Wouldn't it be fun to paint pictures on your computer without having to buy another program? MS Paint is your answer on your PC (Macs use a similar program called AppleWorks or previously Claris Works). MS Paint is found on PC's under Start, Programs, Accessories and MS Paint. Previously it was PaintBrush. It is amazing what you can do with this simple program.

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Classes for those 55 years of age and older in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area. In addition sample lesson plans and examples are included below.  (You do not have to be 55 to try them.)Questions or comments should be directed to the address below.  See Links for other sites and resources.

About the instructor: 
Diana Hunter, resides in Indianapolis and has taught classes at  OASIS (Older Adult Services and Information Systems), Ivy Tech State College, Butler University and the Indianapolis Public Schools. She holds a life teaching license and is a member of AEAI (Art Education Association of Indiana).

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Landscapes  Positive/Negative  Quilts  Radial Design
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