Covid-19 virus - what to do to maintain safety at sea with it?
A personal view of the latest hoax

(first published 2020 and updated 2024)

Anders Björkman - Heiwa Co - European Agency for Safety at Sea!


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"As long as most people will fail to realize that 'virus epidemlcs' are a longstanding ploy designed for mass control and manipulation - most people will continue to be manipulated and mass controlled."

- Simon Shack, August 2021


The authors demonstrate the COVID vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH


Survey: Nearly half the deaths observed in US households judged to be due to the COVID vaccine


A Covid-19 virus was a very, very small, dead particle/secret agent, diameter only 10 nano-meter that enters living human cells that are 100-1 000 times bigger. It can only be seen in a very good electronic microscope. No Master or Doctor on a passenger ship at sea can identify it! But ashore, it is big biz! It was detected in China 2019, we are told.

A Covid-19 virus contaminated a living cell that in turn causes disease to the poor human with the cell, e.g. pneumonia or a flu, etc, we are told. You get sick. Why not? I listen. How it is spread, nobody knows!

A Covid-19 virus, like 1 000's of other virus, affects different people in different ways. Fever, coughing, blocked nose, head ache, dizzyness etc.

This Covid-19 virus scare today reminds me of the smallpox scare of yesterday. The origin of smallpox virus was unknown. The earliest evidence of the disease dated to the 3rd century BC in Egyptian mummies I have been told. The disease historically occurred in outbreaks. In 18th-century Europe, it is estimated 400,000 people per year died from the disease, and one-third of the cases resulted in blindness. Smallpox is estimated to have killed up to 300 million people in the 20th century and around 500 million people in the last 100 years of its existence. As recently as 1967, 15 million cases occurred a year and nothing was done about it. In spite of a small pox vaccine being available since 1796!

There was no evidence of anything as usual.

That 765 222 932 people were affacted by covid19 May 2023 was just propaganda to scare.

There was no evidence of anything as usual. Read also here!

There was no evidence of anything as usual. But - listen to this: 

"A new, fast-spreading COVID-19 variant called KP.2 is May 2024 circulating in the United States and driving an increasing proportion of cases, sparking concerns about a potential summer wave.

KP.2 is part of a new family of variants, which scientists have nicknamed "FLiRT" after their mutations. Last month, KP.2 quickly overtook JN.1, the omicron subvariant that drove a surge in COVID cases this past winter, to become the dominant strain in the U.S. …

Scientists are warning that KP.2 and KP.1.1 may be better at evading the human immune system due to their spike protein mutations, and that waning immunity and poor uptake of the latest COVID-19 vaccine have created a more susceptible population." Etc, etc.

So it seems the COVID-19 hoax from 2020 continues as usual 2024!


Anyway, the smallpox was eradicated on Earth some years ago. How? Nobody knows! It just disappeared by itself 40 years ago. Without any masks or vaxxing!

In July 2018, the US Food and Drug Administration approved Tecovirimat, the first drug approved for treatment of the eradicated smallpox. Why not test Tecovirimat against Covid-19? It seems it was an Italian that spread smallpox to America 1509! Guess who and how? It was by an early cruise/discovery ship ... .

Most infected people and seamen will only develop mild to moderate symptoms, though

They are fever, difficulty breathing, tiredness, dry cough, aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat and diarrhea, etc. Very dangerous stuff? No panic, in my view.

How the United Nations World Health Organization, WHO, found, examined and described the virus Covid-19 type a killer is unclear. No peer reviews. It could be something else! Chinese propaganda!

It is suggested that tests or vaccines are available to spot the anti-bodies or stop the disease and that some are approved. But I have my doubts of a Covid-19 virus vaxxine to strengthen my immune system!

Anyway, spring 2020 the Covid-19 virus attacked Italy, Spain, France and all other countries and also ships in the world and the best cure, without any evidence provided, was lock-down confinement = all people should stay home except for going out buying food with a mask! All schools, industry, hotels, bars, restaurants, sport clubs, etc, must close with minor exemptions. It didn't cost much. All ships should stay at sea! Of course many people lost their jobs but ... it was war against the Covid-19 virus.



And then after eight weeks the first war against Covid was won. The confinement was no longer required! Evidence? None!

Yes, after only two months the war was won, so the lock-down was cancelled in most places. But it had to be done slowly. Politicians and experts must be paid ...

I think the new Covid 19 sickness is caused by a vector of spike proteins that triggers sickness underlying an allergic reaction. Due to his sickness patients may suddenly start feeling better after a week but on day 8 they fall ill with dyspnea or labored breathing which untreated turns to pneumonia like conditions. As a sickness it is best treated with common medications such as a steroid such as Prednisone 80mg/day and antihistamine such as Promethazine 25mg 3xDay. Optionally and if budget allows, you can add Montelukast or Salbutamol for asthma.

I think the Covid is spread via fresh water that we use to drink and wash ourselves with.


The virus hoax

Back to basics! A virus is a very small, dead, nano size particle/agent consisting of nucleic acid, protein, fatty and carbohydrate materials. It is not a living thing. It has always existed on Earth starting in the oceans billions years ago. There are >1.000 viruses of all kinds. Scientists and medical experts have great problems to classify all these virus.

A virus can only exist inside a living, animal, plant and bacterial micro size cell ... or in fresh water. The small virus thus enters the 100-1.000 times bigger cell and, when the cell grows by division, the virus is also copied and becomes part of the new cell and so on, bla, bla. If you believe the experts and WHO. But there are experts that do not believe in Archimedes.

A cell is simply a piece of the ocean, where life on Earth started billions years ago. It is part of you, plants and animals on shore.

All living things, plants, animals, bacteria, are full of such cells that are full of virus.

I personally consist of 85 kg of billions of cells/virus. I am a human being. Full of virus. Also Covid-19!

When I tried to become a blood donor years ago, I was refused. I was meeting too many foreign people and cultures in my work travelling in Africa, Asia and America, so my blood was not socially isolated. My blood was useless for safe blood transfusions in Europe. Why not?

Now when Covid-19 is accused by the World Health Organization, WHO of killing human life on Earth, I am told that they use donated blood to find out the spread of Covid-19 by testing. But the result is secret! And of course only certain blood is analyzed. Not mine.

Living cells sometimes become infected and then cause illness or disease. The cell owner becomes sick or dead.

Luckily we humans have an immune system that detects the defective cells with virus and simply kills them and flushes them out of the system. We are cured! It is the only reason why I am in good health today.

Maybe because I have mixed with too many foreigners and cultures during 75 years? Scientific experts hate me for it. They only accept one idea of anything, their own, e.g. that this nano size Covid-19 virus is new, maybe man made (!!) and kills. So they lie about it. I have seen it before. I feel sorry for these lying expert "scientists" creating "conspiracy theories".

We are told that in the lethal war against the invisible Covid-19 virus carrying a face mask and washing hands are VERY IMPORTANT! If you don't do it, you'll die. Or, if you are in the armed forces, you'll be shot!

I repeat! The new Covid 19 sickness is caused by a vector of spike proteins that triggers sickness underlying an allergic reaction. Due to his sickness patients may suddenly start feeling better after a week but on day 8 they fall ill with dyspnea or labored breathing which untreated turns to pneumonia like conditions. As a sickness it is best treated with common medications such as a steroid such as Prednisone 80mg/day and antihistamine such as Promethazine 25mg 3xDay. Optionally and if budget allows, you can add Montelukast or Salbutamol for asthma.


The mask hoax

There are two types of masks (or face shields).

Category 1 is an FFP2 mask used by us professionals covering mouth and nose when, e.g. doing open heart surgery. All viruses exhaled via mouth and noses are stopped by it, so when you inhale via the mask the viruses in the masks end up back in your lungs. A category 1 mask does not protect your eyes. When a virus touches your eyes, before you blink, it enters your body and you are … contaminated. And maybe dead later. Unlikely of course!

Category 2 is a homemade mask of any material that does not provide any protection against any virus. But plenty people think it is fantastic. So starting Monday 4 May 2020 at Monaco I had to carry a category 2 mask to enter any shop. Just to impress the police, I will carry my FFP2 mask, even if I look like an idiot with it.

Any virus in a mask will die. Just put your mask in the sun or shake it and all viruses will drop out and die after 30 minutes. A virus needs a living cell to make you ill.

So how does a face mask stop our latest enemy the invisible Covid-19 virus?

Ever heard of the force of Van der Waal? It stops the Covid-19 virus, because the Covid-19 virus is a very small particle (sic) that glues itself to the big face mask filter fibers thanks to the Van der Waal force. The other Covid-19 virus particles touching our unprotected skins, eyes, ears off the mask just bounce off or pass through. Anyway, after 30 minutes in the sun, your mask is useful again! The dead Covid-19 virus disappears by itself! It can only survive inside a living cell.

Why I do not believe in face masks!

Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) was a disease caused by virus SARS-CoV around 2003. It caused an often severe illness and was marked initially by systemic symptoms of muscle pain, headache, and fever, followed in 2-14 days by the onset of respiratory symptoms, mainly cough, dyspnea, and pneumonia.

Another common finding in SARS patients was a decrease in the number of lymphocytes circulating in the blood, I was told long time ago. No masks were recommended to stop it.

 "We are not witnessing viral epidemics; we are witnessing epidemics of fear. And both the media and the pharmaceutical industry carry most of the responsibility for amplifying fears, fears that happen, incidentally, to always ignite fantastically profitable business. Research hypotheses covering these areas of virus research are practically never scientifically verified with appropriate controls. Instead, they are established by "consensus." This is then rapidly reshaped into a dogma, efficiently perpetuated in a quasi-religious manner by the media, including ensuring that research funding is restricted to projects supporting the dogma, excluding research into alternative hypotheses. An important tool to keep dissenting voices out of the debate is censorship at various levels ranging from the popular media to scientific publications".

In the SARS outbreak of 2003, about 9% of patients with confirmed virus SARS-CoV infection died, I am told. The mortality rate was much higher for those over 60 years old (I was 57), with mortality rates approaching 50% for this subset of patients. This disease caused by virus SARS-CoV-1 then disappeared. Number of death is not known!

My personal opinion is that virus SARS-CoV-2 is 2020 much less dangerous than SARS-CoV-1 2003 and that best action is to let nature has its course. Forget face masks! I assume I got infected in January 2020 - I had a flu - and became immune in February due to standard medication - good red wine. I must since have contaminated plenty people. I can go out every day ... without a mask. Unfortunately my 74th birthday party on 28 April was cancelled due to local regulations. I celebrated it myself with a good bottle of red wine. And no mask.


The virus at sea hoax - M/S Diamond Princess and M/S Ruby Princess

Pneumonia of unknown type detected in Wuhan, China (of all places) was first reported to the WHO Country Office in China on 31 December 2019. The outbreak was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by the WHO on 30 January 2020. The cause was the newly detected virus Covid-19 added to the already known >1 000+ virus.

On 20 January 2020, an 80-year-old passenger from Hong Kong embarked in Yokohama, Japan, on cheap cruise ship M/S Diamond Princess, sailed one segment of the itinerary, and disembarked in Hong Kong on 25 January. He then, six days after leaving the ship, visited a local Hong Kong hospital, where he later tested positive for virus Covid -19 on 1 February. How the diagnosis and test were done so fast is not clear. Anyway, this Chinese must have been the first known person with Covid-19 virus.

M/S Diamond Princess has a crew of 1 100 and can carry 2 670 passengers. It has medical staff aboard!

On its next voyage, 4 February, the ship was in Japanese waters again, when 10 passengers (not crew) were diagnosed with virus Covid-19. How it was done by ship's doctor aboard is also not clear. I have never heard of such tests on cruise ships at sea. And how did she know it was virus Covid-19?

The ship was quarantined (!) on 4 February in the Port of Yokohama in Japan (where I lived 1972/6 and where my daughter was born at the seamen's hospital up on the Bluff)). The infected on the ship had increased 20 times included at least 138 from India (including 132 crew and 6 passengers), 35 Filipinos (probably crew), 32 Canadians, 24 Australians, 13 Americans, 4 Indonesians (probably crew), 4 Malaysians (also crew), and 2 Britons, we are told.

So after two weeks a majority of the infected were crew. Logical! The crew walks around and spread virus! Home countries arranged to evacuate their citizens + virus and quarantine them further in their own countries, according media. As of 1 March, all on board including the crew and the captain and the medical doctors had disembarked, i.e. been locked-down in hotels ashore or sent home by air.

As of 16 March, at least 712 out of the 3 711 passengers and crew aboard 4 February have later been tested positive for the virus, I am told. I wonder what tests were used, where and how. As of 24 March, twelve of those who were on board have died (!) from the virus Corona-19 disease (whatever it is!) or from other causes, we are told. Shouldn't proper obductions be made to really establish cause of death?

Two passengers died on 20 February and a third on 23 February, all three of whom were Japanese citizens in their 80s. A fourth passenger, an elderly Japanese man, was reported (?) on 25 February to have died. The fifth fatality, a Japanese woman in her 70s, and the sixth fatality, a British national in his 70s, both died on 28 February. The six died in the port of yokohama, Japan. A 78-year-old Australian national, who was evacuated from the ship, died on 1 March in Australia, making him the seventh. A Hong Kong national from the ship died on 6 March, making him the eighth. A Canadian man in his 70s died on 19 March, making him the ninth death. Two Japanese male passengers in their 70s died on 22 March making them the 10th and 11th deathes. A Hong Kong woman in her 60s died on 28 March, making her the twelfth death. The thirteenth fatality was a Japanese passenger who died on 9 April. The details concerning this passenger's age and gender were not disclosed according to family's wishes. Another Japanese man in his 70s died on 14 April, making him the fourteenth fatality. So mostly old Japanese died after arrival and we don't know their health conditions at departure. Anyway, it is quite common that old passengers die on a cruise.

On 30 March, the ship was cleared (!!) to sail again (with new Master, medical doctors and crew, I assume) after cleaning and disinfection were done to the ship. Imagine that. Disinfecting a ship full of virus in a month. By whom? How? It seems the ship was still moored at Honmoku/Yokohama 19 April. June/July the ship was anchored outside Manilla.

I assume all above is recorded in the ship's logbook signed by Master and medical doctors. Japanese media has stopped reporting developments.

M/S Diamond Princess has a sister ship M/S Ruby Princess! It arrived at Sydney/Australia 19 March with 2 647 passengers and >1 000 crew. The passengers left. 19 April media reported that >600 of them have Corona-19 virus and 21 have died! The ship was now laid up at Port Kembla.

Both ships were later (June 2020) anchored outside Manila, Philippines.

Everything happens at sea (and in port), of course. I don't believe a word of it, as usual, but I definitely do not recommend cheap cruises with 2 659 other passengers aboard looked after by 1 100 crew, most of them Asians paid slave salaries. BTW there are always plenty passenger complaints on cruise ships and always an officer/purser and the medical doctor record them.

Do I believe in virus Corona-19?

I have to say that March 2020 I had never heard about virology and persons like virologists. But now I know.

There is an International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses. Very good. This Committee 15 years ago (2005) listed 5,450 viruses, organized in over 2,000 species, 287 genera, 73 families and 3 orders. 

The objectives of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses are:

1. To develop an internationally agreed taxonomy for viruses

2. To establish internationally agreed names for virus taxa.

3. To communicate the decisions reached concerning the classification and nomenclature of viruses to virologists by holding meetings and publishing reports.

4. To maintain an official index of agreed names of virus taxa.

5. To study the virus effects in modern society and their behavior.

But it seems there are no studies about the virus effects in modern society and their behavior. And what sicknesses viruses cause.

I wonder why.

Anyway, my recommendation to ship owners and people at sea is, when any virus affects a ship at sea, is not to mention any virus aboard to people ashore. Just say you want to stop in a port to do something and, that at the same time, some crew may want to go home. And then sail away. After two weeks at sea any virus aboard is dead! Covid-19 looks like Chinese propaganda to me.

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