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consulting services


Performance Manufacturing 

"Man and machine working together to achieve
manufacturing excellence."

Performance Manufacturing is an approach to improving manufacturing operations and relieving these pressure points.  Our process combines the best of all current improvement methods into a single coordinated system for attaining excellence.

Managers In Transition 

"Preparing to meet the challenges of tomorrow."

The Managers in Transition Program is a comprehensive approach to improving the performance of middle managers, first-line supervisors, and teams while preparing the organization to face the challenges present in today's workplace.

Performance Management Systems 

"Remember, training is not what is ultimately
important, performance is."

Delphis, Inc. is a Performance Consulting Firm specializing in improving organizational performance in support of business needs.  Performance is what people must do if business goals are to be achieved.  Delphis provides services that assist in changing or improving performance.

Total Productive Maintenance

"TPM is the basis for taking ownership and control
of equipment."

TPM is an extremely effective means of caring for and improving equipment and production systems.  TPM is a system for improving the productivity, reliability, quality, and morale in production environments.  TPM is accomplished by taking corrective action to eliminate breakdowns and increase throughput by involving the entire workforce in day-to-day activities.

Technical Training & Documentation

"Human competence is prerequisite to competition."

We specialize in helping our clients solve problems where people interact with processes, systems, machines, and other people.  The key to our success is a proven method of engineering performance for jobs in which the work is observable, such as equipment operation and repair, sales, customer service, laboratory operations, manufacturing operations, or quality assurance.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

"Most enterprise resource systems fail because
training is not provided beyond that provided by
the software vendor."


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) initiatives have their own unique challenges.  ERP projects are concerned with the design, development, and implementation of training for the company's new enterprise-wide computer system.  The training provides each job incumbent affected by the system with the skill and knowledge required to effectively interact with it.