaki. No more Shinto. The church had been fire damaged 1945, but another obaasan/actor outside recalled that she had seen atomic bomb FLASH and radiation and a mushroom cloud 500 meters above the church, bla, bla, bla. The church was quickly rebuilt and became a ... cathedral. 100's of girl school children in sailor costumes sang. A wooden cross from the Urakami altar, which a US soldier had taken as a souvenir 1945, was returned! The US soldier's niece informed how US soldiers died (!) of nuclear radiation after occupying Nagasaki 1945.

A study has been conducted among several hundred pregnant women who survived Hiroshima or Nagasaki atomic explosions, we were told. Their children have been medically observed for >70 years. Many of the children developed smaller than normal head size and among them is a significant increase of mental retardation! Etc, etc.

It was very easy to fool the world 1945 that two fake atomic bombs exploded 1945 using propaganda. It is quite easy to continue and reinforce the manipulations today with fake medical reports, donating clothes to peace museums, arranging ceremonies and spreading new lies of all kind. But how much longer?

Black rain victims 2020 (3)

A Hiroshima District Court ruled Wednesday 25 July 2020 that Japanese state health care benefits should be extended to people who were exposed to radioactive 'black rain' after the 1945 U.S. atomic bombing of Hiroshima outside a zone currently recognized by the government.

The court ruled in favor of a suit filed by 84 plaintiffs in their 70s to 90s. It said they should receive the same health care benefits as provided for other atomic bomb survivors who were in the zone where the state has recognized 'black rain' fell.

Why not? No atomic bomb exploded anywhere but 'black rain' dropped August 1945 here and there around Hiroshima and 75 years later some Japanese get free health care.

What kind of sick people creates this nonsense 75 years later?

Nuclear weapons are 100% US/UK/USSR (Russia)/Japanese collusion, infringements, infractions, disinformation, stupid propaganda, lies, pseudoscience or bad science and fake history fiction. It upsets many American, British and Japan State Boards of Education (or Indoctrination), SBoEs, that force teachers to tell pupils that US scientists and engineers top secretly (hm!) developed atomic bombs 1942/5 at enormous costs using the best brains in the world. It is a scandal that nobody really wants to talk about today. Many countries, France, China, Pakistan, India, North Korea, etc., have later joined the bullshit. It is quite easy to fake nuclear weapons of all sorts! Just keep all military secret and spread Fake News!

The public had no idea except that communist spies of USSR in UK and USA were fully informed since 1942 or earlier and stole all the secrets. They were allies against Hitler Nazi Germany then.


At the same time USA built >3.000's of big, four engines, long range B-29 bomb planes and trained >30.000's of stupid pilots/heroes to bomb German, Italian and Japanese towns of no military values. After USA had occupied Japanese islands in the Pacific early 1945 and built air bases there, it was possible to bomb towns in the Japan main islands too.

It started at Dresden, Germany, 13-15 February 1945, which was wiped out by American/British napalm bombings killing about 30.000 persons, mostly civilians.

In the early hours of March 10, 1945, 279 US B-29s then dropped 1.665 tons of napalm bombs on Tokyo, killing approximately 100,000 civilians in a single night. Almost 270,000 buildings were destroyed, and more than 1 million residents were rendered homeless, authorities have established. It was worse than any atomic bomb explosions 6 months later. But on March 10, 2020, 75 years later, no memorial ceremony was held at Tokyo! I find it sad.

A week later on March 16, 1945, about 90% of the city of Würzburg, Germany, was destroyed by 226 British Lancaster bombers dropping >1.000 tons napalm fire bombs. Würzburg became a target for its role as a traffic hub and to break the spirit of the population. It, like Dresden, had no military value.

These were not the only air attacks during the war. In total, Tokyo would be struck 106 times, and more than 60 other cities all around Japan were attacked repeatedly, basically indiscriminately, as well by US air forces.

These attacks beg the question as to their legality, and many on both sides of the Pacific believe that the attacks went against international law. They certainly were immoral, which many acts during war are. And the bombings didn't really work. Japan didn't budge! The war had to be won on the ground. But how?

End March 1945 US and allies attacked Okinawa, Japan, with >1 200 ships and >500 000 seamen/soldiers/marines. Okinawa was a small island of little military value and full of civilians. June 22, 1945 US & Co had lost 13 000 men and >36 000 men were injured at Okinawa. It was a bloody fiasco. 150 000 civilians on Okinawa were killed!

After defeating Nazi Germany (Hitler) May 1945 UK, USA (new POTUS Truman) and USSR (criminal dictator Stalin) met in July at Potsdam, Germany, to decide what to do next, apart from looking after >11 million German PoWs of which >1 million soon died of starvation! Allied soldiers had, to liberate Germany, spring/summer 1945 raped and killed 10 times more women than Japan did at Nanking December 1937, but media failed to notice it! Stalin had exactly six years earlier - 1939 - negotiated a secret pact with Hitler, so Nazi Germany (together with Stalin) could attack, Poland, then Norway, France and England, start WW2 (?) and ruin France 1940/5. Hitler had for years regarded the Russians as sub humans and the Russians hated the Germans, we are told.

1945 a new US/UK/USSR secret pact would be agreed, so that USSR could attack Japan in August. France was not invited. History is always written by the winners.


Stalin was at first hesitant. He had >3 million German PoWs to look after and kill. At previous US/UK/USSR summits at Cairo, Teheran and Yalta it had been agreed that it would take 18 (!) months to transfer all the troops, arms, planes and ships in Europe to the Far East to invade Japan. In addition USSR already had a peace agreement with Japan, but Truman convinced Stalin that Japan would surrender at once! No risk! Japanese diplomats at Moscow, Bern and Stockholm had secretly agreed (!) all details of this with their US counterparts. In Washington DC already 10 August 1945 it was decided to divide Korea in two parts along the 38th latitude - Stalin could occupy the north part and Truman the south. Stalin agreed!

Fake News 6 August 1945

Japan just needed some excuses to surrender, e.g. - US fake atomic bombs and a USSR attack!

So we were told by media that USA dropped two, atomic bombs on Japan 6 and 9 August 1945 killing >200.000 civilians, mostly Japanese, incl. many women and children to install peace.

Only Albert Camus, French writer, protested.

Of course the atomic bombs attacks never happened.

Hiroshima (one "big island" (
hiroi shima in Japanese) in an estuary cut by some Ota river delta arms) looked like this before being bombed:


Aerial view of central Hiroshima islands - more a fishing village - before the carpet napalm fire bombings summer 1945. Nothing of military value was there. Just civilians in simple wood/paper/straw houses renewed at regular intervals unless they burnt down by fire earlier and some solid concrete buildings

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were simply napalm, carpet fire bombed like 60+ other Japanese towns spring/summer 1945. Hiroshima looked like this after the bombing (photo taken from the roof of an intact building across the street):

Only the wooden/paper houses were burnt down. All concrete buildings and bridges, etc remained standing.

Fake News 9 August 1945

And on 9 August Stalin attacked Manchuria with 150 (!) divisions, we were told, because NYT said so!

On 16 August the Japan emperor announced by radio the unconditional surrendering, all fighting stopped at once, while some Japanese flow to Manila (Philippines) to sort out unconditional (sic) surrender details with the Americans, we were also told. NYT announced the news two days earlier (!). A miracle had happened!

At Manila it was agreed in writing that Japan's future territory should be limited to its four main islands as per 1862 maps and that (a) the south part of the Sakhalin island north of Hokkaido and (b) the Kuril Islands between Hokkaido and the Kamchatka Peninsula, lost by Russia 1905, would be returned to Russia/USSR.


It was also agreed that the Ryukyu islands south of Kyushu should become part of USA. USA returned the Ryukyu islands to Japan 1972 but keep military bases there forever. Okinawa hosts about two-thirds of the dedicated U.S.-only bases in Japan despite accounting for less than 1 percent of the country's land. USA is accused of polluting the drinking water, etc. Taiwan was returned to China.

The Kuril islands are still a problem today 2024 - Japan claims that the four southernmost Kuril islands - Etorofu, Kunashiri, Shikotan and Habomai - were never parts of the Russian Kuril islands and belong to it.

More Fake News 14 August 1945

Russia does not agree 2024. No Japanese, only Ainos, lived on the islands prior to 1905, and what was agreed in writing 1945 cannot be changed, etc. The signing of a document of surrendering took place 2 September on a battle ship in Tokyo Bay. It was a great show. 500 B-29 bomb planes made a last turn over Tokyo and flow home. WW2 was over! Freedom of speech and the press was restored except for strict censoring any opinion critical of the occupation and what really happened. Of course many Germans think that WW2 wasn't over until 9 November 1989, when the Berlin wall and the inner German border were opened and USSR's military left, and some Koreans think that WW2 is still going on as the inner Korean border is closed.

However, already 29 August 1945 the US' rules of occupation' were clear:

"The supreme (US) commander shall exercise his authority through the Japanese authorities and agencies, including the emperor, to the extent that he satisfactorily fulfils the United States objectives. The Japanese government shall, in his instructions, be permitted to carry out the normal duties of the domestic administration."

So the Japanese government + emperor could in September 1945 carry on domestic administration, when they fulfilled the US objectives announced by US supreme commander General D MacArthur until 1951! Magic!

MacArthur had been US military, colonial governor of the Philippines at Manila before the war. When Japan attacked December 1941 MacArthur declared Manila an open city, fled to Australia January and abandoned his US and local Philippine troops that capitulated February 1941.

Short Japan 1868-2024 history lesson how the atomic bomb hoax worked 1945-2024

Rich, conservative, authoritarian Japanese families took control of Japan 1868 and installed a puppet emperor at Tokyo. These oligarques and plutocrats are still in power 150 years later. They loved America and Europe, their money and colonies. Japan quickly acquired their own colonies - the Ryukyu Kingdom 1879, Taiwan 1895, the Kwantung peninsula, Sakhalin and the 56 Kuril islands 1905 (after attacking Russia), Korea 1910, the German Far East colonies 1919, Manchuria 1932 and French Indochina 1940. Japan was then a solid ally of USA/Europe (but not Russia) from 1868 until 1924, when America adopted the Immigration Act of 1924. Things got worse in the 1930's, when USA/FDR adopted economic sanctions of all sorts against Japan and refused friendly talks to solve the problems. Reason was that USA was protecting its puppets in China and the opium trade there, which Japan planned to eliminate. So poor Japan was driven by FDR into the hands of Nazi Germany/Hitler and Fascist Italy/Mussolini and provoked to more violence. In the end war with USA broke out December 1941. Japan thought USA would negotiate but no way. FDR had other plans. The result is known. Japan was supposed to be totally destroyed forever by US atomic bombs. Japan gave up and agreed to return to its pre-1868 borders. Early 1950's Japan was back on its feet and best friend of USA and Europe again and in the 1970's, when I worked in Japan, it had become the second biggest economic power in the world ⦠with the same families in control since 1868! And today. It was and is very easy to manipulate the Japan population. The Japanese are born into a hierarchy where everyone plays his/her role and everyone is happy ... as long as you don't inquiry too much about the mysterious, rich, conservative, authoritarian Japanese families and their corporations running the show assisted by USA and Europe. They live in their luxury flats in the skyscraper cities of Tokyo with a view of Mount Fuji and Tokyo Bay and are quite harmless. But you cannot inquire too much about the fake atomic bombs 1945 and the Fukushima nuclear incident 2011. Then you are in trouble. State secrets! So you have to read about it here.

Anders Björkman

later became commander of all US military forces in Southwestern Pacific Ocean that easily managed to defeat the Japanese there 1943/4 mainly by air bombings and isolating the Jap (
as he called them) at their small, scattered outposts. January 1945 Japan evacuated undamaged Manila, declared the intact city open again, but MacArthur didn't occupy Manila. When MacArthur arrived at Manila February 1945 the city had been completely destroyed by civil war. When Japan surrendered August 1945 due to the fake A-bombings MacArthur met them at Manila to agree what would happen next. MacArthur then moved his office to Tokyo end August to run occupied Japan as supreme commander allied powers! MacArthur knew the A-bombs were fake! MacArthur was a big asshole!

The US (and allied powers) objectives were apparently decided by the White House, the State Department and the War Department - forget the US Congress and people - i.e. easily modified, and there we are 76+ years later, because D MacArthur, a strange fellow, hardly listened to them 1945/51.

Every morning 10.30 am MacArthur was driven from the US embassy to his office Dai Ichi at the Tokyo railway station. It took a couple of minutes. At Dai Ichi he left the car, walked across the pavement into the building and took the elevator up to the office at the sixth floor. There he checked latest news about everything the Jap was doing, incl. all visitors to Japan, gave orders (!) and made decisions (?) until about 13.00 pm, when he was driven back home for lunch and a nap. Then he returned to Dai Ichi around 16.00 pm for more work or what he was doing. MacArthur did this all virtually alone for six years seven days a week and listened to nobody. No vacations 1945/51! No social life! Only formal, quick one-day visits to Manila and Sëoul (South Korea), when US installed its puppets there after independence. The emperor (Hirohito) visited MacArthur at the embassy twice a year to discuss. Purpose was simply to keep the A-bomb bullshit going and to allow the Jap to start again. MacArthur never visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki or any towns like Kyoto, Nara and Nikko.


A new, Japanese 'constitution' was adopted 1946, some war criminals were executed 1948 after a long trial starting 1946, 'free' elections were held 1947, a 'Socialist' party became the winner and formed a coalition government with a 'Democratic' party doing as told by D MacArthur, etc. The secret society controlling Japan today was the winner 1945. The war criminals were just patsies that had passed all exams to become military and civil servants 1928/45. The real criminals never passed any trial, of course. They included Kishi Nobusuke, the 'king' of Manchuria and minister of Commerce during the war, who after the war became both Foreign and Prime minister and negotiated the renewal of the US/Japan Mutual Security Pact 1960. Kishi's grandson is Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan 2020 ! Abe was shot 2022.

The two atomic explosions in Japan August 1945 were Fake News based on bad science, propaganda of atomic destruction and nuclear radiation. No atomic bombs exploded over Japan or anywhere! But the criminals in charge of Japan at the time immediately agreed with USA/USSR that it happened ... because it suited them ... so Japan could surrender ... and there we are today 75 years later. A few thousand well paid Americans, Soviet/Russians and Japanese propagandists assisting MacArthur falsified history and science and created the A-Bomb bullshit - fake survivors, false films, fake news, false science and reports, paid witnesses, info that more fake A-bombs were secretly built and tested, etc, etc., while brainwashed Japanese passively looked on.

1945 simple people, fed up with war, believed any Fake News trumpeted by authorities. And the Fake News and the bad science became historic truth until today.

August 1945 USA didn't have enough ships and manpower to invade the four Japan home islands (and Korea and Manchuria) by military force, so a fake surrendering was easier and the best alternative! Not a shot was thus fired after 2 September 1945. USA immediately scrapped all old plans of military occupation by force, which would have killed millions! Japan was immediately sealed off from the world by a small US military occupation force under general D MacArthur 1945/51; no Japan citizens could travel abroad; no foreigners could visit Japan or Hiroshima and Nagasaki in particular; all journalists visiting Japan were controlled by US military authorities and MacArthur, i.e. strict censorship, Japan companies that started in Manchuria 1933+ could relocate back to Japan and start again, an economic miracle could take place and so on. Perfect ground to falsify and rewrite history and to create this absurd nuclear bullshit. USSR and five (!) divisions could occupy and rape the women (according media reports) in the Japanese colonies Manchuria and Korea after some fake battles, where few got hurt. The Japanese soldiers everywhere fled or dropped their guns at once and handed them over to anyone wanting them! No destruction of Japanese industry or shipyards in Manchuria and Korea took place. Most Japanese just went back to Japan asap. South Sakhalin and the Kuril islands became Soviet/Russian territory again, etc. All American POWs in Japanese custody were sent home and all Japanese soldiers in occupied areas went also home to Japan (except a few Japanese soldiers in Manchuria that became slave labour in Siberia until 1953). There was no need to copy the allied effort in Europe to take and imprison 11 million German soldiers as POWs for a couple of years of which 3 millions died of starvation.

Since 1942 USA had trained 1.000's of young, US males to speak, read and write Japanese and these men became the core of the US occupation of Japan - the secret Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) - see 2.6 below. They were present - as spies - at every major towns and villages and checked that instructions from Tokyo were followed, that nobody questioned anything, etc. These Americans thought they would stay for a couple of years until occupation was terminated and peace restored, so they could go home and marry American girls, but many married Japanese women instead, started local businesses, became teachers and journalists, joined the CIA and stayed in Japan until they died 60+ years later. They really assisted MacArthur and ensured that the US atomic bomb bullshit was and is kept alive today.

Summer 1949 CKS fled from China (to Taiwan) and the communists took over. June 1950 the Korean war started and MacArthur also became United Nation's military commander in Korea. Truman ordered a counter attack and MacArthur made a mess of it and was fired 1951. The Korean war ended with a cease fire 1953. No atomic bombs were used ... as they didn't work (or existed). But plenty napalm bombs were dropped and all Korean industry and shipyards (built by the Japanese) were destroyed. Korea was bombed back to the stone age by USA!

I know you have another idea of the world history 1937 to 1953 than me but it is normal. I use critical thinking, humour, etc.

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