Students will learn to use the tools and will create an over-all design pattern by selecting a portion of the screen image and repeating the selection.  Utilize the following options in creating your over-all design:
CONTROL - C       copy
CONTROL - V       paste
Under IMAGE         horizontal flip
Under IMAGE         vertical flip
Under IMAGE         invert colors
Formatted 2SHD IBM compatible disk, Paint or Paintbrush, colored printer and paper and mounting supplies.
Create your own design using the tools above.  Select a portion of your design that has an interesting composition and use of color.  Be creative!
(TRADITIONAL METHOD - Stamp design or linoleum cut printing)

  1. Selection will be made with the selection tool (dotted rectangle) and CONTROL - C.  (holds it in memory on the clipboard)
  2. Create a new file, the copy of the image will stay in memory.
  3. Remember to utilize the entire visible screen with scroll bars.  Also, use under VIEW, Zoom and Large Size to enlarge the picture.
  4. Utilize CONTROL - V to paste selection to the screen .  Position by placing cursor in the center of selection and hold down the mouse button while you move the mouse to the position you desire.  Click outside of selection to set position on screen (go to EDIT to UNDO last move if needed).
  5. Remember to utilize the options under IMAGE to flip horizontally, vertically, and/or invert.
  6. Repeat over-all design must fill the screen, but leave a small amount around the left, top and right side of screen.  The bottom must have enough space to print name, title, and date.  Note:  Design should be centered.
  7. Printout and mount.
Make a color printout and mount.  Hand in by the date stated. 
The use of a repeated over-all design has been utilized by many different cultures to decorate their architecture, jewelry, and clothing.  The Egyptians used it to decorate their temples and clothing and Near East as a glazed decoration on the walls of their cities just to mention some used in the past.  Present day use is about the same, but instead of block prints, silk-screen printing, and hand painting the designs on a surface, the artist can create repeated designs with any image utilizing computer technology.  Computer technology has permitted the use of repeated design in paper, wallpaper, television screen backgrounds, and the usual uses of architecture and clothing.
GRADING SCALE:  Based on 100% of the project.  Each part is 20%.

Diana J. Hunter, Instructor and editor.  Adapted from a project by Carolyn Craig.

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